If You Need Money Fast, Don’t Join MLM

If you are broke and need money fast, do not join MLM or start any type of business. Instead, go out and get a part-time or full-time job.  That is the best way to solve your immediate cash flow troubles.

Many people turn to our industry out of desperation, because they are days away from bankruptcy or being on the street.  They come into our business with the lottery mentality, hoping they can make the big bucks right away so they can pay their bills and get back on their feet.

When that doesn’t happen, they roll over, wet on themselves, and quit!  And then they say they were ripped off.  I just don’t get it.

To be honest with you, I cannot think of one business model in the world that offers a quick way to make money, ESPECIALLY when you don’t invest any time or money into your business.

Yes, you can earn some money in a business right away, but it’s actually quite uncommon for this to happen.

Most businesses take time to build up and are not designed to provide immediate income right away.  Most businesses take six to twelve months, or longer, just to get profitable.  And many business never make even one dollar profit.

That’s something that few people will talk about, but it’s the truth (as I see it).

Now, I’m not telling you NOT to join a MLM Company.  There is nothing wrong with joining a MLM Company.  In fact, I think being in MLM is a smart move.

What I am telling you to do is to have REALISTIC expectations.  When you start a business, you are building an asset.  You have to invest time and money BEFORE you can expect to draw anything out of it.

You can make some immediate money in MLM from getting some retail sales, but building a residual income takes time.  Heck, building any profitable business takes time.

So if you are down and out financially, hold off on joining a MLM Company until you get your personal finances in order.  Go get a job and get the financial monkey off your back.

After you do that, consider joining a MLM Company so you can supplement or replace your income, or at least have a Plan B.

What do you think?  Do you think broke people should join the MLM Industry?  Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional (since 2002)
Author, Blogger, & Entrepreneur

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11 thoughts on “If You Need Money Fast, Don’t Join MLM”

  1. I agree with you that an MLM business is not a quick solution to immediate money problems. You won’t get rich quick, and unfortunately that is what many people expect. They think they can sell a few things to a few people in a few weeks and see immediate money. However, the investment of time and often money needed to really get your business off of the ground is more than those looking for a quick fix are willing to invest. Communication is key to sharing the realities of MLM with prospects so they can know what to expect and not waste their own time or yours in the process.

  2. I wish that I had known about this article a few months ago. That was about the time that a friend told me, after unsuccessfully searching for employment for several months, “Well, I guess I can always sell M*** K**.” I had to sit her down and explain that if she was having difficulty putting food on her dinner table, she was probably going to have difficulty putting together the money to buy the starter kit and all of the samples and marketing stuff necessary to launch that part time job. (I have nothing against MK – it could have been any MLM company.) IF she did nothing else to help herself. She is still looking MLM opportunities, but she also got a small part-time job to pay some of her bills in the meantime. She is doing the smart thing, in my opinion.

    1. That is the smart thing to do. Starting a business of ANY kind is a BAD idea if you need money right now. Most businesses take a year or two just to get profitable. Throw in start up costs and it’s not the best option for most folks in a bad financial situation.

  3. In this crazy world, it can be difficult to find honest, trustworthy individuals. The writer of this blog has shown me with his words of wisdom here that he is both honest and trustworthy. I hear so many people take potshots at people involved in the MLM industry. Yes, there are some bad ones, just like any business, but there are good ones too. This blog owner has given some solid advice here. I know just by reading this post that my impressions of the MLM industry has grown better.

    Great post sir.

  4. I’ve owned several businesses in my lifetime and all of them took a few years to build up. Starting a business is a long term strategy to create money. Most of the cashflow in the first year or two should be reinvested back into your business anyway. If you are broke and need money, get a job!

  5. I’m glad you wrote this post, Chuck. It’s sad to see how many broke people join our industry and expect their money challenges to go away over night. I can’t think of ANY business where you start making profits from day one. Businesses take time to build.

    1. Good point, Elaine. I tell people this all the time. MLM is not a SOLUTION to your IMMEDIATE cash flow challenges. If someone is that hard up for cash they should get a part-time job.

  6. Thanks, Chuck. The desperation factor is what sells so many WSOs and programs on ClickBank. The trick, in my opinion, is to get started when you are already in a somewhat secure situation- easier said than done, of course. But I don’t just mean financially. Getting started in the wrong mindset- of “lack” and “need” is a recipe for disaster.

    1. I tell everyone if they are in a rough spot financially to get a part time job or sell a few things on eBay until they get the monkey off their back. Going full time in ANY business is risky, especially if you don’t have much set aside in savings for a safety net.

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