How to Make a Big Name List for Your MLM Business: 10 Steps to Success

If you’re just getting started in MLM, you need to make a big name list.  As I see it, it’s mandatory.  I understand that many new distributors don’t want to contact friends and family, but I think that is completely foolish.  Contacting people you know is the fastest way to get started in your business.  And it’s very duplicatable with your new team.

Of course, after you work through your name list, you need other ways to get new leads, but that isn’t the purpose of this article.

What I want to do in this post is teach you how to make a name list for your MLM Business the right way.  I did the exercise below and in less than one hour I had over 800 names on my own name list.  So, I know it works.  Here is the process I suggest for making your name list.

Step # 1: Get a Notebook and Pen

For simplicity purposes, I suggest you use a notebook and pen.  You can do it in Excel or on your computer too.  Just remember you don’t need a FANCY spreadsheet.

Step # 2: Write Down EVERY friend you have on Facebook

Most people have 200 to 500 or more friends on Facebook.  Some have a little bit less and others have a lot more.  Add all of these people to your list.

Step # 3: Write Down Your Spouse’s Facebook Friends

If you are married, and your spouse is on board with you, do the same thing with their friend list.  This should easily be another 200 to 500 or more names.

Step # 4: Write Down All Phone Contacts Saved in Cell Phone

Most people have anywhere from 10 to 50 phone contacts in their phone.  Write these people down on your list.

Step # 5: Write Down All Email Contacts

Repeat the same process with every one of your email contacts.

Step # 6: Write Down People On Your Christmas Card List

If you send out Christmas Cards every year, write down these folks on your list, too.  This should be another 10 to 100 names.

Step # 7: Write Down All Neighbors and Acquaintances

Casual acquaintances will normally be your best prospects.  Write down people you know, but don’t know very well.  This could include the guy at the gas station, your insurance agent, the lady at the coffee shop, the teller at the bank, etc.  This should be 50 to 100 names.

Step # 8: Cross Off Duplicate Names

Go through your list real quick and cross off any names that are listed twice.

Step # 9: Prioritize the List

Once your list is complete, you need to prioritize the list.  Put a star next to the people who have business experience.  Put a star next to people with sales or marketing experience.  Put a star next to anyone with network marketing experience (that you know of).  Put a star next to anyone who is ultra successful.  Put a star next to anyone who is optimistic and has a good attitude.  The people with the most stars next to their name are your best prospects.

Step # 10: Develop a Strategy to Contact People

Get with your sponsor or upline and find out what you should say to the contacts on your list.  Have them teach you a few scripts and tell you what to say.  See if they will help you contact the first few people.  There is a right way and wrong way to contact people, so make sure you do it the right way.

Final Thoughts

You should do this exercise and you should get everyone your team to do the same thing. Once again, there is really NO reason you can’t come up with at least 500 to 1,000 names on your name list.  Doing this one exercise alone, and then contacting each person, can make a HUGE difference in whether or not you succeed or fail in MLM.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below to share any tips you might have about making a name list for your MLM Business.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “How to Make a Big Name List for Your MLM Business: 10 Steps to Success”

  1. thanks chuck i never knew i have a lot of contacts to put into my name list until i came across this 10 steps i`m sure my business will now boom as i`m going to follow this steps.thanks a lot

  2. I originally did not think I had as big of a contact list as I did until I went through these steps. I had well over 500 names after only looking at the Facebook names and well over 1000 names after going through all the other steps. Now the next step is to make a plan in order to reach out to some of these individuals who I never even considered as contacts in the past. I appreciate this post. It gave me a whole new realm of people to tap into.

  3. Recruiting friends and family is good, because you know what their financial situation is. You know whether or not they hate their job, and are looking for a better opportunity. Don\’t assume that because someone has a big house or nice car that they don\’t need money. If you have kids that play sports, their parents are recruiting opportunities. PTA members, teachers, etc.

    1. You have that right Ty. So many think that just because a person looks like they have the world by the tail that they won’t need an extra income. In most cases these are the people who need another income the worst. We should never discount anyone until we actually give them the opportunity. It usually works out that the people you didn’t think would join do, and the people you thought would, don’t.

      This was a great post showing network marketers how to build a huge name list. I say that you should always ask for references too when you speak with these people. References can help that list grow even larger.

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