How to Recognize and Reward Your MLM Team: 7 Tips for Success

Recognition and rewards are a great way to retain and motivate your MLM Team.  So many folks in the world do not receive ANY recognition

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10 thoughts on “How to Recognize and Reward Your MLM Team: 7 Tips for Success”

  1. In the same way that customers will stop supporting a business because they feel insignificant or unappreciated, your team members will also lose motivation and maybe even quit if they aren’t encouraged and shown some form of appreciation. The need to be recognized is indeed one of the greatest human needs, I certainly know it is one of mine. Rewards are one of the best ways to show a team member that you genuinely appreciated their efforts. And as you show here, the reward doesn’t need to be monetary, it can be a phone call or a thank you card; just something to show your team members they are valued.

  2. Being part of a team and being recognized for efforts is basic human need that gets overlooked far too often and when these needs are met, people become much more invested and in turn provide better results. By nature, MLM focuses heavily on building relationships with clients but sometimes overlooks the relationships between the team. Personalized attention goes far!

  3. Recognition and praise are important in any team, and you’re certainly right about it applying to an MLM team. What about the idea of occasionally hosting some sort of team gathering? This doesn’t have to be expensive–perhaps just a picnic at a local park, where you provide the burgers and hot dogs and ask everyone else to bring a dish. (Or make it a complete pot-luck event.) True, this works best if your team is all (or mostly) local, but it’s great to get folks together to share stories, swap ideas and generally get to know one another.

    One other thought to share–each Friday, you could pick one person on your team and call them for the sole purpose of asking this question, “What can I do to help you today?” Usually the initial answer is “Nothing…I’m fine,” but after some conversation, there’s almost always some kind of question or obstacle that I can assist with.

    Thanks for the good information you share, Chuck!

    1. You are so correct with this comment. Sometimes recognition means more than receiving kind words. Team members also have a need to feel importance and the need to be needed. I even think that calling up a team member and saying ” Hey, I know you make the best oatmeal cookies, would you bring some of them to the meeting?” These little things can really fire up a member who is on the verge of quitting.

      So often we get an idea that it is all about the money. I believe some people join MLMs just for the social atmosphere and the camaraderie, and the money is just an added bonus.

      1. People will move mountains for recognition. I know I will. After all, who doesn’t like to be recognized or feel appreciated? Yes, the money is important too, but recognition is a very close second place.

  4. The Distributor of the month idea is neat. There is nothing wrong with rewarding the person who has worked the hardest amongst the team. Plus, that fosters a bit of healthy competition within to team so that everyone is working hard to try to reach that goal. I think I will pair the idea of a certificate and a gift card so there is some documentation of their success as well as a reward they can utilize to spoil themselves some.

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