How to Get More Isagenix Customers: 10 Ways to Do It

Today, I want to teach you how to get more Isagenix customers.

To be frank with you, all businesses need customers. If you’re new to Isagenix, the fastest way to get profitable in your business is to build up a solid customer base of two to ten loyal, repeat customers.

Most people in Isagenix (and the rest of our industry) don’t know how to find and keep customers. They’re simply taught to work their warm market and use the three-foot rule. That approach does work for certain people, but it’s by no means the only way to find customers.

I believe we are all wired differently, and we must learn to use our own natural talents and abilities to build the business in a way that will work for us.

how to get more isagenix customers

10 Ways to Get More Isagenix Customers

The purpose of this post is to help you think OUTSIDE the box and get creative. I’m going to share 10 ideas to help you get more Isagenix customers. Pick the options that resonate with you the most and focus on them. There’s no need to do all of these things at once.

LEGAL: Please read your Isagenix policies and procedures to make sure that the lead generation strategy you want to use is compliant. 

# 1: Create a Paid Referral Program

We all know that referrals are the best source of leads. Everyone wants more referrals. Referrals typically become your best customers.

One of the best ways to get more referrals is to create a PAID REFERRAL PROGRAM. Figure out how much a new retail customer is worth to you financially, and divide that number by two. That is the dollar amount you should pay people for referrals (when the person they refer actually buys from you).

Let everyone you know what you do and tell them you will give them X amount of dollars for each referral they give you who becomes a customer. Even better, put your referral program on a little business card and hand it to everyone you meet. Make sure it explains how and when people get paid, the right way to refer people to you, etc.

This is such a simple way to get a ton of new business. Giving people an incentive (financially) to give you referrals just makes good business sense.

Gaining new customers for your business can be an expensive challenge, but with a referral program it doesn’t have to be. People that have been referred by a peer typically stay loyal to a brand longer than those that found the company by other means. According to Forbes, a study done by Goethe University revealed that customers recommended to businesses were 18% more likely to stay with companies the organization than other customers. The article reiterates, “People tend to have a stronger attachment to an organization if their friends or acquaintances share a bond to the same establishment.” ~ Hubspot

# 2: Hand Out Business Cards

Get a nice, professional looking business card made up and hand out business cards to everyone you meet. Make it a goal to meet five new people every single day and give them one of your business cards.

Keep your business card generic, so it says something like “weight loss coach” or “health coach”. Do not put ISAGENIX on your business card or your Isagenix link. Instead, put a link to a generic capture page or to a recorded 24/7 sizzle call. Curiosity is what sells people, so don’t spill all the beans right out the gate.

Here is a tip that few people talk about.

The primary purpose of a business card is not to make sales. The primary purpose of a business card is to get THE OTHER PERSON’S business card, so you can follow up with them.  

Ultimately, you want to exchange business cards with people so YOU can get their contact information, and you are in control of the follow up process.

# 3: Car Magnet

Car magnets or car stickers work great. Once again, do not get an ISAGENIX car magnet or car sticker. Curiosity is what sells. You want you car magnet to say something such as:

  • Lose Weight Today!
  • Burn the Fat, Get Paid!
  • Get Healthy & Wealthy!
  • Free Weight Loss Shake!
  • Free Weight Loss Consultation!

Or whatever else you can think of. You want to have people call a 24/7 recorded message or visit a capture page to get additional information. These tools will filter out uninterested prospects, which saves you time, money and energy.

You’ve probably seen them everywhere; on top your pizza man’s car, the local electrician’s van door, and perhaps the maid service that comes in to clean your office once each week. Car signs and magnets are everywhere, spreading the name and purpose of small to medium businesses reputably as they dart from one end of town to another. One of the most cost effective types of advertising, these portable signs allow you to advertise your local business across larger distances without paying the high and recurring fees of running a television, radio, or newspaper ad. ~

# 4: Join the Gym

Join your local gym. This puts you in close proximity with many other people who are trying to lose weight. While you are at the gym, get to know people. Be friendly. Put your business card or drop card on the bulletin board. Wear a generic weight loss shirt or wear a button that gets people talking to you. If they seem like a good fit, hand them your drop card or business card or ask them for their email or phone number and follow up with them at your convenience.

isagenix mission statement

# 5: Classified Ads

Yes, classified ads still work. Consider posting classified ads in your local paper. Even better, see if you can place a small ad in your church newsletter, your HOA newsletter, or niche publication. Many of these ads cost less than $20. Yes, they still work. It’s just vital that you make it a generic ad and do not say the name Isagenix. As with the other ads, send people to a capture page or sizzle call.

