How to Rank Up Fast in MLM

If you’re looking to rank up fast in MLM, this article is for you.

Let’s face it, most people struggle in their network marketing business. People want what the industry offers, but most people either don’t know what to do or they aren’t willing to do it.

If you are WILLING TO WORK, have a burning desire to succeed, and are coachable, you CAN succeed in network marketing. Success is a CHOICE.

To succeed in this business, you need three things: a goal, a plan, and hustle. I can teach anyone how to set a goal and make a plan, but the HUSTLE must come from within. That is your responsibility. Without hustle, the other two do not matter.

More importantly, you build this business one rank at a time. Rather than focus on hitting the top rank in your company, focus on hitting the first rank, then the second rank, then the third rank. This is much more realistic.

Focus on baby steps. You’re never going to make the big money until you make the little money first. And, you’re never going to hit the top rank until you work your way through each rank in the compensation plan.

Conventional Advice

Some people might tell you the fastest way to rank up in MLM is simply to talk to more people in order to recruit more people. That advice will work. You can do that! If you talk with more prospects and sign up new reps every week, your business will grow.

The problem is most people don’t have a game-plan to make that happen. Or, they don’t have a big enough goal or why to make them do what they know they should be doing.

Telling your reps to simply talk to more people is like slapping your new distributor on the ass and saying go get ‘em! If left to their own vices, most people won’t go get ‘em. Instead, they will let their fears control them and they will continue to do nothing.

Your job as a sponsor is to walk your reps from step one to step two to step three. Your job as a rep is to be coachable and follow those steps.

how to rank up fast in mlm

How to Rank Up Fast in MLM

I’ve created a simple six step process to help you rank up fast in MLM. It’s not overly complicated. Anyone can follow these six steps, if they choose to.

Step # 1: Determine Where You Are

The starting point on your journey to rank up fast in your MLM is to start where you start. Write down your current rank, the requirements, and how you got there. This step is simple and should only take you a few minutes to do.

Step # 2: Identify the Next Rank & Requirements

Take out your company’s compensation plan and determine what the next rank is. Write down the requirements. How much volume do you need? How big of a team do you need? How many people do you have to have sponsored? You need to know this information, in order to make your plan.

Step # 3: Develop Your Plan

Let’s suppose the next rank in your compensation plan says you need to have four active personally sponsored people and 2,000 volume points in your group. You currently have one active person and 200 volume points. In this example, you know you need to enroll AT LEAST three new people and generate another 1,800 volume points in your organization.

At this point, you want to set your date of when you want to hit this milestone. Make sure your timeline is realistic, based upon the time you are willing to invest in your business each day and your skills.

After you do that, you need to write down what activities you need to do to make this a reality. Calculate how many people you must talk to in order to sponsor three new reps and how many total new team members you need to gain an additional 1,800 volume points.

For example, if one in ten people you approach joins the business, you know you need to contact at least 30 prospects to sponsor three new distributors, plus another one to two reps to replace the people who quit. Also, if you know the average person orders 100 volume points each month, you need to add at least 18 new active people to your team, plus a few extras for the people who drop off.

success is a choice

Step # 4: Talk with Your Coach

The next step to rank up fast in MLM is to share your plan with your coach to get their feedback. Let them know how many hours per week you will commit to your business and when you want to hit your goals. They will let you know if your plan is realistic, or if you need to make some simple adjustments. They can also share some simple success tips. Whatever you do, humble yourself enough to listen to them and do what they suggest.

Step # 5: Execute Your Plan

Once your plan is finalized by you and your coach, the next step is simply to follow your plan. Your plan should outline your daily routine of what you need to do each day to achieve your goals within the allocated time frame. This includes your number of prospects, conversations, follow ups, presentations, etc.

In addition, you must be persistent and consistent, take massive action, and remain focused to hitting your goals. No starting and stopping folks. Instead, do the things you know you should be doing, even when you don’t feel like it.

Step # 6: Accountability

The last step in this process is daily accountability. Not only should you be accountable to yourself, but you should also be accountable to your coach. This means you share your results with them daily. You talk with them daily. You keep them informed AND you do not tell them you are doing the work if you aren’t really doing it. It’s bad enough to lie to someone else, but please don’t lie to yourself. If you say you are going to do it, then do it!

three things to succeed in mlm

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this is my best advice on how to rank up fast in MLM. None of this is rocket science. Anyone can do this! Heck, this advice might even sound boring to some of you. That is okay. Boring works!

What are your thoughts? What do you believe is the fastest way to rank up in MLM? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “How to Rank Up Fast in MLM”

  1. Having a clear set realistic goal and showing up daily is sure way to the top ..
    Thank you so much for sharing these tips its achievable

  2. I believe to rank up fast in MLM is to be consistent. The more you keep doing what it takes to get there, the better your outcome will be versus completing those takes once or twice a week. It should be a daily routine. Knowing your goal and how to get there of course would be the first step. If you are unclear about any requirements it’s always best to talk to your coach so it can be explained. I would even go over your plan with them prior to putting it in force because they may have other ideas that could make you grow faster.

    1. Yes, being consistent is key if you want to rank up in MLM. I tell people to simply do more of what they did to hit the previous rank. Building the business is actually quite boring. You just do the same simple things over and over for a sustained period of time.

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