How to Convert Your Email Leads into MLM Distributors

Today, I want to share some of my favorite tips about how to convert your email leads into MLM Distributors. Assuming you are a network marketer, and you’re trying to build your business online, you are probably using a capture page and auto-responder to generate leads and follow up with them automatically.

If you’re doing that, you’re already day and night above most other network marketers.  All you have to do now is fine tune your system and process and you will be well on your way.

While most network marketers struggle to generate leads online, even more reps struggle trying to convert their leads into new reps, customers or distributors.

This usually happens because (1) the rep doesn’t know what the heck they are doing, (2) the leads are low quality leads, (3) the offer/business opportunity sucks, or (4) the rep has unrealistic expectations about what a good conversion rate is.

So I want to share my two cents on the subject to help you out.

First and foremost, MOST people will NOT be interested in joining your business opportunity, even if they filled out your form on your capture page to learn more information about it.  If you can get 1 out of 100 people who opt in to your list to become a distributor or customer, you’re doing really good (as I see it).

So if you generate 500 leads and sign up more than five folks, you are ahead of the power curve.

Here’s some hypothetical numbers, based on my own experiences.

  • Send 500 people to website
  • 100 people become leads
  • 1 person joins my business opportunity

Assuming you spent $250 to send those 500 people to your website, it’s costing you a lot of money to sign up new people online.  Of course, those numbers will vary based upon the quality of your traffic, the quality of your capture page and what you are promoting.

Since most people don’t recoop their initial advertising costs, they give up and quit.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.  With a little bit of testing and tweaking, you can dramatically improve your results.

What I want to do below is share my best tips on converting more email leads into MLM Distributors, so you can make money and reach your goals.  Let’s get started.

# 1 Some leads will join your team later on down the road.  That’s right.  If you keep in touch with your leads (two times per week should be your minimum) and you provide good content and information, you will build up your know, like and trust factor with your leads.  As a result, some of these folks will join your team later on down the road when the timing is right for them.  I get a lot of folks who take 60, 90, or even 180+ days from the time they enter my auto-responder until they join my team.  Expecting people to buy the FIRST TIME they visit your page is a bit unrealistic.

# 2 The more you communicate, the better.  Some people might disagree with this statement, and that’s fine.  I truly believe that the MORE you communicate with your list, the more people that are in your pipeline will convert into distributors and customers.  Always communicate at least once a week with people on your list.  Daily communication is better.  I know it sounds like a lot, but I can tell you that frequent communication is one of the keys to my success with converting leads into new distributors.  If you don’t communicate often, people will forget about you.

# 3 Provide value.  While you are communicating with your leads, make sure you provide value.  Don’t make every message a sales message.  Focus on helping your leads solve a problem.  Educate and entertain them.  Provide them great information and position yourself as an expert.  You want to be the “go to” person.  Of course, you should mention your business opportunity frequently, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you talk about.

# 4 Promote multiple products or opportunities. This is hands down where most network marketers mess up when trying to build their business online.  If you are only promoting one thing (your business opportunity) you will be out of business in no time!  Since you can expect low conversions, you need additional products, services and/or business opportunities to promote to your leads.  I suggest you find good affiliate products, systems, training programs, and other things that you can recommend.  This allows you to make money from the people who DO NOT join your business opportunity. To be honest with you, I make more from the people who tell me NO than I do from the people who join my MLM Team.  Having multiple streams of income is the key to success.

# 5 Keep working the numbers.  Once you know what your numbers are, you simply need to work the numbers.  For instance, if you know that for every lead you generate you earn $6 in revenue from your business opportunity and affiliate sales, than you can easily afford to spend up to $4 for a new lead, in advertising costs.  Let me break it down a little bit so it makes more sense.

Let’s suppose you spend $500 and generate 100 leads.  That’s a cost of $5 per lead.  And of those 100 leads, let’s suppose one person joins your business opportunity and you earn $100 in commissions when that happens.  And let’s suppose that those 100 leads, purchase some additional affiliate products that you recommend and you earn $600 from that.