Purchasing classified advertising for your business will typically work out a lot cheaper than buying other media space such as print, radio or TV ads. Some classified sites even allow businesses to advertise for free. With classified advertising, you typically won’t need to spend time creating an ad yourself or pay for the services of a creative agency to make one for you. Placing a classified ad is usually as easy as coming up with some short copy and supplying your contact details. If you want to design a more complex ad, many publications and websites that sell classifieds offer assistance.

~ ChronSmallBusiness

# 6: Your Warm Market

This tip sounds boring, but have you really talked with EVERYONE you know? I doubt it. If you were to write down your Facebook friends, phone contacts, email contacts and LinkedIn connections, I could almost 100% guarantee you have at least 2,000 potential people you could contact. I suggest you take the time to revisit your list. Go through each of these platforms and write down your contacts. Add them to your list. After you do that, start reaching out to 10-20 new prospects daily. This is a great way to get more Isagenix customers.

Approaching the people you know to sell them on your new business is extremely difficult. These are people that know you, are familiar with your lifestyle, the car you drive, the house where you live, and the work you do. It is difficult to entice any kind of response from them when you have personally not created the success you would preach them about. You first would need to prove yourself to them before they would take you seriously.


# 7: Drop Cards

This is a simple way to get more Isagenix customers.  A drop card is bigger than a business card and slightly smaller than a postcard.  It has a simple marketing message on it with a headline, a few bullet points and a call to action. It’s designed to pique your prospect’s interest and get them to visit a website or call a toll free number to learn more information.

Make it a goal to hand out 10 drop cards per day.  Whenever you visit a grocery store or gas station, put one on the bulletin board.  Whenever you pay your bills, put a drop card in the envelope.  Whenever you go out to eat, leave one with your tip (assuming you are a good tipper). Whenever you are at the gym, leave a couple drop cards in the changing room.

This is a simple strategy everyone can use.  It probably shouldn’t be your primary strategy to find new customers, but it’s a great way to supplement what you are already doing.  Learn more about drop cards.

# 8: Your Personal Story

Your own personal story is your best recruiting and retailing business tool. Have you used the Isagenix products yet? Are you your own best customer? Have you lost a lot of weight? If so, why no write down your story into a short 2-3 paragraphs and put that on your business card or drop card? Your own story can also serve as your Elevator Speech. You can share your story with your new prospects. Remember, facts tell, but stories sell.

Here’s an example. Keep in mind, I made this up just to give you an idea.

I’ve been struggling with my weight for years. I tried every diet you can imagine. I’d lose weight for a few months and then gain it back (and then some). Six months ago I started using the Isagenix products. I’ve now lost 40 pounds, I still eat what I want and I feel so much better about myself. I’m on a mission now to help other people get healthy and feel better about themselves.

sam walton quote

# 9: Postcards

I probably shouldn’t share this secret tip, but I’m going to anyway. Postcards are one of my favorite ways to find more retail customers for my MLM Business. Why? People check their mail every day, they are excited to do it, and they normally at least look at their mail before they throw it out. Sending something in the mail is one of the most effective ways to get in touch with someone. Think about how many emails and solicitation phone calls you get per day and compare that to how many postcards you receive. There is no comparision!

Consider sending out a generic weight loss postcard. As always, do not say Isagenix on it. Keep it generic and send people to a free 24/7 voicemail or capture page. After you do that, you can follow up with them and close the sale.

Don’t try to close sales directly from your postcard. You don’t have enough space to provide all the information most prospects need to make a buying decision. Instead, use your postcard to generate sales inquiries.

