Improve Your MLM Results: 2 Ways to Do It

Today, I want to share two simple things you can do to improve your MLM results.  These two things are so simple, anyone can do it.

I should start out by telling you that most people in our industry struggle.  This is common knowledge.

People struggle in our industry for a variety of different reasons, but the biggest two reasons I can think of are insufficient exposures and insufficient skills.  In other words, most distributors do not take the time to develop the skills they need to succeed and they do not share their products and business opportunity with enough people on a regular basis.

If that describes you, don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  I’d bet that this effects close to 98% of the people in our industry.  Fortunately for you, you can learn how to master BOTH of these things.  All it takes is a decision and some work.

How to Improve Your MLM Results

I’ve found that the best two ways to improve your MLM results are to increase your numbers and improve your skills. These are two critical things every successful MLM distributor mastered.  I will elaborate on both in greater detail below.

Increase Your Activity

Without a doubt, the fastest way to improve your MLM Results, is to increase your activity.  These means you take massive action and talk to ten times more people than you normally would.  If you’re currently approaching two people per day, starting tomorrow you start talking to 20 people per day.

You must realize that this business is a numbers game.  Most people you talk to will not join your business or buy your product.  Most people who do join your team will do little, if anything at all to build a business.

Your job is to sift and sort through thousands of people and work the numbers until you find a few key people who catch the vision and want to build it big.  It’s your job to find them and work with the willing.

What you lack in skills, you can make up for in numbers.  Show me someone who can prospect 10-20 people per day, every day, and I will show you someone with a thriving business, regardless of their personality or skill-set.

The people who make it to the top in network marketing are the people who get the most amount of Nos; the most amount of rejection.  They simply talked to more prospects than anyone else, and as a result, they sponsored more distributors and built a bigger team.

Calculate how many people you normally approach each day, and look at your monthly results.  Starting tomorrow, take that number and multiply it by 10. That’s how many prospects you want to connect with, using whatever lead generation method you choose.   Do that for 90-days straight and never look back.

Improve Your Skills

The second way to improve your MLM results is to improve your skills.  This is the best way to work smart in your business.  You want to read books, listen to tapes, listen to your mentor, and attend events so you can sharpen your skills.

The most basic skills you need to master are prospecting, inviting, showing the plan, following up, closing the deal, and retailing products.

You must realize that people join people, not businesses.  Your prospect is evaluating everything you say and do and wondering to themselves if you are serious, know what you are doing and are willing to help them.

Every network marketer needs to have a personal development plan.  It won’t happen by accident.

In addition to doing the things I just mentioned, keep in mind you will learn more by DOING that you will by studying.  Roll up your sleeves, get in the trenches, and take massive action for the next 90 days.  I can guarantee that by the end of that 90-days, your skills will have improved ten-fold.

On the other hand, if you never take the time to apply what you are studying, you are wasting your time.  Ignorance on fire is much better than knowledge on ice.  Don’t make the mistake of getting ready to get ready, or thinking you have to know everything before you get started.

Bonus Tip

As a special bonus tip, another way to improve your MLM results is to spend some time each week and reflect on your experience for the past week.  Think about what you did, what went right, what went wrong, and what you could improve upon.

Make a game-plan for the upcoming week to improve on your strengths and weaknesses, so you can work smarter and be more efficient.

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Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are two simple ways you can improve your MLM results.  What are your thoughts?  What do you suggest?  Does this make sense to you?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional (since 2002)
Author, Blogger, & Entrepreneur

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10 thoughts on “Improve Your MLM Results: 2 Ways to Do It”

  1. Sift and sort. Sift and sort.

    You may recall how to REALLY fill a jar from reading Stephen Covey. Put in the big rocks first. Then, added smaller ones as you shake the jar to get them in; followed by smaller ones until you get to the sand. Is the jar now full? How about filling it to the top with water? NOW it’s full!

    What’s the point? As you are sifting, you get rid of those you shouldn’t sponsor (the big rocks) immediately. The interview process eventually gets to those who will have a high chance of success in your business. Do you want numbers or do you want quality? Are you concerned about helping those you sponsor become successful or are you trying to impress your upline with how many you can put in the business? The latter is short-sighted and ego-centered. The former is being a professional.

    Look at it from a businessman’s perspective – you want to surround yourself with leaders, not followers. Leaders are teachers and this business requires you to be so. To do so, you must set the example. People want to follow somebody that is going someplace, not somebody that makes excuses. They won’t follow somebody that doesn’t walk their talk; at least not for very long.

    That, as I see it, is why many people quit too soon. Their upline is not setting the right example. They sponsor one or a few people and then sit back and expect their downline to follow their example – which they do! Except all the new ones see is the part after they were sponsored. Chuck, your advice, to keep sponsoring, is spot on.

  2. That’s cool you know Don personally. He is a huge MLM veteran. I love his napkin presentation and he believed strongly in building a solid foundation of 5 distributors first, before recruiting more. Awesome post, Chuck!

  3. Chuck, I think you left out a tiny detail in your enthusiasm: Before you make the” exposure” you must first “qualify” them. Are they in the market for what you have to offer? If you want to take them on as a business partner, you had better qualify them as trustworthy, …

      1. You hit the nail on the head with that statement Chuck.

        Trustworthiness is something that has to be handled with heavy gloves. I have seen situations where people I trusted for many years have done things to blow that trust.

        Trust is something that we must always work with and there are also times that forgiveness is a key. Sometimes people do things that we may believe is breaking trust, but was actually just a mistake.

        Very good post sir.

        1. In “First Things First,” Stephen R. Covey wrote, “The reality is that quality relationships are built on principles – especially the principle of trust. And trust grows out of trustworthiness, out of the character to make and keep commitments, to share resources, to be caring and responsible, to belong, to love unconditionally.”

          The first step in sifting and sorting (interviewing) is to make a follow up appointment to see if the prospect has the moral character to keep their word by keeping the appointment. (This assumes one has been “professional” in making the appointment in the first place.) Some will, some won’t… Consider it a blessing if they don’t because it will save you time in the long run. Don’t chase people.

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