How to Grow Your MLM Business on eBay or Amazon

Today, I want to teach you how to grow your MLM business on eBay or Amazon.

I’m going to share some simple business strategies you’ve probably never thought of before that will help you get more leads and make more money in your network marketing business.

Please know UPFRONT that I am not talking about selling your company’s products on these websites.  That is a big NO-NO.

The strategies I will share with you will vary a little bit between these two websites.

Why Amazon and eBay?

We all know that eBay and Amazon are two of the largest and most popular e-commerce websites online, consistently ranking in the top 20 websites worldwide. They have MILLIONS of loyal customers who are eager to buy stuff.


When it comes to eBay, I like to include a business card, flyer or drop card with each package that I mail out.  It works best when you sell similar products that relate to your MLM Company.

For example, if you sell coffee on eBay, that you source from somewhere else, and your MLM Company also specializes in coffee, you could include a sample, brochure or business card with each item you mail out. People would receive your information with their package, and if they were interested in learning more, they could visit your website.

Using this same example, if your MLM Company offers coffee, you could find new and used coffee books and coffee magazines locally, and sell those items on eBay.  Once again, you would include your marketing materials with the package you ship out.

You could also create an information product (write a report or record a training) and sell those items on eBay.  For instance, you could create an hour-long audio training on how to find more prospects for your network marketing business. You could publish this training on a CD and include a booklet with it, and sell it for $19.99.

Within your training product, you could talk about your MLM Company and tell people how to get in touch with you if they want to learn more.  Assuming your content is good, some of the people who bought your training course will WANT to do business with you.  They might sign up or their own, or call you with their questions.

Furthermore, you could sell LEADS on eBay.  If you could find a good source of leads, or a lead provider with resale rights, you could sell these leads on eBay on peel n stick labels.


Amazon has very strict rules about contacting customers with additional offers or services. Do NOT violate these terms.

One thing I have found that works very well to promote your MLM Business on Amazon is to write Kindle books.  Now, the idea of writing a book might overwhelm you at first, but I can assure you it’s not that difficult to do.  Some Kindle books only have 10-20 pages.  Best of all, you can even outsource the writing of your book.

What I would do is pick a niche that interests you AND relates to your business.  You could choose network marketing.  Or, you could focus on your company’s product line.  For example, if your company sells energy drinks, you could write several small Kindle books about energy drinks.

Your book could review different energy drinks. Or, you could write about the history of energy drinks.  Or, you could even write about the pros and cons of drinking energy drinks.

Inside each Kindle book you could include links to your capture pages or your replicated website for your MLM Company.  The beauty of taking this approach is it positions you as an expert.  Plus, you can make money from the sales of your Kindle books.

Using this same mindset, you could also create information products (like you did for eBay) and sell those on Amazon.  Examples include reports, manuals, DVDs, home study courses, audio courses, etc.

Quick Disclaimer

Please read the eBay and Amazon terms of service to see what is allowed and what is prohibited.  In addition, read your network marketing distributor agreement to see the same thing.  The last thing you want to do is jeopardize your business or get yourself in legal trouble.  Also, it’s never a smart move to sell your company’s products on either of these websites. Finally, eBay and Amazon are registered trademarks owned by their company.  The views in this article are simply my opinion.

Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about using Amazon and eBay to grow your MLM Business?  Have you ever tried doing this in the past?  If so, leave a comment below to let me know what your experience was like.

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Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional

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9 thoughts on “How to Grow Your MLM Business on eBay or Amazon”

  1. This is an interesting idea! Playing on the idea that marketing is a numbers game (which it is) this expands the potential customer pool as well as increasing the chance of reaching those who wish to go into business with you. So much of this information can be applied to small businesses as well.

    1. Every small business owner should find different ways to leverage Amazon and eBay. They have such huge audiences, many of those people who will be in your target market.

  2. I want to make a point about being extra careful on eBay. When you are selling digital products such as eBooks and such, this shouldn’t be an issue, but in selling physical products, personally, I have run into a rash of people claiming they did not receive items in the mail. I usually send with tracking, but in some cases, not enough was generated to afford that or insurance. What ended up happening is: I lost all profit and the product. I did wonder if the person received it and claimed they didn’t, but it was a strong lesson. Be careful selling online.

  3. Ebay is a great revenue source Chuck. Selling eBooks on eBay is a fantastic idea and can generate quick and easy income. Making an eBook is really very easy. I have made almost all of my paperback books available on Amazon Kindle also. Another item I am considering is making CD’s of how to videos. From my understanding, these can be great revenue too.

    Great article Chuck.

  4. Great article! I have used all of the methods you recommended. I had really good success selling business related books on eBay. (I thought it was my brilliant idea, LOL.) I always included a booklet or a report I had written and had lots of people call me, and indeed ended up doing business with a good many of them.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Mike.

      I enjoyed talking with you yesterday.

      I really enjoyed learning about how you use free reports to get more customers and reps. I’m going to apply that in my business.

      I also look forward to doing some joint ventures with you.

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