Begin your postcard by briefly stating the major benefit(s) you offer. Then use the remainder of your postcard to motivate readers to get more information from a source where you can close sales …such as at your web site or from a phone number they can call. ~

# 10: Facebook Live

Facebook live is a wonderful way to find more Isagenix customers. You could make short educational videos about the products. You could review a different product every single day. You could interview people who have lost weight with Isagenix. You could also do educational videos about eating healthy, exercising, staying active, proper nutrition, and countless other ideas. Keep your live streams short and sweet and make them educational and entertaining. Make sure they don’t come across as a sales pitch. Short two to ten minute live streams are the best.

Bonus Tip: The Fish Bowl Technique

One of my favorite ways to get more leads, and find more Isagenix customers and distributors is to use what is known as the “fish bowl technique”.  This is when you partner up with a local business and do a raffle for a free product. You leave an empty “fish bowl” on the counter of the business, along with some raffle tickets. People who visit the business can fill out a raffle entry with their contact information and put it in the fish bowl. Each week you can select a winner. Send the winner their free prize and follow up with everyone who entered the raffle to see if they would like to learn more about the products or the business. LEGAL: Just make sure you get the business owner’s permission first.

ken blanchard quote

Final Thoughts

These are just 10 simple things you can do to find more Isagenix customers.  Whatever you do, think outside the box and get creative. You are only limited to your imagination. Realize there are many ways to build your business. Use your ingenuity and special talents and abilities to find a way that works for you.

In summary, if you want to make money with Isagenix the right away, you should build up a solid customer base of two to ten customers. While it’s also important to build up a team of distributors, it’s more important (initially) to find customers who like the products and re-order the products month after month.

I suggest you pick 1-2 methods from my list that resonate with you the most, and focus on those. That’s a lot better than trying too many strategies at once and spreading yourself too thin.

What are your thoughts? How do you find Isagenix customers? If you are reading this post and you are affiliated with Isagenix, please share some of your secret tips to find new Isagenix customers. Just leave a comment below to let us know your best tips. I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: Isagenix is a registered trademark. I am not affiliated with the company in any way. Individual results will vary. The products are not designed to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

chuck holmes


Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional

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150 thoughts on “How to Get More Isagenix Customers: 10 Ways to Do It”

  1. After reading your complete post and all the comments Chuck, I find a similar objection all the way through with Isagenix….the price.

    First, I must say that you hit the nail on the head with selling the product before getting distributors. I have to say this all can work together if done correctly.

    I used to work for a home improvement company that had the highest price products. We still had more sales than the companies who had lower price products. Why? Because you get what you pay for, and we made sure customers understood that.

    Get the customers by showing them the better substances, and after they have used the product for a short time, explain how they can get their products cheaper, or even free by becoming a distributor. It is a simple process.

    1. When things are more expensive than the competition you simply have to find a way to explain the value. If you can do that right, the price doesn’t matter than much. Not everyone is a price shopper.

  2. I think that creating Youtube videos is a great idea. People like having something and someone that they can visually connect with while learning about how the products can benefit them. Also, Youtube videos are easy to share so your message can easily be passed along by you and others in order to expand your audience.

    1. Some people think creating videos is very difficult and are scared to try it. It really isn’t that hard. Using the windows movie maker program you probably have on your computer, you can upload pictures, other videos that you may have taken with your camera or phone, music or sound, and put them all together. The best way is to just get in there and start playing with it. Once you have a video you like, you simply save it and upload it to your account in Youtube.

  3. Although I get lots of leads via my website nothing replaces talking to people. My best business builders have come from living my day to day life and having better conversations with people.

  4. I struggle to get Isagenix customers because the prices are so high. Even though the products are great quality, it’s hard to get someone to reorder month after month when they can buy a similar product at Walmart 90% cheaper. Maybe I’m talking to the wrong people or I’m not doing things right, but I’d bet that 19 of every 20 people I talk to complain about the prices.

    1. The prices are higher than many competing products. You need to focus on the benefits and the value of the products. You should also approach people who are health oriented and have disposable income.

