How to Upgrade Your Retail Customers into MLM Distributors and Business Builders

In today’s post I want to talk about how to upgrade your happy MLM retail customers into distributors and business builders.

I should start out by telling you that I am a big fan of leading with the products.  I am definitely a product focused network marketer.  I believe that if someone can’t get excited about the products (or services) there is a high likelihood they will not get excited or stay excited about the business opportunity either.

I’ve also found that happy customers usually make happy distributors, if you do things right and approach them the right way.  People who really love the products and are passionate about the products will naturally want to share them with others.

If you can show them how to make money doing that, many of your customers will be open minded and want to upgrade their account from customer to distributor.

In order to make this happen you need a game plan.  You need a step-by-step process you can follow.  You definitely don’t want to pressure people or leave it up to their own vices.

In the rest of this article, I will provide some tips on how to upgrade your customers into distributors effectively.

STEP # 1: Find a New Customer

Your first step is to find a new customer.  I like to do this by leading with the product and looking for groups of people who will be “most likely” to make a purchase.  This means the people have disposable income and they are already buying similar products (and have the desire to do so).  Friends and family members also make great customers.

STEP # 2: Provide World-Class Customer Service

Once you acquire a new customer, your real job begins.  You really want to provide world class customer service.  Stay in touch frequently.  Send thank you cards when they make a purchase.  Create a monthly newsletter that you mail out each month.  Educate your customers about different products.  Create a customer loyalty program.  Call your customers once or twice a month just to do a care call.  Invite your customers to a local meeting or get together.  Do the little things that most businesses forget to do! Make your customer feel important.

STEP # 3: Show Them How to Get a Discount

Once someone has been a customer for one or three months, and they enjoy the products, show them how they can get a discount by signing up as a wholesale distributor.  Show them how upgrading to a distributor account will give them an additional discount on their purchases each month.  Show them how much they would save on an average order and then calculate how much they would save over the course of one year.  Most people will upgrade if the numbers make sense.

STEP # 4: Show Them How to Get their Products for Free Each Month

Once someone has been a customer or wholesale distributor for a few months, ask them if they would like to learn how to get their products for free each month.  Show them how many people they would need to personally refer, or how much volume they would need in personal referrals, to earn enough to get their products for free.  In most companies, someone could make enough money by referring three to seven other customers, so it’s a pretty good deal. If people enjoy the products, they will be interested in learning how they can get them for free!

STEP # 5: Show Them How to Create a Part-Time or Full-Time Income

Once you have helped someone upgrade from customer to a wholesale distributor, and they’re getting their products for free each month, the next step is to find out if they are interested in creating a part-time or full-time income.  Ask them questions and find out what they are interested in.  Don’t assume anything.  Share any literature or third party tools you might have that explain the compensation plan or business opportunity in greater detail.  If possible, get them on a call with your sponsor or upline, or bring them to a local event.

upgrade customers into distributorsAdditional Thoughts

Obviously, you don’t want to pressure anyone to become a distributor. The last thing you want to do is lose a loyal customer because you tried to force them to do something they didn’t want to do.  Always follow the Golden Rule and treat everyone with respect. Keep in mind that a loyal retail customer is worth more to you than a distributor!

The whole key to success is to follow the EXPOSE-INVOLVE-UPGRADE process that I described above.  Also, you should keep in mind that it all boils down to timing.  Just because someone isn’t interested in upgrading their account today doesn’t mean they won’t be interested in the future.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that happy customers are your best source of new distributors.  As a leader, you should always maintain at least 10-20 personal retail customers.  In addition, you should walk each customer through this five step upgrade process that I described above.  Doing so will lead to new distributors and new growth in your network marketing business.

What are your thoughts?  What do you do to upgrade some of your happy customers into distributors?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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4 thoughts on “How to Upgrade Your Retail Customers into MLM Distributors and Business Builders”

  1. Diamond Grant

    The progression from customer to retailer is natural if you go about it the right way. Of course, being an honest and respectable business person yourself and having an amazing product help you build a relationship with the customer and aids in them becoming regulars. You can the start to spot who is passionate enough about the product and business to start really investing the time in order to share some deeper aspects of the business with them. But it definitely starts with being good to your customers and giving them something to be excited enough about that they’d want to jump on board.

    1. Yes, you need to be a professional and ease people into the business side of things. It will happen naturally if you have a game plan and don’t annoy or pressure people.

  2. You did a very good job of explaining the process Chuck. I agree that you should work slow and steady with your customers. You are making a commission from their sales, and you do not want to scare them away, but if you show them how to get the products the love at discounted prices, they will usually go along with it. If they say no, don’t pressure. Give them a chance to think about it; in time they probably will become distributors.

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