12 thoughts on “How to Get People on Auto-Ship in Your MLM Company”

  1. As a person who has been against auto-ship in the past because I have seen it misused and some people fall in a trap, I do believe it can be a good thing too. I know the company I am with offers a substantial discount for auto-shipped items.

    As Charles pointed out, if explained correctly so the person has a complete understanding, it can be good. But please tell your distributors to not misuse it, or as I have seen, sign someone up for it without their knowledge.

    Thank you for explaining it in a clearer way. I have a better understanding now.

  2. Auto-ship can be great if explained properly and clearly. I think it can be overwhelming to some people and so they say “no” without being fully informed. Reminding them they they can cancel at any time is important. Being a great leader and showing my example definitely makes people more comfortable.

    1. I think it all comes down to how you explain it to the new person. Tell them the importance. Show they how to stop, start or change it. Do that and there should be no hard feelings.

  3. I think there are many people- both on the business end as well as the consumer end- that are a little apprehensive and unsure about the idea of things auto shipping. However, I agree with your points and I have used auto ship options on some of my big reocurring purchases, and encourage my customers to use it as well!

    1. I don’t think autoship is bad IF it is explained properly. Having people order month after month is very important to your long term success. It helps if they like the products and know the benefits of auto-ship.

  4. I have to admit that I am one who resists the lure of auto ship. It sure would make my life easier, so I need to heed your advice. I have the typical worries that I think a lot of people do: what if I don’t sell the products, what if I don’t use them myself, will they go to waste, etc. But you are right: being on auto ship is a great motivator to sell the product.

    1. If you explain to your people how auto-ship works, what the benefits are, and what the steps are to stop it if they want to, there normally isn’t a problem. You just need to take a little time and make sure people understand it, BEFORE you ask them to sign up for it.

    2. Faye,

      I would have to agree with Charles here that once people fully understand what auto-ship is and how it is beneficial, the risks greatly decrease and your concerns won’t really be concerns anymore. It is worth the investment for sure. And while not everyone participates, the increase in those who do has helped significantly.

      1. It really comes down to communicating and talking to them. Find out what their fear or concerns are and then address them. Offer reassurance and maybe sweeten the deal with a one time perk the first time they use the auto-ship. It might be enough to get them to try it and once they do, they will likely be hooked!

  5. Here the article gives you simple but quite important information about auto-ship. Bringing in more people in favor of auto-ship will be fruitful for your business in the end. After reading this information, I myself would like to sign for auto-ship and would follow the tips in order to reach high on the ladder of success.

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