    2. What Chuck said is completely right. Knowing that the prices are higher than most, the key is to show people why they Isagenix has a highly superior product. Focus on the benefits and not the prices. I used to sell home improvement products that were similar to many others, but our prices were quite higher, but we sold more than all the others combined. The reason why is building our reputation as a service oriented company that would help no matter the circumstance. Remember, when you sell, you are selling yourself just as much, if not more than the product itself.

    3. They can not get the same product from Kmart. So it can not be compared with products that are unnaturalised and full of fillers that allow the price to be lower. Its like saying “why should I pay that much for real food when I can buy fake food for 10% cost. The answer is in the question.

    4. I disagree- I have done TONS of research on shakes and supplements. there is NOTHING similar to isagenix… there is filler and crap in the rest of the stuff on the market. isagenix is superior and it is true that you do get what you pay for. people who want cheaper stuff is not the ideal market for isagenix. isagenix caters to people who care about their health overall and who are willing to put some money into it and who care about what they put in their bodies. and i promise you that i am not an isagenix sales person- i actually wont sell it because i too think it is expensive and think that i would have a hard time finding people to buy it…. but i buy it because it is far more superior than the other crap out there.

  5. There are so many great tips on this blog post about how to get more Isagenix customers. I think you could pick one strategy or multiple strategies and get incredible results. I like the idea of selling online, but I think that face to face selling is much more effective.

  6. I wish my Isagenix upline would have taught me some of these methods. The only they teach is make a name list and prospect people. I’ve been doing that but with little success.

  7. I spent about 8 months in Isagenix but couldn’t get it to work. I talked to a lot of people, but most folks weren’t willing to pay the high prices the products cost. I sponsored a few folks too, but they failed and quit within a few weeks of joining.

  8. I get customers through YouTube videos and by blogging. That is a great strategy that works well for me. I’ve tried the offline stuff, but never did very well with it.

  9. I like this article about getting more Isagenix customers. I’m in Avon, but I plan on sharing these tips with my team. These ideas apply to any direct selling business. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I get my Isagenix customers on Craigslist. I simply post ads for weight loss or health and wellness and I get lots of calls.

    1. hey there, i am fairly new to isagenix, this post has good ideas, i am in australia, i like your idea of craigslist, but when i had a look at posting on it, it is listed as being prohibited to use. So i was curious to find out any suggestions you might have for this. Thanks. Paul

      1. This is Chuck. I know for a fact that Craigslist prohibits promoting MLM companies on their site. Many people do it anyway. However, if you read the terms, you can actually get fined big amounts of money for doing so. I would pick another option.

    1. I agree that they have a lot of sugar in them, but they are a good fit for some folks. I tell everyone to consult their doctor first before starting any new exercise program or diet product.

    2. The sugar is fructose which they get from beets and some products have stevia. They are also low glycemic.

  11. Make some YouTube videos about the products and put your distributor link in it. Review the products or provide some weight loss tips and share your link. If you can get people to watch your videos a small portion of them will check out your links and potentially become a customer.

  12. Newspaper ads still work like hotcakes. I advertise in local and college newspapers. I have people call my toll free 24/7 phone number and leave a message. I simply call back interested people.

  13. My Isagenix customers come through referrals mostly. I talk to people, meet lots of new people and always do whatever I can to get each person to give me 2-3 referrals, whether they join my team or not.

  14. Great article here, Chuck. And tons of great comments on how to get more Isagenix customers. As you can probably see there are many different strategies you can use. I suggest you simply choose one or two strategies that you like and then take massive action for minimum one year.

  15. Get off your butt and talk to people. That is hands down the best way to get more customers. Ask people questions. Listen. And then show them how your products can help them solve their problems.

  16. Amazing tips here, Chuck. I’ve been struggling with Isagenix for almost two years now. I just can’t seem to get people to buy the products. Everyone I talk to tells me the products are way overpriced compared to what they can buy online or at the local drug store. I’m really thinking about quitting.

    1. Giving up is one option, Nancy. But before you do that, I suggest you start talking to people who (1) already buy similar products and (2) people who can afford the products. Following that piece of advice alone can really help out.

  17. We get our Isagenix customers with newspaper ads. We’ve been doing that for almost five years now and we’ve recruited hundreds of customers through the years from simple little classified ads.

