How to Create a MLM Training Manual for Your Network Marketing Team

Today, I want to talk about creating a MLM Training Manual for your network marketing team.  If you are serious about network marketing and want to work smart, you need a simple training manual for your team.

This is a manual you would mail or email to a new distributor when they first get signed up in the business.  The purpose of the manual would be to answer the most common questions, to share a simple, yet standardized way of building a business, and to share helpful tips.

Your new distributor could read the manual and know exactly what they need to do to get started.

I have a training manual for my own team and I know that it helps immensely.  Sure, not everyone will read the manual or do what is suggested, but some will.  You want to give everyone the same opportunity to succeed, even if they aren’t serious about the business, and won’t read the manual.

What I want to do in the rest of this post is talk about what should be included in your MLM Training Manual.  Please keep in mind this is just my suggestion.  Feel free to modify this list any way that you see fit.

  1. Welcome Message – Start out your training manual with a nice welcome message.  Thank the person for joining your team and give them some positive words of encouragement. Tell the person a little bit about yourself, your history in the industry, why you joined the company and provide a photo of yourself along with your contact information so people can get in touch with you.
  2. Company Overview – The next part of the MLM Training Manual should be a company overview. Explain the compensation plan, how to make money, with the company the history about the company, some of the popular products, what makes the company great, etc.
  3. Network Marketing Overview – In this section of the manual explain how network marketing works.  Provide 10-20 examples about why someone would want to build a network marketing business.  Share the good things about the industry. Talk about the history of the industry and where you see it headed in the future.
  4. Product Overview – In this section of the MLM Training Manual you will go into detail about the products.  Teach everything you know about the products.  Share your favorite products.  Talk about the best sellers, the ingredients, price structure, benefits and key selling points.  Spend some time and really educate your new distributor about what makes the products so great.
  5. Setting Business Goals – The part of the manual should be about how to set goals, what type of goals to set, etc.  This is where you will help your new distributor find out their why.  Give some example business goals, an example business plan and teach them about goal setting.
  6. Making a Name List – This part of the MLM Training Manual should cover how to make a large name list.  You should give instructions on how big the list should be, how to come up with names, why it needs to be written down, etc.  Provide a memory jogger and steps for instruction.
  7. How to Prospect – The next section should cover how to prospect.  You should cover how to do face-to-face prospecting.  It should cover how to talk to people, provide scripts of what to say, teach the F.O.R.M. method and much more.
  8. How to Invite – In this section you will teach your new distributors how to invite people to a presentation.  You should give sample scripts and examples of common objections and how to overcome them.
  9. How to Give a Business Presentation – In this section you should provide a link to a video or webinar that explains how to give a business presentation.  It should be a simple presentation that they can learn within their first month or two.
  10. How to Follow Up – You want to teach people the art of the follow up.  This is one of the most important parts of network marketing.  Teach folks what to say, when to follow up and how often to do it.
  11. The Steps to Sign Someone Up – In this part of your MLM Training Manual you will discuss the process of how to sign up or register new customers and distributors.  You should walk them through the process step by step.
  12. How to Acquire Customers – In this section you will talk about the best ways to get customers.  Share some things you have done to acquire customers, such as home parties, events, craft shows, etc.  Teach people what to say to prospects, how to take and process orders, etc.
  13. Different Ways to Build a Business – I think it would be a good idea to teach three to four different ways to build a business.  Not everyone wants to build a business the same way.  Share some social media strategies, recruiting at events, blogging, direct mail, YouTube strategies, home party strategies and old school strategies.  Tell the person to pick the one they are most comfortable with and to call their sponsor to help them formulate a game plan.
  14. Recommended Reading – In this section you should share your list of recommended reading.  Provide a list of 10-20 books that are really educational, motivating, and helpful.  Make a must read list for your new distributors.
  15. Suggested Tools and Resources – In this section of your MLM Training Manual you should include any recommended business building tools and resources, such as places to buy business cards, get leads, books, advertise, get shirts, etc.
  16. FAQ – In the next section you should provide a list of frequently asked questions, along with the answers, that new distributors normally have.  
  17. Contact Information – The final section of your MLM Training Manual should have the contact names, numbers, emails and addresses of your upline.  Put as many people as possible and tell your new distributors to call these folks and introduce themselves.

There you have it folks.  These are the 17 things you should include in your MLM Training Manual.

By creating a manual, you can free up a lot of your time.  It will teach your new team members for you and give everyone a standardized way to get started.  Mine took me about eight hours to create, so it was time well spent.

I review my manual once every 90 days and make changes as needed.

I highly suggest you do the same thing in your network marketing business, so you can help your new distributors get started right.

What are your thoughts about how to create a MLM Training Manual?  Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.


chuck holmes


Chuck Holmes
Network Marketing Professional

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8 thoughts on “How to Create a MLM Training Manual for Your Network Marketing Team”

  1. Thanks so much for ideas. I have been thinking of doing manual for my team and new team members. But didnt know where to start. This will help me greatly. I appreciate your effort.

  2. I was just thinking that it may be a great idea to also put these in a CD version too. I don’t know if you do such a thing, but I believe that some people retain more if they hear the information instead of reading it. What do you think Chuck?

    A person could even use this system to develop a “starter” training pack you could possibly sell to other network marketers.

  3. A training manual really gives individuals the chance to study how to build a business and save you a lot of time in having to repetitively answer certain questions and address certain needs. I personally love to have something concrete in front of me that I can reference when I need to. I process information better when I see it so I can imagine that if it would be helpful to me, it would probably be helpful to a lot of people. Good idea here. Worth implementing in any MLM business.

  4. This is fantastic advice. I believe that having a training manual would really give the MLM business owner an edge in the market. There is usually a company process to follow in a large MLM, but this gives the owner of a line of recruits control over the process that their specific recruits follow. It also shows that the recruiter cares and will be a resource and support for their down-line. Of course, the materials are usually already out there, but a new recruit doesn’t always have the time, motivation or knowledge to know where to look. This would put all of the information together in an accessible form.

  5. I had never really thought about that idea Chuck. What a great way to help train your members and free up much of your time. I believe any MLM business owner could, and should use this technique. It is highly professional and will give all new members a great place to start. I would also suggest maybe making a power point presentation delving into the finer points of what is in the manual to show in your first meeting with new members. Thank you for this great idea.

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