How to Generate Leads During the Quarantine: 20 Tips

Today, I’d like to share 20 tips on how to generate leads during the quarantine. I’m assuming you are a network marketer, salesperson, or small business owner, and you need a steady flow of fresh leads. If that describes you, you are in the right place at the right time.

First things first, this quarantine sucks! It’s affected everyone in one way or another. While some businesses have flourished, others have shut down and gone bankrupt. It’s sad to see. I don’t want that to happen to you.

What I’ve learned from the School of Hard Knocks is that every setback is an opportunity for a comeback. Even in bad times, there is plenty of opportunity. A lot of it has to do with your “viewpoint” and how you look at things.

As a network marketer, you can look at the quarantine as a blessing, or as a curse. I encourage you to stay positive and know that you will get through this.How to Generate Leads During the Quarantine

How to Generate Leads During the Quarantine: 20 Tips

What you see below are 20 of my best tips on how to generate leads during the quarantine. They are listed in no specific order.

# 1: Have an Online Party

Invite your former customers, prospects, friends, and family to an online party. You can do this via Facebook or Zoom. Showcase your company’s products and opportunity. Give away prizes, do a raffle and rekindle some past relationships and meet new people. Spend a few minutes on YouTube and there are plenty of tutorial videos on how to conduct a successful online party. You can also reach out to your plugged in upline and ask them for help.

# 2: Contact Your LinkedIn Connections

Reach out to your connections on LinkedIn. Ask each person how the quarantine has affected their business. See if you can offer them help with anything. In addition, reach out to some new people and form some new connections. People are on LinkedIn to expand their network, get a better job, or find a new career. While you are at it, make sure your profile is updated and looks professional.

# 3: Do a Daily Facebook Live

Do a daily Facebook live educating people about your industry. For example, if your company sells weight loss products, do a daily Facebook live covering different weight loss tips. Focus on providing value. Educate and entertain people. That’s what people are looking for. Don’t make your live video a sales pitch, but at the end of each live, let people know what you do and how to connect with you.

# 4: Go Through Your Entire Email Contact List

Browse through your email contacts. For example, I just looked in one of my email accounts and I have close to 1,000 contacts in it. Reach out to each contact in your email list to let them know what you are doing now. Ask them if they need help with anything. Ask them for a referral. Ask them to try a product. Just get the conversation started and see where it takes you.

# 5: Update Your Email Signature

Update your email signature. Make it interesting and different so it stands out. Consider updating your email signature once per week to keep it fresh. Do not say the name of your company or what you do in your email signature but have a catchy P.S. line that grabs their attention.

# 6: Mail Some Postcards

Now is the time to consider a postcard marketing campaign. Mail postcards to former prospects, customers, and reps. Also, consider purchasing a list of “former network marketers” and mail them a postcard. Make it a goal to mail 10-20 postcards per day. This is a lot of exposures and it gets you out of the house a few minutes each day to go to the post office.

# 7: Reverse Prospecting

Consider reverse prospecting. When you receive a phone call, email, Facebook message, or text, ask the person who is contacting you if they are in the market for what you have to offer. My favorite way to do this is with direct mail. Whenever someone mails me a postcard, or a prepaid envelope, I mail them one of my drop cards. Also, whenever I receive a spam email, I respond to it.

# 8: Create Some New Content

Create some new, fresh content. Consider doing a few guest articles on popular blogs, update your own blog, make some new videos and podcasts, etc.  For example, you can do a Facebook live, and then upload it to YouTube a video. Next, you can strip out the audio and publish it as a podcast. Also, you can have it transcribed and publish it into a blog post and a PowerPoint presentation. This is exactly what I do. At the end of each piece of content, you can provide your phone number, email, and website, along with your call to action."When the economy struggles the network marketing industry explodes." ~ Chuck Holmes

# 9: Taproot

The best way to generate leads during the quarantine is help your team members contact their warm market. If you have a team of 10 people and they each know 200 people (yes, they know that many) that is 2,000 potential prospects you can reach out to. By the time you work through those 2,000 people, you should have a bunch of new customers and distributors you can repeat this same process with.