  18. I advertise in my local newspaper to get more Isagenix customers. I normally offer a free wellness consultation or diet consultation. I am also a registered

      1. I think it’s better to focus on getting distributors than getting customers. Very few folks would be willing to pay the suggested retail price for the products. They are just way to expensive for most ordinary folks, especially in this bad economy.

        1. That is one strategy, Duke. What I like about focusing on customers is that you make more money per person (retail profits). Plus, most distributors quit within 60 days and when they quit they stop ordering the products. On the other hand, happy customers will keep reordering the products month after month.

      2. I build my Isagenix business through facebook. I have a fan page and also use Facebook ads to promote my page. It works great for me.

      3. My father gets his Isagenix customers from his running group. He runs with a bunch of folks three times a week. It’s like a running club for seniors. He’s found more than 50 customers doing this and makes a nice income with Isagenix.

    1. We get our Isagenix customers at flea markets and swap meets. My wife and I travel all over the tri-state area every week. We demo the products, give away samples and sign up new customers and distributors. It’s fun and easy to do.

  19. The best way to get more Isagenix customers is to set up at flea markets. That’s what I do. I have a table, a few display items, and some samples. I collect leads in exchange for a free sample. I normally find 10-12 new customers every weekend. Since most of these customers become repeat customers, it is time well spent.

    1. Setting up at flea markets is one way to get more Isagenix customers. Just make sure you read the distributor agreement first and get the company’s permission to do so. Otherwise, you risk getting your distributorship terminated.

    2. We get our Isagenix customers strictly through word of mouth. I make it a point to meet five new people every day. Once I establish an initial friendship I introduce them to the product line. It really is that simple.

      1. Meeting five people a day is a great strategy. If you’re constantly talking to people you will find plenty of customers. It’s a matter of simply working the numbers. Good job!

    3. Unfortunately most people and reascrehers for that matter, complain that “diets don’t work.” Diets can be viewed as either sort term (to achieve fat loss) or long term (change in lifestyle). Most work. What doesn’t work and is not addressed, probably beacause it’s politically incorrect, are people’s perception. Most people want to eat all their “junk” food not exercise and look and feel great! They want to hear about the “miracle” diet pill or system that allows them to eat anything and get lean while sitting in the sofa gulping down soda and chips! Exercise? Sensible eating? That’s so 20th century!!!

      1. Great point, Sharon. Most people are looking for the magic pill. Accomplishing anything, including losing weight, takes goals, hard work and discipline. Nothing in life worth accomplishing is easy. It takes mental toughness.

  20. I get my Isagneix customers by talking with people at work. So far I’ve found seven customers. My boss is ok with me talking to other people about it outside of work. So that’s what I do. I don’t mention Isagenix at all during working hours, but I’ve called all my co-workers and peers outside of work.

    1. If that works for you, good. I always tell people to be careful about trying to prospect coworkers. You can normally get yourself into a bunch of trouble, sometimes even get fired.

    2. This advice really applies to getting customers in any MLM Company. I think the key is consistency. Find a way to get 1-2 new Isagenix customers every week. And as you build up your customer base make sure you keep in touch with them often, so they don’t fizzle out.

  21. My favorite way to get more Isagenix customers is to hand out brochures to people I meet. I give them a sample, my business card and a little brochure. I take the time to qualify them first, and I get their phone number. Once I give them the items I follow up with them within 48 hours.

    1. I’ve been selling Isagenix on eBay for almost two years and I’ve made thousands of dollars doing it. I sell a few products every day. I follow up with whoever buys my products by sending them mail and email about buying from me directly. About 20% of my eBay customers become regular customers who order from my website every month.

        1. I simply send a monthly email health and wellness leads to all my current and past customers. It also goes out to friends and family and people who requested to get it. I talk about Isagenix, the products and also share some generic health and wellness tips. Every time I send it out (once a month) I get more product orders and I also get new customers. I think every distributor should do it. More importantly, I learned this idea from you, Chuck!

