How to Involve Your Kids in Your Home Business: 13 Simple Ideas

Today, I’d like to discuss how to involve your kids in your home business. This advice will apply for any business owner, not just people working from home.

I have heard some people claim they could not have a home business because they have children. Sorry if this offends you, but that is a B.S. excuse. Many of the top business leaders in the world were doing so when they had kids at home.

The fact is: it just makes good sense having a home business when you have kids, because you save the costs of daycare if you had to work a traditional job, not to mention that you can schedule your business in such a way that you spend more quality time with your kids.

There are those times when you may be trying to get tasks completed with your home business, and the children are yelling and screaming in the background, or doing things they shouldn’t be doing.

While I am not a psychologist, or a recognized authority on raising children, I will say that I do have 3 grown children who we raised and they all turned out quite well.

I do have some ideas on how to involve your kids in your home business, and if nothing else, I have some ideas to keep them busy while you complete your tasks.

how to involve your kids in your home business

How to Involve Your Kids in You Home Business

Here are 13 simple ideas to involve your kids in your home business. I will follow that up with some tried and true ways to keep them busy.

Many of these are dependent on ages. So keep that in mind before using them. And before I move further, you can also help yourself in the tax realm by hiring your kids. I suggest you research this article about that.

# 1: Use Their Artistic Or Creative Talent

There is always something within every business that needs an artistic or creative touch. Maybe you need some artwork for a flyer, or maybe you need a website design.

Maybe, just maybe one of your children can handle that creative task you need. Why not ask and allow them to try?

# 2: Stamps and Labels

Many home businesses have mailings that need to be sent out. It could be thank you cards or newsletters. No matter what it is, you may need stamps and labels put on those envelopes. With the proper training, your child will probably be happy to know that they are playing a key role in running the business. Plus, they can do this while they watch cartoons on television!

# 3: Order Separation

You just received a delivery from your wholesale supplier. Now you need to separate the products for each customer. Why not give your child instructions, and have them separate the goods for you? Yes, you will want to double check, but I believe with the proper incentive (pizza, ice cream, the circus, etc…), your child will do a great job.

# 4: Pack Orders

You have double checked the order separation and it is correct. I would bet that your kid will do a great job packing the order too. Just guide them on how to do it, and check in from time to time.

# 5: Distribute Flyers

Many home businesses print up flyers and distribute them. The distribution part can be a great chore for one or more children. Usually, even that mean guy that won’t accept a flier from you will smile and take one from a child.

# 6: Filing

One of the tasks I hate the most is filing. But, if you have a simple filing system, a child can, and will do it with a smile. Heck, a 3-year old child could probably do a better job filing than I do. My favorite file is the trash can, but the IRS doesn’t appreciate that.There are few things more rewarding than working together as a family toward a common goal ~ Chuck Holmes

# 7: Taste Tester

This is a great job for the tots. Many home businesses use a party method, and that requires baking and cooking. Someone needs to test the recipe before it gets served to prospects and customers. The thing is: kids can be bluntly honest, so you will know if it tastes good or bad.

# 8: Server

This also goes along with #7, but you may not want to use tots for this task. But kids can serve appetizers and such to your guests, and they can be the best salespeople doing so.

# 9: Cleaning

This is another task that may take incentive. I know on a job such as cleaning after a home business party, my kids would expect cash, so you may want to flash them a Hamilton ($10). And if it doesn’t get completely done, drop down to a Franklin.

# 10: Calendar Scribe

There is always a writer in the batch of kids. You may want to utilize your child to write important information on the calendar. All you need to do is dictate.

# 11: Mail Kid

Most home businesses send and receive a lot of mail. You can have a child do the mail work. Have them pick it up and deliver it to be sent. You can meditate why they are doing the work.

# 12: Make Copies

Most kids these days are technology driven. Show them how to operate the copy machine, and they will find out how to do it more efficiently. Why not let your child run those copies? You have more important things to attend to.

# 13: Take Out The Trash

I added this but in reality, this should be a part of a child’s normal chores. If you have an abnormal amount of trash from your business, you can have your kid take it to the curb.

What Others Are Saying

Kids like routine, and you’ll find that having a routine makes you more productive when you’re working at your home business. If your kids know, for instance, that mommy/daddy works from 1 to 3 p.m. and should not be interrupted except for emergencies, you’ll find you’re interrupted much less often. ~

Other Things to Keep Your Kids Busy While You Work

Maybe you cannot find a chore for your kids to do, but you have a lot of work you need to do. You must keep the kids busy. Consider these:

  • Computer games.

  • For the baby…Have a room that is baby proof. No matter what the baby does while you are busy, they cannot get hurt.

  • Have a endless supply of colors and coloring books.

  • Sandbox and swings.

  • Board games.

  • Bubbles.

  • Sidewalk chalk.

  • Buy a cheap metal detector and send the kids on a yard hunt.

These are just a few ideas. Use your imagination, and if you have any added ideas, please post them in the comments area at the end.

It’s a daily ritual for me and my oldest son on the days when school’s out: I either provide him with a folder of fun-filled educational activities or assign him some of my simplest tasks, such as filing and organizing the endless piles of papers on my desk.

If your children are at school for a portion of the day, but you still have a few additional tasks to complete when they arrive home from school, ask them to join you at your desk to read their favorite book or do their homework. That should buy you 30 minutes to wrap up your work for the day.

~ The

Final Thoughts

Before you start screaming, take a breath and realize that you are blessed. You have a home business and you can be with your kids all of the time. Many parents don’t see their children until they get off their traditional job, and they are so tired, they sometimes have a difficult time spending quality time with the kids.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below to tell me how you involve your kids in your home business? I look forward to hearing from you.

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1 thought on “How to Involve Your Kids in Your Home Business: 13 Simple Ideas”

  1. This is a great post written by Greg.

    I would also like to chime in and say that you should also spend some time teaching your kids entrepreneurship. Teach them what you do. Explain some of your goals, the numbers, what you do each day, and why you are doing it. Tell them WHY you work for yourself rather than for someone else.

    Depending on their age, consider asking them for ideas. Even though they might be young, they offer a different perspective than how you think. Talk about some of the challenges you face, and see if they have any potential solutions.

    Just my two cents. Great post, Greg.


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