How to Build Your MLM Business in an Hour a Day!

Today, I’d like to share some practical advice on how to build your MLM Business in an Hour a Day!

Let’s keep it real for a moment. Most network marketers are PART-TIME. Most people who join our industry have jobs, families, and outside the home commitments. They can’t spend 5-10 hours each day to build their network marketing business, but they can invest an hour a day.

Learning to work smart and be disciplined with your time is quite perhaps the most valuable skill you can develop if you want to succeed in this industry. Combine that with a WINNING STRATEGY and you can almost guarantee your success.

What Tasks Should You Focus On?

What you see below are the most important activities you should focus on and include in your hour a day routine. These are income producing activities. Whatever you do, don’t confuse busy work with being productive. Focus on the activities that actually grow your business: retailing, recruiting, and duplication. Some of the most important tasks include:

  • Contacting new prospects.
  • Inviting people to presentations.
  • Sharing presentations.
  • Following up.
  • Selling products.
  • Helping new team members get started.
  • Touching base with current team members.
  • Personal development.
  • Promoting and attending events.

You don’t have to do EVERY income producing activity every day, but the more you do the better. Consistency pays off.

How to Build Your MLM Business in an Hour a Day

How to Build Your MLM Business in an Hour a Day

Listed below are some example daily routines on how to build your MLM Business in an hour a day. I put time slots next to each activity, just to put things in perspective.

Routine # 1

  • Text 10 leads (8 minutes)
  • Add 5 Facebook friends (2 minutes)
  • Prospect 2 people during lunch break (10 minutes)
  • Follow up with 2 prospects (10 minutes)
  • Hand out 5 drop cards (10 minutes)
  • Care call two team members (10 minutes)
  • Personal development (10 minutes)

Routine # 2

  • Mail 10 postcards (10 minutes)
  • Text 5 leads (5 minutes)
  • Follow up with 2 prospects from previous day (10 minutes)
  • Contact 1 team member (5 minutes)
  • Do a Facebook live product review (20 minutes)
  • Personal development (10 minutes)

Routine # 3

  • Call 10 leads (20 minutes)
  • Follow up with 2 people from previous day (10 minutes)
  • Email 5 prospects (5 minutes)
  • Help new team member get started (15 minutes)
  • Personal development (10 minutes)

Routine # 4

  • Post a Facebook story about a product (5 minutes)
  • Publish a short YouTube video (15 minutes)
  • Mail 5 postcards (5 minutes)
  • Text 5 leads (5 minutes)
  • Call 5 leads (10 minutes)
  • Follow up with 5 people (10 minutes)
  • Personal development (10 minutes)


My examples I just shared above are just examples. What works for one person might not work for someone else. What’s important is that you create a daily routine that is effective, works for you, and is something you can stick with. Feel free to take pieces from each of my example routines and come up with something unique to you.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional time management and productivity tips to help you build your MLM Business in an Hour a Day.

Plan out each day the night before. Before you go to bed, review your upcoming day. Identify what tasks you will focus on and what times you will work. Put everything in your calendar and prioritize your work. If you don’t plan it, life will get in the way. Something will come up and throw you off track.

Evaluate your performance each day and look for areas of improvement. In the military, we called this an After Action Review. It’s when you review your performance and discuss what went right, what went wrong, and what could be improved or done differently. It’s a great way to identify shortcomings and improve efficiency.

Track everything you do in your network marketing business to determine your productivity and results. If you don’t track it you can’t improve it. Keep track of your prospecting conversations, presentations shared, reps signed up, and customers acquired. Doing so will help you determine your success formula. For example, you might need to approach 10 people to have three people watch a presentation to sign up one new rep. Once you know your success formula, you can increase your activity level and get a predictable result in your business. This is what SMART reps do.

Do not try to multi-task when you are working your business. Do one thing at a time until complete. Focus is key. Start with the most important task and do that first. Do not deviate. Once you complete the most important task, move on to the next most important task. Repeat this process each day until ALL tasks are complete.

Encourage your team members to create their own daily routine. Teach these simple concepts to your team members. Help them create a routine that works for them.

Stay consistent and follow your routine at least five to six days per week, for at least two years before you decide if it will work. Give yourself time to succeed. Building a business of any kind normally takes a few YEARS of hard, consistent work. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient and stay on course! Little things done consistently add up to big things in due time.

Finally, once every 90 days, evaluate your routine. Eliminate tasks that do not work or help grow your business. Do MORE of the tasks that are giving you the best return on your time investment. And don’t be scared to add in new tasks that might help you level up your business.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are several examples and tips on how to build your MLM Business in an hour a day. None of this is rocket science. These things are easy to do and easy NOT to do. However, little things done consistently do add up to big things, in due time.

What are your thoughts about how to build your MLM Business in an hour a day? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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3 thoughts on “How to Build Your MLM Business in an Hour a Day!”

  1. Thank you for giving the ideas for a daily routine. That is really going to help me become more motivated, having a template to go off of. 1 of the biggest things I do not do, and I need to start doing is tracking down who I contact. For some reason I am not very good at that. I am not a planner by nature, but I do see those who do are having long term success.

    1. Hey Jessica,

      It definitely helps to keep track of everyone in your pipeline. It’s easy to forget if you aren’t organized. I use STAT TRAK ADDRESS PRO. I keep all of my contacts in there. It allows me to take notes after each conversation, print shipping labels, and to move each contact to one or more different lists. That way I know when to follow up with the person next, and I can see the information from our prior conversation. I suggest you find something that works for you, even an Excel spreadsheet, so you can be organized and work smart.


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