      1. If you want to get more customers for your Isagenix business you really have to manage your time. You have to schedule in 30 minutes to 2 hours per day in your day calendar to go out prospecting, to make follow up calls, to get referrals, etc. If you don’t schedule it, it won’t happen.

        1. Great point Marina. Getting customers in Isagenix or any other company boils down to having a game plan and the discipline to work that plan daily. There are many ways to do it. Where people come up short is they aren’t persistent and consistent.


      2. Great points, Chuck. I think the best way to get more Isagenix customers is to target people who want to lose weight. You can buy mailing lists or leads lists of people who frequently purchase weight loss products and then you can call or mail those folks.

        1. I’m a personal trainer and I simply introduce my clients to the product line. Not all of them become customers, but most do. I now have almost 120 customers who order every month. I make more from my Isagenix business than I do from my personal trainer business and I’ve only sponsored three people.

    2. We get our Isagenix customers by setting up at flea markets, craft shows and at fairs. We’ve built our entire business this way and it works.

      1. Good for you Zeb. Setting up at trade shows and flea markets can be a great way to get customers. The beauty of it is that people come to you. Many flea markets have THOUSANDS of people come through on any given day. If you are professional, friendly and helpful, it should be pretty easy to get a bunch of leads and customers.

      1. I think all network marketers should have a strong customer base. This gives you immediate retail profits. Plus, many of your happy customers will upgrade to wholesale distributor or business builder if they like the products and you don’t pressure them. Customers really are the lifeblood of your business.

    3. My upline helps me get Isagenix customers. We do a COOP together each month and I normally end up with about 25 leads, of which I normally generate 1-2 new distributors and three to five new customers. I’ve been doing this for about 13 months now and it works really well for me.

    4. Good strategy, Samantha. It’s really important to get people’s contact information before you give them brochures or samples. Otherwise, you are throwing money away. Most people will not call you back or order on their own, so it’s important to have a way to follow up with them, answer their questions and take their order.

    5. I get my Isagenix customers simply by approaching three to five people a day. Whenever I am out and about I strike up conversations with people. I get their phone number or give them a flyer or business card about Isagenix. I normally follow up within 48 hours and close many of them as new customers, and sometimes distributors.

    6. Handing out brochures is a great way to get more customers for your business, as long as you get the person’s contact information so you can follow up with them.

  22. My favorite way to get more Isagenix customers is to hand out samples at my gym and to family and friends. Once people try out the products they get hooked. The products almost sell themselves. You just have to get people to try them and the products will do the salesmanship for you from there.

      1. I’ve been an Isagneix customer (of my mom) for eight years now. She sells me the products at cost so I don’t pay the suggested retail cost. Over the past eight years I’ve lost almost 100 lbs and I’m back to my high school weight. I really love these products.

    1. You can get more customers for your Isagenix business by simply talking to three to five people a day. Make a friend. Hand out a business card. Follow up with them a day or two later. It really is that simple.

  23. If you want more Isagenix customers, you need some type of game plan. There are many ways to get customers. One of the best things to do is to identify a target market and then focus on people who are in that target market. For example, if you’re focusing on the weight loss aspect, look for people who go to the gym, already buy weight loss products and are actively doing something to lose weight. You will find more Isagenix customers if you can follow this simple approach.

      1. There are some great ideas in this post and in the comments section, but please keep in mind that nothing beats face to face communication. When you can look someone in the eyeballs and talk about Isagenix, you will have much better success rates at getting new customers.

        1. I’ll have to agree with you Jake that nothing beats face to face communication. You can generate a lead any way you want, but you ultimately still have to connect with the person on a personal level if you expect them to do business with you.

  24. Use the products and talk to people. That is the best way to get more Isagenix customers. Use all the products and create your own story. Once you have a story, talk to 2-3 people a day, every day. Everything else will fall into place if you do that.


      1. If you want more Isagenix customers get out of your house and go talk to people. You have to work the numbers and talk to hundreds of people. For every 10 people I approach I normally get one new customer. That just means that the more people I talk to the better I do!

  25. I think the best way to get more Isagenix customers is to build your own website or blog. Isagenix has very friendly online marketing policies, especially compared to most other companies. If you are good at SEO, and know how to pick the right keywords, you can get lots of Isagenix customers through the free search engines.


