How to Grow Your MLM Business on eBay or Amazon

Today, I want to teach you how to grow your MLM business on eBay or Amazon.

I’m going to share some simple strategies you’ve probably never heard about before that will help you get more leads and make more money in your network marketing business.

The strategy is the same for both websites.

We all know that eBay and Amazon are two of the largest and most popular e-commerce websites online, consistently ranking in the top 10 websites worldwide.

But, did you know that you can leverage both eBay and Amazon to build your MLM Business?

In the paragraphs below, I want to share my simple step-by-step process to grow your MLM Business on eBay and/or Amazon, which will help you generate more leads, more distributors and more sales for your network marketing business. This is the exact process I use myself.

ebay businessPlease keep in mind that I’ve been selling on eBay since 2003, so I have a lot of experience using these strategies.  I’ve also been selling on Amazon off and on for a few years.

Let’s get started.

Step # 1: Pick a Niche

The first thing you need to do is choose a niche.  This is hands down the most important step in the process.  Your niche is a targeted group of people in a similar demographic.

You could focus on other network marketers.  A better alternative would be to pick people interested in your product line.  For example, if your MLM Company sells coffee, you could target coffee enthusiasts.

If your company sells weight loss products, you could focus on people interested in buying weight loss products.  Does that make sense?  The tighter the niche you can find, the better.  You definitely don’t want to target everyone.

Ideally, pick a niche that you understand, are a member of and know something about.  This gives you instant rapport with other people in the niche.

Step # 2: Find Something to Sell 

Obviously, you can’t sell your MLM Products online.  That’s a quick way to get yourself in trouble with your company’s legal department.

I don’t recommend you do that, nor do I condone it.

Instead, you want to find products that people in your target market would buy.  For example, if your target market was coffee enthusiasts, you could sell coffee makers, coffee filters, books about coffee, coffee cups, coffee shirts, etc.  You could find these items from drop shippers, or you could visit local thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales in your local community to source inventory.

You could also create your own coffee related information products, such as reports, CDs, DVDs, and eBooks.  In my opinion, this would be your best bet, because the products would be unique and you wouldn’t really have any competition.

Step # 3: List Your Items for Sale

The next step is to list your items for sale on eBay and/or Amazon.  You could sell on one site or both. As you find more products to sell, compare the selling prices on both websites to see what you find.  Some products sell better on certain sites. Personally, I have an eBay and Amazon store.

To sell your items, you will want a good camera, a laptop, an internet connection, and a digital scale to weigh your products.

When you’re just starting out you will go through a slight learning curve, but as time goes on, you will get better (and quicker) at listing items for sale.

Step # 4: Mail Out Your MLM Product Literature with Each Package

What you will do to grow your network marketing business is send out product literature and literature about the business opportunity with each package you mail out.  This could include a brochure, flyer, business card, DVD, or anything else you want to send.

For example, if you sell 100 items per month on eBay, you would mail out 100 pieces of literature, one with each package.

Best of all, your literature is going to people in your target market.  No, not everyone will be interested in your company or products (most won’t) but some will.

These folks will visit your website, give you a call or send you an email to learn more about what you have to offer. They will contact YOU! You will become the hunted, not the hunter.

Even better, you make money (from the sale of your product) whether they join your MLM Company or not. And you don’t have to pay additional shipping costs because the person already paid for shipping.

Step # 5: Build Your List

Please read eBay’s and Amazon’s terms of service before you do this step.  If allowed, you can build a mailing list of everyone who purchased your products and you could send them a monthly newsletter in the mail or stay in touch with them about your business opportunity.  Once again, before you do this step, please read the terms of service, so you don’t get yourself in hot water!

grow your mlm businessWhy I Like This Strategy

Why do I like this strategy?

First and foremost, it is rejection free.  You won’t have people no show you or stand you up.

In addition, you don’t have to chase anyone!  You don’t have to bug, pressure, sell or convince anyone.

Finally, you make money.  You make money by selling whatever it is you are selling on Amazon or eBay and you are building your MLM Business on the side.

I hope that makes sense.  The bottom line is that you will have a REAL business.  As you grow your Amazon and eBay sales, you will put your literature in front of even more people.

Now, I know this isn’t rocket science and it isn’t all that sexy to some people.  But, I think it sure beats trying to convince your Uncle Louie that your network marketing business will make him rich.  The best parts about this strategy are:

  1.  You get paid to generate leads
  2.  You are building a real business
  3.  Everyone you send information to is in your target market
  4.  You don’t have to pay any shipping since your customers pay for it when they buy the item
  5.  You have multiple streams of income
  6.  You only talk to people who call you first

Is it easy?  No.  But, it’s simple.  And it’s fun.  And it’s a heck of a lot better than driving all around the state trying to set up home parties and one-on-one meetings.  It’s better than cold calling people and it’s definitely better than trying to sell or convince people.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about using Amazon and eBay to grow your MLM Business?  Have you ever tried doing this in the past?  If so, leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: eBay and Amazon are both registered trademarks.  These views are simply my opinion.  Individual results will vary.

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9 thoughts on “How to Grow Your MLM Business on eBay or Amazon”

  1. This is an interesting idea! Playing on the idea that marketing is a numbers game (which it is) this expands the potential customer pool as well as increasing the chance of reaching those who wish to go into business with you. So much of this information can be applied to small businesses as well.

  2. I want to make a point about being extra careful on eBay. When you are selling digital products such as eBooks and such, this shouldn’t be an issue, but in selling physical products, personally, I have run into a rash of people claiming they did not receive items in the mail. I usually send with tracking, but in some cases, not enough was generated to afford that or insurance. What ended up happening is: I lost all profit and the product. I did wonder if the person received it and claimed they didn’t, but it was a strong lesson. Be careful selling online.

  3. Ebay is a great revenue source Chuck. Selling eBooks on eBay is a fantastic idea and can generate quick and easy income. Making an eBook is really very easy. I have made almost all of my paperback books available on Amazon Kindle also. Another item I am considering is making CD’s of how to videos. From my understanding, these can be great revenue too.

    Great article Chuck.

  4. Great article! I have used all of the methods you recommended. I had really good success selling business related books on eBay. (I thought it was my brilliant idea, LOL.) I always included a booklet or a report I had written and had lots of people call me, and indeed ended up doing business with a good many of them.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Mike.

      I enjoyed talking with you yesterday.

      I really enjoyed learning about how you use free reports to get more customers and reps. I’m going to apply that in my business.

      I also look forward to doing some joint ventures with you.

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