How to Sell More Xango Juice

In this short article, I want to discuss my top five favorite ways to sell more Xango juice. In case you don’t already know this, Xango is a leading direct sales company specializing in mangosteen juice. They also have several other core line products.  If you are a Xango distributor, you need customers. In fact, you need to sell lots of Xango juice personally, so you can earn a retail profit and generate sales volume in your business. In order to sell more Xango juice, try following these five simple tips.

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How to Sell More Xango

1. Hand Out Samples: One of the best ways to sell a product is to give out samples. If you’ve ever visited a Sam’s Club Store, you know what I am talking about. When you walk around the store, they always have 5-10 different booths with employees sampling the products with customers. As a result, they generate more sales. You need to apply this same concept in your Xango business. One of the best ways to sell more Xango juice is to let people have free samples. If the product is good, people will order more. Just make sure you follow up with the people you gave samples to.

2. Create a Referral Program: This is probably the most underutilized selling method. Another great way to sell more Xango juice is to create a referral program with your non-business builder distributors and customers. You should offer product discounts or even cash bonuses for referrals. At a minimum, get at least five referrals from everyone you talk with. And when you talk to those referrals, ask them for more referrals. By following this simple advice, you will always have someone to talk to without having to buy leads.

3. Don’t Force the Business Opportunity: While I think the Xango business opportunity is wonderful, some people don’t feel the same way. In fact, many Xango distributors try to “push the business opportunity” to their customers and friends. What they don’t realize is that most of their customers only want to be customers. If they wanted to be a distributor, they would have already done so. Never forget this simple advice. Don’t look down on someone just because they don’t want to build a business. To succeed in direct sales, you need lots of customers. So treat your customers well.

4. Go to Where Your Target Market Is: Not everyone is a potential customer to buy your Xango juice.  One of the best things you can do is CLEARLY identify your best potential customers and then focus on marketing to groups of people in that demographic group, specifically.  For instance, if you do a sample of all your customers and see that a majority of them are white, 30 to 40 years old, have corporate jobs, and are health oriented (for example) you should focus on targeting other people in that demographic to become a customer.  This lets you work smart.  You could buy a customer list or advertise in publications that are focused on people in your target demographic.

5.  Sell to Groups of People: Let’s face it, making one on one sales is not always the best way to work smart.  If you’re trying to sell Xango juice, consider selling it in a group setting, such as a home party, a fair, flea market, or health show.  That way, people come to you and you can leverage the power of selling to several people at a time.

What Our Visitors Said

“I’ve been with Xango for five years now. I’m not the greatest at sponsoring people and building a team, but I am a retailing machine! I have more than 100 personal customers and absolutely love the Xango products. I want to share a few tips I recommend for selling more Xango juice.

1. Have Sampling Parties – I host sampling parties all the time. I keep a couple bottles in the trunk of my car, along with a few empty cups. Whenever I meet someone who shows an interest in the product line, I open up the trunk and do a sample on the spot. In many cases, the person buys a bottle or two right after they try a sample.

2. Know Your Products – You have to know your products. You must familiarize yourself with the ingredients, benefits and side effects of the Xango juice. You need to be able to educate your customer, answer their questions, and help them make an informed decisions.

3. Develop a Marketing Plan – You need to come up with a written marketing plan to sell more Xango juice. You should develop a strategy, a marketing budget, the hours you will work your business, and how you will spend your time. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

I’ve been selling Xango juice for five years now with great success. It’s not that difficult to do if you follow the advice I mentioned in this post.” ~ Frank

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are some of my favorite tips to sell more Xango juice. These tips work for the most successful distributors and then can work for you. Your key to success is to lead with the products and treat everyone you meet with respect. Treat your customers like gold and always leave the door open for the business opportunity.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Xango.  Xango is a registered trademark.  Please consult with your upline or sponsor to bounce any ideas about selling more Xango juice.  It would be in your best interest to read the distributor agreement, so you don’t accidentally violate any company policies.

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11 thoughts on “How to Sell More Xango Juice

  1. Hi Chuck,
    Could you allow me to use your postcard on the Xango business model because someone is intending to sponsor me to join.

  2. hi .i want to start selling mangosteen jiuce and ask you to help me in getting the direct marketing strategy right from the begining .in my home town i am the first one to start selling the product and i feel i have a lot of advantage and i want to utilise it to the best of my ability,but still having the strategy of attracting more customers and retaining them and stil growing and creating more downlines.

    please send me anythuing that i can read or listen for the betterment of my small company

    thank you

  3. We are looking on how to get started on selling this. can you please send us the information.

    • I do not sell Xango myself Dale. I suggest you find a local rep in your area to help you out.

  4. It’s funny: we all agree on what is hands-down the best way to get customers hooked on your products. Free product samples work for everyone, especially when your product is a little on the pricey side. As a relatively frugal shopper, I would never buy an expensive new food or drink product without being able to sample it first.

    A question for the commenter who keeps bottles in his trunks to share tastes of: is this product better served warm or cold, or does it matter?

  5. Great advice! Your three points here can be easily applied to products other than Xango Juice, as well. I especially applaud the mention of a referral program. I heartily agree that this is probably the most underutilized selling strategy! I would lean towards product discounts, because usually as a distributor you get a discount anyway.

    • Discounts work good. But I have to agree that referrals are the best. There is nothing more effective than a satisfied customer spreading the good word!

  6. Giving out samples is the best way to push a product, hands down. I have firsthand experience, as I’m one of those people who shamelessly eats lunch at Sam’s Club by scarfing down samples!

    • Don’t worry darling, I’m right there with you on the Sam’s Club free sample train!

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