    1. Tim, a strategic online marketing plan definitely has its place in building your business. A targeted website or blog, coupled with something of value to offer the customer, such as a newsletter or ebook, will go miles in drawing potential customers to your site. Chuck has some great information on this topic, not only in other posts on this site, but on his other sites as well. You should check them out.

      1. I get my Isagenix customers at the gym, just like some other people on this post said. I simply talk to folks when I work out and give them my business card. I normally sponsor 2-4 people per month doing this.

      2. I focus on getting customers from referrals. I’ve sponsored a bunch of people and have about 47 personal customers. I simply treat them well and ask them who they know that might be interested in the products. I normally get 6 to 8 new customers a month from referrals so I know it works.

      1. I think Isagenix is a scam. There products are so high priced that most people can’t afford them. You have to spend a couple hundred dollars a month (minimum) for their weight loss programs when you can get similar products at GNC or Sam’s Club for about 70% cheaper. And I don’t know why anyone would pay retail when you can shop at Amazon and ebay and get products cheaper than distributors can buy them for.

      2. Great article, here. I’ve been trying to get Isagenix customers for almost a year now. It’s hard to overcome the price objections when most people are broke and struggling to even pay their mortgage. I’m convinced that it is much easier to recruit distributors than get customers.

        1. In some cases it is easier to recruit distributors than get customers. If you’ve tried to get customers and that didn’t work for you than by all means refocus your efforts and try to recruit instead.

    2. You can get more Isagenix customers by handing out flyers. That’s what I do. I hand out 100-200 flyers per day, whenever I am out and about. I normally get 2-3 calls for every 100 flyers I hand out. Best of all, it’s really low cost and easy to do.

      1. Handing out fliers is a great way to get customers, not the best way, but it works. As long as you take massive action and stay consistent you will be fine.

    3. I still like article marketing. You can write lots of articles about Isagenix and then redirect people to your distributor website in the author bio section of your article. If you can publish 100-200 articles over a period of months, you will get lots of free traffic to your website and you will get some new customers in the process.

      1. I think the best way to get more Isagenix customers is simply to talk with a lot of people. Make it a point to contact five people a day, every day, and you will have more customers than you know what to do with. Form new friendships, say hello to strangers and meet as many people as you can!

    4. If you want more customers than you should start advertising on Facebook. You can use their paid ads to promote a fan page or promote your distributor website. Set a budget, do a small test, and see if it works for you. I think you will find plenty of people to become a customer of your Isagenix business.

  26. I get most of my customers through the party plan. I try to do 1-2 parties per week. I don’t cover the business opportunity much. I mostly just focus on the products and what they can do. Since I’ve lost 80 lbs with Isagenix this is pretty easy to do.


  27. I’ve been with Isagenix for almost 19 months now. I only have three customers: my mom, husband and best friend. I’m going to follow these tips to get some more customers in my business. I agree with you that customers are more valuable than distributors. I have no intentions of sponsoring people. I just want to have 20 or 30 customers so I can make $500 to $1000 per month.


    1. Good for you, Alice. Hang in there and follow these tips for getting customers and I’m sure you will get much better results with Isagenix. Good luck!

      1. I think the best way to get more Isagenix customers is to sell on Amazon and eBay. I know you aren’t supposed to do it, but so many distributors out there are doing it that you would be foolish not to.

        1. This violates the Isagenix distributor agreement, so tread with caution Heidi. If the company finds out you are doing it they will terminate your distributorship.

      2. I get Isagenix customers by handing out catalogs. I try to hand out 2-4 catalogs per day when I meet people when I am out and about. I get their phone number first and then I give them a catalog. I call them within 48 hours to get their order, or to get the catalog back. I convert about 1 in 3 people, so this method works pretty well for me.

    2. If you want more Isagenix customers you simply need to talk to lots of people. Approach 3-5 people a day, seven days a week for one year and you will have more customers than you know what to do with.

      1. That’s a good point, Riley. If you take massive action and talk to lots of people over a period of a year, you could potentially have 100 or more customers and distributors.