Using this as an example, here is the breakdown:

  • Total Revenue $700
  • Total Costs: $500
  • Profit: $200
  • Value per Lead: $7
  • Cost per Lead: $5

The beauty of this example is that you made a profit on the front end AND you now have 100 leads that you can keep advertising to!

# 6 Focus on Better Quality Traffic. Another great way to convert more email leads into new reps and distributors is to focus on better quality traffic.  Take the time (before you advertise) to clearly identify your best prospect.  Figure out their demographics, age, gender, background, religion, etc.  Look at successful people on your team, or in your company and look at what they have in common.  Write down these things and then brainstorm ideas/ways to advertise where you can connect with more folks who have the same demographics.  This one thing alone can really pump up your conversion rates.  What you are looking for is opportunity buyers, not opportunity seekers.

BONUS TIP: This tip should be common sense.  Just make sure you track all of your advertising, so you can find out what converts best.  Keep the winners and ditch the losers. It would also be a good idea to split test some of your capture pages, so you can improve your conversion rates and get more leads from the same advertising.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are my best tips on how to convert your email leads into MLM Distributors.  At the end of the day, you need to work the numbers.  You need to follow up with your new leads frequently.  And you need to promote multiple affiliate products, in addition to your business opportunity, so you can position yourself for success.

What are your thoughts about how to convert your email leads into MLM Distributors?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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11 thoughts on “How to Convert Your Email Leads into MLM Distributors

  1. Chuck I must say this is the best blog on network marketing I have ever seen online. Keep up the good work.

  2. This is an excellent post on keeping newbies from getting discouraged and giving them some tips. Number 4 seems to be one of the top suggestions in my opinion. If we have multiple opportunities or products, it gives the person a wider range. The odds are better of gaining a sale. I am also in full agreement of basing your advertisements toward the clientele more apt to purchase. You wouldn’t try to sell Preperation H to High School Girls, just like you wouldn’t try to sell Barbies to Middle Aged men. Use common sense on who your target market is.

  3. Honestly, I would prefer to be contacted on a weekly basis instead of everyday. If a person doesn’t contact me at least monthly, then I tend to forget about them.

    • Weekly is good, too! You just have to test what works and converts best with your list. I get more unsubscribes when I send daily emails, but I also get a better quality list from it.

  4. How can you provide multiple streams of income for your retail customers in a business opportunity?

    • Tee,

      This might be the best question ANYONE has ever asked me. I would suggest you potentially offer DIFFERENT product lines to your customers.

      My friend (name withheld) represents three or four network marketing companies that specialize in beauty products. She recommends each company’s product line to her customers.

      Her focus is on retailing anyway, not recruiting, so there is no real conflict of interest.

      I will write a blog post about this tomorrow to go in further detail. Thanks for the question.


  5. I like the bit about consistently keeping some leads on the mail list for a good amount of time. Many of the people in the chain are naturally interested in the venture, making them better clients to recruit. Again, they already have some background information about the whole venture quietly drilled in their subconscious. I would not be comfortable with your statement number two. The communication in this case as far as am concern should be only necessary to arouse some curiosity. A lot of people think that MLM agents sending regular mails to be spammers. That is my two cents but I stand to be corrected. The rest of the methods are on point. I would really love to see what happens in your tap-root chain as an insider. These skills exemplified here are awesome to say the least. Thanks for the post, very educative.

  6. I agree with your list of conversion tips. As a freelance writer I struggle with #2 -( The more you communicate the better). Curious as to how many subscribers you have lost because they did not want to be contacted so often. (I know it can be frustrating when I get too many emails from marketers). But maybe those are the people who wouldn’t have followed through anyway and you are basically weeding them out. Like you said, when you provide meaningful content they will stick around.

    • I also believe that daily could be somewhat harsh, but not if you are sending educational material. People love to read information that can help them. If we send daily educational items, and once per week an item that is primarily on our products or services, the majority of people will stay subscribed because they will not look at these daily contacts as spam. It is just being wise in how you contact your subscribers.

      • You have to test to see what works for the best.

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