How to Sponsor MLM Distributors Internationally and Overseas

I’m a big fan of sponsoring people internationally into your network marketing business. While I agree that it’s best to start your network marketing business in your own back yard, I also think it’s foolish to ignore international sponsoring.  From what I’ve found, many international folks are more open minded to network marketing than many Americans are. In addition, network marketing is VERY popular in many countries outside of the United States.

If you’re like most distributors you might be wondering HOW you can sponsor people internationally into your business.  My goal today is to give you some ideas on how to build an international team and how to sponsor distributors internationally.  These are just a few things I have done to sponsor people overseas.  These tips are listed in no particular order.

# 1 BloggingBlogging is a great way to meet people internationally. Nearly half of my blog visitors (on this blog) are from other countries.  Many of these folks subscribe to my email list and request more information about my business opportunity.  If you’re willing to put 1-2 hours per day for 2-3 years into building a high traffic blog, this is a great way to sponsor overseas.  It’s not a quick solution, but it’s a good long-term solution.  I do not recommend this strategy to most people unless they enjoy writing, are willing to work hard and are patient.

# 2 Pay Per Click – This is another great way to sponsor internationally.  You can pick the country or countries you want to focus on and start generating leads.  You could give away a free report or free CD to generate leads and then use email to follow up with these leads and introduce them to your products or business opportunity.  This is without a doubt the fastest way to sponsor people overseas, but it might also be the most expensive way (if you don’t know what you are doing).

# 3 YouTubeYouTube is very popular throughout the world.  You can make videos with keywords for people in certain countries.  You could make videos about making money, creating a Plan B, getting healthy or whatever else you can think of.  You could place a link to your capture page below each video.

# 4 Paid Advertising – You could find international newspapers, magazines and publications to advertise in.  Once you determine which countries to focus on you can do an internet search to find out the most popular publications.  You could contact these publications about placing a paid advertisement.

# 5 Online Blogs and Websites – You could do an online search for popular blogs in the country you want to focus on.  For example, if you sell weight loss products and are trying to build your business in Japan (as an example) you could find out the top 2-5 Japanese weight loss blogs and place an advertisement on those websites.

# 6 Referrals – This is another great way to sponsor people internationally.  Start out by asking anyone in your own downline who they know overseas.  Get a list of names and schedule some three way calls.  You could also ask your own warm market who they know internationally.

# 7 Country Visit – This isn’t the most recommended course of action, but it could work.  Assuming you have the budget and available time, you could visit the country you are trying to sponsor people in.  You could meet a bunch of people while you are there.  I have read stories online about some folks who have used this method with success.  I would only recommend this strategy if you have proper funding and available time, and you know what you are doing.  This is not a good idea for the novice.

To put things in perspective, I do believe you should start out by sponsoring in your own backyard and sponsor the people that you know.

That being said, I think it is foolish to overlook international sponsoring.  There are literally BILLIONS of people in the world and there are lots of good prospects in many different countries.

You could use any of the methods above (or a combination of methods) to meet new people and sponsor new distributors into your team.  It won’t be easy, but with a solid game plan, some hard work, and some persistence, I know you could build an international team of customers and distributors.

What are your thoughts about sponsoring internationally?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “How to Sponsor MLM Distributors Internationally and Overseas

  1. There are many people in other countries that are looking for business opportunities. When they discover there is very little investment, network marketing becomes even more exciting to them. I have watched as international teams have grown huge network marketing businesses. With the internet, we have the advantage of having these people in our downline.

    I believe that once you have international people on your team, you need to meet with them regularly. That doesn’t mean flying to China, India or any other country; you can use something such as Skype and still meet with the person in a face to face setting without having to travel.

    Very good post.

    • Most of the people who contact me about my business live in different countries.

  2. I like the idea of using blogs and YouTube to help make international connections. This is such a technological society, that those tools are quick and simple ways to reach out without an overwhelming amount of work. Plus the expense for both is little to none in many cases.

  3. International sponsoring gives you more exposure and opportunities to be successful a network marketer. In the article, you have mentioned some great tips that one can adapt to sponsor people living overseas. I think blogging, PPC, Paid Advertising and Referrals would be the best ways to gain access to international market of potential clients.

    • These are all good strategies to sponsor internationally in your MLM Business. Another good strategy is to work with the people that you know and see if any of them have contacts overseas.

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