# 10: Update Your Yellow Pages & Google Business Listing

Update (or create them) your Yellow Pages and Google Business Directory listing. Both are free to do. Check to see if anyone left you reviews and make sure you respond. Make sure your contact information and photo are updated and correct.

# 11: Advertise

Advertise. Now is the time to ramp up your advertising. People are home. People are looking for new opportunities. Double down or triple down your advertising efforts while your competition slacks off. Try out a few new advertising methods and test your results.

# 12: Do a Weekly Educational Zoom

Let’s go back to the example I used earlier and assume you sell weight loss products. You could do a weekly ZOOM sharing weight loss tips with prospects. Invite everyone on your team to invite their prospects to the ZOOM and educate people about the most common weight loss myths and mistakes. Share testimonials of people on your team who have lost weight. At the end of the ZOOM, briefly cover the products you offer.

# 13: Connect with Your Database

Rekindle relationships with long-long friends, acquaintances, former work connections, and even former business partners and customers. Reach out to every single person in your database and see where the conversation goes.

# 14: Go for a Walk

Does your dog need to be walked each day? Do you need some exercise? If your local laws allow this, get out of your house each day, and go for a walk. Bring a few drop cards with you (5 to 10) and make it a point to hand them to people you come in contact with during your walk. This is win-win because you can briefly socialize, meet new people and prospects, and get exercise at the same time.

# 15: Hand Out Some Business Cards or Drop Cards

While you are at the gas station, restaurant, post office, or wherever you go while you are living life, make sure you hand out some drop cards or business cards. It’s easy to meet new people each day, even if you are wearing your mask. Leave a drop card everywhere you go.

# 16: Wrestle a 300 Pound Gorilla

What’s the 300-pound gorilla? Your phone. Most people love their phone, but they are scared to death to contact prospects. Make it a point to call or text 10-20 new prospects daily. It doesn’t take a ton of time but making new exposures each day will result in new leads, customers, and business partners.Experiment with different lead generation strategies. Even if 9 out of 10 things you try don't work, that 1 in 10 thing normally makes up for it." ~ Chuck Holmes

# 17: Recruit-a-Thon

One of the best things you can do is find 5 to 10 team members and do a recruit-a-thon. Set aside a couple of hours on a Saturday. Have a Zoom meeting. During that time, the 5-10 of you spend the entire time calling and texting prospects. Make it a contest and see who can get the most No’s, the most appointments, and the most exposures.

# 18: Care Call

Care call EVERY single person on your team you can get in touch with. Ask them how they are doing. Ask them if the need help with anything in the business. Ask each person for a referral. Answer their questions. Don’t just call your personally enrolled people. Find a way to call everyone and check in with them.

# 19: Try Out a New Social Media Platform

I encourage you to experiment and try out a new social media platform. Consider Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, MeWe, Pinterest, or Instagram. Pick one platform, open a new account, and learn everything you can about it. There are billions of prospects using these different social media platforms. You might be leaving a lot of money on the table by not trying out a new one. Give yourself a month or two to learn the ropes and master the platform.

# 20: Learn Some New Skills

Another way to generate leads during the quarantine is to develop some new skills. Read a book about sales, marketing, and lead generation. Sign up for a virtual class. Enroll in an online class. Watch a few helpful videos. Talk with a marketing mentor or coach. You can’t lose money when you invest in your skills. Even if you get just one “takeaway” from your class, it is money and time well spent.


In conclusion, these are my best tips, strategies, and ideas about how to generate leads during the quarantine. The biggest takeaway I can share with you is that (1) people are home and (2) most people are very open-minded right now. Even better, most of your competition has slowed down, which gives you an incredible opportunity to generate an endless supply of fresh leads.

What are your thoughts? What are your best tips on how to generate leads during the quarantine? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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