How to Use Samples to Get More MLM Customers

Most successful business owners understand the importance of giving out samples. If you’ve ever been to Sam’s Club, or a grocery store, you will quickly discover that they generate lots of sales simply by giving out free sample to people that are shopping in the store.

My wife and I visit Sam’s Club once a month and when we are shopping we normally try six or seven different samples.  We usually purchase one or two of those products, which we wouldn’t have purchased otherwise.  I know we aren’t the only ones who do this either.

If you are involved in network marketing, you should hand out free MLM Samples to potential customers whenever possible.

The major benefit of doing this is that your prospect will get a chance to try out the product and determine if they like it or not. If they like the product, there is a great chance they will order some from you.

If your products are good, your products will pretty much sell themselves.  Samples really are your best marketing tool.

Before you start handing out free MLM Samples to anyone and everyone, there are a few things you should do. First and foremost, you should add your contact information, website and distributor number to your samples.

You can create a simple label with this information on it and attach it to your samples. That way people know how to order from your website, or contact you directly.

Another great idea is to talk to the person before you just give them a free sample. Try to get their contact information so you can follow up with them. If you get the contact information first, and talk to the person first, before you give them a sample, you have a much better chance of generating sales.

Please realize that some people simply try to get as many different free samples as they can from different companies, so it’s a good idea to QUALIFY your prospect first.

Your final key to success is to follow-up. I recommend you follow up with the person within 24-48 hours after giving them the free MLM Samples.

Ask them what they liked most about the product. Listen to their response. ASK them to make a purchase.  If they want to place an order, take their order right away. If they aren’t interested, ask them for a referral.

Another good idea is to add them to your follow up system and stay in touch with them on a regular basis UNTIL they are ready to buy.

Here’s another tip.  Make sure your samples are sample size.  Don’t hand out a whole bottle of $20 shampoo or a $40 bottle of magic lotion.  Get the sample versions or take a product and break it down into a sample size.  Otherwise, you will waste a lot of money.

Most MLM Companies sell sample size products of just about every product they inventory.  All you have to do is order some of the samples and you are good to go.

My final tip is to keep samples with you at all times.  Keep some at work, in your car, at home, in your purse, in your gym locker, and wherever else you frequently visit. Keep them with you so you have them on hand to give out.  Don’t miss an opportunity because you weren’t prepared.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, handing out MLM samples is a great way to find new customers and distributors for your network marketing business. Don’t make the common mistake of just giving your MLM Samples to anyone. Talk to the person first and get their name, email and phone number, so you can follow up with them in a couple days. In addition, it’s probably a wise idea to keep some samples with you at all times, so you always have some to hand out.

If you use MLM samples to grow your network marketing business, I would love to hear from you. What type of success have you experienced by handing out samples? What are your success tips? What didn’t work?  Just leave a comment to this post to share your thoughts. Thanks.

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Chuck Holmes
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2 thoughts on “How to Use Samples to Get More MLM Customers”

  1. Hey Chuck,

    I have a couple concerns about this:

    If the posture of the distributor handing out the samples is a little off, like they lack confidence, or are new in network marketing and don’t have enough belief in their business yet, this might not work.

    Also, a lot of new network marketers think that the product should “just sell itself.” Yes, the products from most MLM companies are superior, but the person sampling the product might not get the “results” right there instantly, like skin cream or another type of tonic that needs to be used steadily for a week to see results.

    I had a guy today who has been handing out samples for a month and he wants to quit because he thinks its the products fault.

    Well, maybe it’s because he has no clue how to do network marketing, and hasn’t read one book or watched one video about network marketing and posturing.

    It’s not the products fault, however he believes the product should just sell itself.

    Just watched a video of a woman who spent $2000 on samples and didn’t recruit anyone.

    Go figure. . .

    1. Samples can work, if you know what you are doing. It’s also important to realize a lot of folks simply like freebies, and have no desire to ever purchase anything from you. I simply tell people the products come with a money back guarantee, so they can sample the product for 30 days and if they don’t like it they can get their money back. If someone isn’t willing to make a purchase, there is probably no point to give them a sample.

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