How to Run Contests with Your MLM Team

Today, I want to take a few moments and talk about running contests with your MLM Team. I am personally a big believer that contests are a great way to spark up a little friendly competition in your team and create some momentum and growth in your team.

If you’re thinking about having a contest of your own there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. I’ve done several contests of my own during the past 12 years and I’ve also participated in several MLM Team Contests that others were doing.  What I want to do in the paragraphs below is share some of the things I recommend you do and don’t do with your contests.

First and foremost, if you’re going to have a contest for your MLM Team, make it so there can be more than one winner.  Rather than having a contest to see who can sponsor the most amount of people in one month, for example, have a contest where anyone who sponsors three people in one month (as an example) wins a prize.  Reward everyone who meets the criteria and by all means give an additional award for the person who personally sponsors the most amount of people.

Another helpful tip when it comes to running contests is to make it attainable.  You don’t want your contest so far fetched that no one will qualify.  Stretch people a little bit out of their comfort zone, but remember that most of your team is part-time!  Set goals that are attainable for part-timers.

Furthermore, if you plan on running contests with your MLM Team you should have a weekly call where everyone can call in and share their excitement with others.  This is a great way to create huge excitement in your team.  People can listen to what others are doing and learn from them, and share their excitement.

I’ve also found that a one month time frame is a great time frame for a contest.  You don’t want to make the contest too short or too long.

One thing not to do is have a contest based on personal volume.  You don’t want your team going into debt or spending more than they can afford just to qualify to win.  If you’re going to have a volume goal, have a retailing goal for your contest.

Another idea for contests with your MLM Team is to make the contest based around a money producing activity.  For example, you could have a contest for showing a certain amount of plans, prospecting a certain amount of people, helping downline team members sponsor more a certain amount of people, number of home parties conducted, or setting up a certain amount of appointments.  All of these activities will lead to growth in your team.

Another tip is not to have a contest every single month.  Do one every 90 days.  Make it special, but don’t do it so often that your team members lose interest and don’t want to participate.

My final tip for running contests with your MLM Team is to make sure that you recognize and reward everyone.  Reward everyone who met the criteria and recognize EVERYONE who participated in the contest.  Get everyone together for an event and have some fun.  Have a BBQ or potluck dinner where everyone can socialize and celebrate with each other.  This is a great way to boost morale.

The bottom line is that contests are a great way to create rapid growth in your MLM Team. Most sales organizations in most businesses use contests to keep their sales force motivated and productive.  You can do the same thing with your MLM Team.  Get creative with prizes.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money on something for it to be an effective prize.

Good prizes could include a gift card, a cash prize, putting a few new distributors on that person’s team for them, a special weekend at your house with the winners, a dinner at a fine restaurant, a trip to the spa, free products, or anything else.  If you don’t know what to have for a prize, ask a few team members what they think a good prize might be!

What are your thoughts?  If you’ve run contests with your MLM Team before, what worked well for you?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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12 thoughts on “How to Run Contests with Your MLM Team”

  1. I think running a contest with your MLM business team is an excellent motivator. I think beyond the prize, having fun together and celebrating will go a long way to build trust on your team. Often the focus is on each member pulling their load but a contest is a great way to remind everyone that you are team and that when you work together you go further. I know that if there are winners then that means someone is a loser. However, I like making it so that there are multiple winners and rewarding everyone who participates for their effort.

  2. If you use some thoughts, a person can get very creative with contests. You could make a point system where for each new customer, you get so many points; points for new distributors you sign up; points for home parties, etc…. I believe having a brain storming session with other team members on contests is also a great idea. By doing so, you are creating involvement, and you will get many contest ideas that you may not have considered on your own.

  3. This is another idea that I believe many network marketers may not have considered: When you are having training meetings, and you have a lot of people that do not show up, start having a semi contest. Provide a small gift or prize for those who show up. It could be a product of the MLM you are involved with, a book, even 1 or more lottery tickets. Just a free item will bring people that do not normally come to these training sessions.

    It really isn’t a contest, it is more of a bribery, but it works.

  4. Great tips Charles, some of which I have used within my own business and I have found them to be really great motivating tools. Of course you want people to be motivated to perform regardless of if you give them a prize or not, but the contests often speak more to team appreciation than anything. People want to feel that you value the contribution they make in the company and contests do just that while also pushing people to want to reach a certain goal.

  5. Contests are a great way to create excitement. I have seen people who have not produced start producing in huge ways just because of a contest.

    I love how you said to create multiple winners. This provides better odds for all; I would also try to have one for experienced and a contest for the beginners.

    Having a contest end picnic or potluck is also a great idea. Everyone can share how they did in the contest, and at the end of the meal, you can share the prizes and winners. You can also get ideas from the group how the next contest could run.

    By getting everyone involved, they feel a part of the team. It can only help.

      1. Yes, just a picnic or potluck can get some people quite excited. You know, different strokes for different folks. Everyone has something that can inspire them to do more and better. That is our job as leaders…to find what excites our people. For some it may be the contests, others it is just money; still others may get their needs by helping others, or making cookies. By finding what excites our team members, we can use those talents and social needs to help with exciting and bringing a team together. It just comes down to using wisdom and getting to know your team members.

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