How to Build Your Belief in the MLM Industry

How do you build your belief in the MLM Industry?

What is the real key to success?

Let me start by telling you that belief is defined as “trust, faith or confidence in someone or something.”

If I was to define it in my own words, I would call it “having 100% confidence in what you are doing and who you are.”

When it comes to success in life, belief is the magic word.

I’ve never met anyone successful in ANY industry or endeavor, let alone network marketing, who did not believe in themselves or believe in what they were doing.

Have you?

After all, how can you expect anyone else to believe in you, your products, or your company, if you don’t believe in them yourself?

Therefore, building up your belief is extremely important if you want to be successful.

You have to believe in your own abilities, the products you offer, the company you represent AND the network marketing industry.

My goal in the rest of this post is to help you do that.  I want to share some simple things you can do on a daily basis that will build up your belief level.  They are listed in no particular order.

1. Enroll in Auto University

Whenever you are in your vehicle, driving to or from work or running errands, you should listen to audio programs about our industry, about success and about entrepreneurship.

This includes training programs and motivational programs.

The last time I checked, I never got paid to listen to the radio stations.

But, you would be pleasantly surprised at how much more money you could earn if you listened to programs that taught you new skills.

If you listened to just one tape a day about network marketing, for a period of four years, you would have the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree in Network Marketing.

Think about how much you would learn, what your attitude would be like, and the skills you would learn in the process!  Learn more about automobile university.

2. Association

Who you hang out with determines who you will become.

If you spend all your time with people who have jobs, are broke, or are negative naysayers, you are really holding yourself back.

You need to spend time with people who are positive, who have goals, who are already successful, and know where they are going in life.

You need to spend some time with successful network marketers, successful entrepreneurs and positive minded people.

You want to spend time with people who encourage and uplift you, not hold you back or bring you down.

Never forget that the the books you read and the people you hang out with today will determine where you end up in five years.  Learn more about the power of association.

3. Read

If I had to credit one thing to my success in life, and my belief in the MLM Industry, it is reading.

For the past thirteen years, I have read at least one self-help or business related book a week.

The information I have learned along the way has totally transformed my life.

If you read a book a week for five years, on any given subject, you would be an expert in that subject.

Think about that for a moment.

Reading teaches you new ideas, gives you inspiration and improves your vocabulary.

I suggest you BUILD YOUR OWN LIBRARY of good books.

If you can’t afford to do that, get a library card and get busy.

In either case, it will be time or money well spent. Check out my top network marketing books of all time.

4. Take Action

This step is often overlooked when it comes to building your belief in the MLM Industry.

But, let me put in perspective.

If you were trying to lose weight, and you went to the gym and ate right for a week, and lost 5 pounds, what would your belief be like?

Probably pretty high, right?

The same thing holds true in the MLM Industry.

If you take consistent and persistent action, you will build your belief in the industry.

You will start getting positive results.

It’s inevitable.

Just remember that there is a HUGE difference between theoretical knowledge and applied knowledge.

You can study something until the cows come home, but until your roll up your sleeves and do the work, you won’t learn as much.

Learn more about taking massive action in your business.

5. Attend Company Events

You should attend all company events, to include local events and the annual convention.

This is a great way to rub elbows with like minded people in your company, to learn new ideas, and to be inspired.

There are also several generic network marketing events you should attend.

Whenever you get the chance to hang out with winners, do so!

Nothing beats face-to-face interaction with other successful people.  Discover the importance of attending events.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are five tips on how to build your belief in the MLM Industry.

These steps aren’t that difficult to do and don’t take much time or money either.

It’s about doing a series of little things consistently over a long period of time.

That way you can form new habits, improve your mindset and attitude and form new beliefs about the MLM Industry.

Please remember that everything you think right now, you were once taught.

If you want to think differently, or learn something new, you need to form new beliefs.

And you can do that by following the five ideas I mentioned above. Good luck!

What are your thoughts? What do you do to build your belief in the MLM Industry?  Leave a comment and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

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2 thoughts on “How to Build Your Belief in the MLM Industry”

  1. Chrystlyn Edwards

    Before anything can be accomplished in life-personally and professionally, I think a person has to believe in what they plan on doing will succeed. Obviously, this is the case in having a successful MLM business. My favorite piece of advice I took from this article is to be careful of who you choose to associate with, because whoever is with you may not have the same goals as you do. This advice not only applies to this business, but also with. Great article.

  2. I think a lack of belief in the MLM system was my main problem, trying to make it as a Pampered Chef consultant. My director made a great income, but I couldn’t seem to meet the minimum sales requirements. Love the “Auto University” idea, I’ll pass that along to my MLM hubby!

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