How to Create Your Own MLM Blog

Today, I want to do a short post on how to create your own MLM Blog.  If you are trying to build your network marketing business online, and you are in it for the LONG HAUL, I cannot think of a better way to grow your business than by blogging.  It is not easy.  It is not fast. But, if you have a good game plan, are willing to work hard, and stay the course, blogging is quite perhaps your best option to generate endless leads and make multiple streams of income.

Listed below, I’m going to show you the steps to create your own MLM Blog.

Step # 1: Pick a Theme

The first thing you want to do is pick a theme for your blog.  Try to pick a very tight, sub-niche.  You don’t want a big theme like network marketing.  Ideally, you want something geared around “MLM Leads” or “Online MLM” or MLM Blogging Tips” or something else.  By picking a sub-niche you will have less competition and you will have better odds at ranking high in the search engines.  Also, I would suggest picking a non-network marketing related niche.  Ideally, pick a niche geared around your product line.

Step # 2: Pick a Good Domain Name

You want to put a lot of thought into your domain name.  Don’t wing it!  You will be stuck with this domain name for a long time, so make it count.  Try to come up with 10-20 different domain names and get input from others.  If possible, avoid hyphens and try to get a dot com domain.

Step # 3: Create Your Site Blue Print

Before you even set your up blog you need to do your site blue print.  This is where you do your keyword research and brainstorm at least 500-1000 keywords that you will write about. These will become the topics for content on your blog.  If you can’t come up with at least 500 to 1000 words, you need to find another niche.  The last thing you want to do is run out of ideas to write about after you’ve only done 50 to 100 posts.  Get all of these keywords in an Excel Spreadsheet and try to organize them in a logical way.

Step # 4: Get Hosting

You need hosting.  I suggest Host Gator.  They are one of the best in the industry.  Good hosting shouldn’t cost you more than $10 per month, if that.

Step # 5: Set Up Your Blog Layout

This is the technical side of setting up a blog.  I highly recommend you outsource this to someone who knows what they are doing.  You can hire someone on Craigslist or to do this for you.  Estimated cost is $200 to $400.  Find 3-5 different websites that you like that you can use as a reference for the person creating your blog layout.  Be as specific as possible.

You also want to get some input as to what plugins you should use on your blog. Ask a couple other bloggers what plugins they recommend.  That will help you get started.

And whatever you do, you should NEVER use a free hosting site.  Get a self-hosted blog, not a dot Blogger or dot WordPress blog.  You want a blog that you own and have complete control over.

Step # 6: Create Your Initial Pages

Once your layout is done you need to create your initial pages.  Ideally, you want a Site Map, a Contact page, an About Me Page, a Privacy/Legal Page and a Welcome Page.  Feel free to look at the tabs at the top of this website to see the type of pages I use.

Step # 7: Start Blogging

Your final step is to start blogging.  For the first year, you want to blog at least once a day. This will help you build up your content quickly.  Once you have a few hundred pages of content, you can set a regular posting schedule, such as 2-3 times a week.  When you write, make sure your content is unique and high quality.  Don’t do short posts.  Try to make each post at least 600 words, if not more.  Write for your visitors, not the search engines.

Final Thoughts

Once you do these steps, you will be in business and your blog will be up and running.  Of course, you still have a lot to learn, but you will learn as you go.  If you do things right, you can have your blog set-up within a few days and start blogging!

Let me know what you think.  Did I miss any steps about how to set up a blog?  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.


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10 thoughts on “How to Create Your Own MLM Blog”

  1. I think you have outlined a simple plan to get a blog up and going. I’m curious as to why you pay for hosting when there are so many free blog sites. I do agree that if design is not your thing it may be worth hiring someone to put it together for you. I don’t know but maybe you mention this in another blog but it might be helpful to tell people how to get their blog to show up in search engines so they can get readers. Without readers, blogging is useless.

    1. With free blogging, you lose power over having the advertising revenue. You also are on a sub domain that is not seen as well in search engines. It is good to have multiple streams of income, and by having your own website/blog, you can affiliate with other companies to create another source of income.

      Lastly, people will take your blog more seriously if they know that you are financing it.

      As for readership, there are many ways to go about this. You will want to share in the social sites such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Linkedin. You can even run an ad through a pay per click.

      Chuck speaks more on these subjects throughout this blog. You may want to read more of his articles to see.

  2. Great practical advice on how to start a MLM blog. I think people just jump into blogging as a way to build their MLM business without a clear goal of what it will look like. Actions need to be intentional and it’s a poor business practice to invest time and effort toward anything without knowing how it will benefit your business.

    1. I agree. Many people just “jump” into blogging without putting any real thought into it. That’s one of the reasons so many folks fail with blogging. You need a plan AND you have to work your ass off.

  3. Blogging is so very important in today’s business market. having a strong online presence and a way to get in touch and stay active with your customers and clients is the only way to be successful and to make the biggest mark possible in whatever field you are working in. You have great tips here that will be helpful to a lot of people!

    1. I agree. All businesses should have a blog. It’s a great way to grow your audience. I think that if anyone followed the steps to success in this post they would know how to create their own blog.

  4. You can surely make some good amount of money with your own online MLM blog however you must keep in mind that apart from all other things content is the key to success for your blog. It is true that content must be unique and interesting. Readers should find value and quality in your writing. If writing is fresh, unique and appealing not only it will drive more traffic but will also improve ranking on search engines.

    1. I agree! Far too many people seem to mix up quantity and quality. No one wants to read through three pages of useless information. Have a few pages of strong solid information and content is so much better than having lots of junky pages no one really wants to read.

      1. So true. What’s even better is to have quality and quantity. That’s why it’s so important to find a topic you are passionate about. One of the reasons my MLM Blog is so successful is because I love network marketing. I never run out of ideas to talk about. If you’re just setting up a blog to make money, but you don’t LOVE MLM or don’t love writing, you probably won’t do very well with your MLM Blog.

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