How to Sponsor One New Distributor Per Week in Your MLM Business

Today, I want to share my advice with you on how to sponsor one new distributor per week in your MLM Business.

I teach people on my own team that if you can personally sponsor one new distributor per week, every week, for a few years, you can build a very successful and profitable MLM business.

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Sponsor just one new distributor per week for three years and you will personally sponsor 156 people.  Do it for five years and you will personally sponsor 260 people.

Bring in that many people personally and you are bound to find your three to five key leaders.

In order to sponsor one new distributor per week in your MLM Business, you will probably have to contact 25 NEW prospects per week, which breaks down to about five contacts per day, Monday through Friday.

how to sponsor one new distributor per week in your mlm businessOut of every 25 people you prospect, about 10 should agree to watch a presentation and typically five of them will actually watch the presentation.

From those five people who watch the entire presentation, you should sign up one new distributor.

I can’t guarantee you these exact numbers, but I do know it should be pretty close.  I’m also being fairly conservative and assuming you are brand new and don’t have very good prospecting or follow-up skills.

When I say contact FIVE people per day, I mean to pique people’s curiosity and invite them to a presentation (if they are open).  This can be a video presentation, a live meeting, a conference call, webinar, etc.

You don’t have to actually show the presentation yourself, nor should you.  Keep it simple, use third party tools and remove yourself from the equation.

After the presentation, make sure you follow up promptly and collect a decision.

recruiting upI truly believe that if you prospected just 5 people per day, every day, five days a week, for a few years, you could build up a HUGE network marketing business.

Leads, Leads, Leads!

Some of you might be wondering, “Where do I find these people?”

These people are everywhere.  They include friends, family, strangers, people online, leads, etc.  There are literally seven BILLION plus people in the world.

Most of us come in contact with HUNDREDS of people each day without even realizing it.  All you have to do is be friendly, introduce yourself and start a conversation.

If that doesn’t work for you, pick a marketing strategy that makes sense to you and learn everything you can about it.

This might be YouTube, social media, postcards, newspaper ads, cold calling, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or something else.  There is no one right or wrong strategy.  Just pick ONE lead generation method that makes the most sense to you and stick with it.

Folks, this is a numbers game.  You have to talk to NEW people each day.  You have to work the numbers.

If you work the numbers, you will succeed.  If you don’t work the numbers, you will fail.  PERIOD.

Also, if you are using a different strategy to generate leads, other than face-to-face, please remember that you still need to talk to these people on phone, by SKYPE or in person (if possible).

This is a RELATIONSHIP business.  People will not just see your link online and join your team.  You have to form a connection with them first.

Sadly, most people don’t share their business opportunity with even five new prospects per year.  Or, they make the mistake of sharing the business opportunity with the same people over and over and over.

And they wonder why they struggle…

You must reach out to NEW prospects daily.  Pick a strategy.  Make a plan.  And never let a day go by where you don’t reach out to at least five new prospects, inviting them to a presentation (after you pique their interest).

This is the key to success in network marketing.  This is how you sponsor one new distributor per week in your MLM Business.

I hope you will follow this advice in your own business.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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