    3. If you want more Isagenix customers get out of your house and go out and talk to people. Use and believe in the products and have a good personal story that you can share with others. If you don’t use and believe in the products you won’t convince anyone else to try them out.

      1. Great points, Shelly. It really boils down to getting off your butt and doing something consistently to grow your business. For most folks, that’s easier said than done.

    4. I found customers for my Isagenix business by joining my local gym. Over the past seven months I have found 23 new customers. Of those 23 customers, 15 are on autoship and order at least $50 worth of products every month, some much more than that!

    5. I get my Isagenix customers by sending out a monthly health and wellness newsletter via email. I have about 1,000 people who subscribe to my newsletter and every time I send it out I normally get 3-6 new customers.

  28. You can get more Isagenix customers by setting up at your local fair. That’s what I do. I rent a booth and normally get 100 to 200 leads, which converts into about 50 new customers. I do that at our local fair every summer and it always works for me.

    1. Setting up at your local fair is a great way to get more Isagenix customers. Just check with the company first to make sure it is okay with them and doesn’t violate anything in the distributor agreement.

  29. I’ve found most of my customers with Isagenix by talking to people at my local gym. I just strike up conversations with people and see where the conversation takes us. I normally give people a free sample and that helps alot. I current have 27 customers who order from me every month, and I make about $800 in retail profit from that. Not bad for a stay at home mom.

    1. Meeting new people at the gym is a great way to get more Isagenix customers. These people are health conscious and most of them are trying to lose weight. That means they are in your target market and would be an ideal customer.

      1. Here are some things I did to get more Isagenix customers.

        1. Get a car magnet – I ordered a car magnet from Vista Print and put one on both of my vehicles. I get one or two calls a week from my car magnet.

        2. Get a nice business card – When I ordered my car magnet I had some custom business cards made up. I give a card to everyone I meet and I post them on bulletin boards.

        3. Approach 3-4 people a day – Whenever I am out and about I talk to people. I make it a point to talk to 3-4 people every day.

        I now have more than 70 customers on my team that I personally found. Those customers make me an extra $1500 to $2500 in profit each month. If I can do it, so can you.

      2. We get Isagenix customers by advertising in health and wellness newsletters, magazines and publications. We place ads in the classified sections of 4-5 publications every month. We normally spend about $1000 per month on advertising and end up getting 30 to 50 new customers each month. Many of these customers become repeat customers, which is where we really make our profits.

        1. That’s a great strategy and great return on your advertisement, especially if these customers become repeat customers in your business. Keep up the good work.

      3. I think the best way to get more Isagenix customers is to create some YouTube videos. Create 100 to 200 videos about weight loss, the Isagenix products and/or getting in shape. Provide good content in your videos and provide a link and phone number in each video. This should help you generate leads and get more customers.

  30. Hi Chuck,

    These are some excellent ways to get more Isagenix customers. Actually these tips apply to any business. Plus, with the internet and social media one doesn’t even have to do home parties anymore. The world is at our fingertips.

    Thanks for sharing your great insights and best wishes!


    1. The world is definitely at our fingertips, Ilka. But few things will ever replace face-to-face interactions. I still think home parties are the best way to sell Isagenix products, and any other direct sales product(s). Of course, you should leverage the Internet too, so you can work smart and reach a global audience. Find what works for you and then take massive action.


      1. What an amazing post (and comments) about how to get more Isagenix customers. I think this advice applies to my company too (Advocare). I’m going to print this out and see what tips I can use in my business. Thanks for sharing.

    2. I agree, Ilka, these are good ideas for any small business. I am actually kicking around another idea, which is taking up the offer of an individual who works with an MLM company whose clients are often small businesses. Her customer’s are potentially my customers as well; therefore, she’s offered to take a bunch of my business cards with her, and at an appropriate time, handing out my card with a simple elevator-speech-style introduction. As I have the opportunity, I will be doing the same. Is anyone familiar with this practice? Thoughts? Ideas?

      1. This is similar to a joint venture, Amy. And that’s a really good strategy for building an Isagenix business or traditional business. Find someone with a similar, but non-competing business and exchange leads with each other.

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