How to Achieve Success with Network Marketing Like Bill Britt Did

When it comes to network marketing, the late Bill Britt was one of the most successful distributors in ANY company, building a downline of close to 2 million distributors. Through the years he earned tens of millions of dollars, maybe even more. Since 2002, I’ve studied his teachings and learned what I could from his YouTube videos and CDs.

I’d like to share 10 things you can do to achieve success with network marketing like Bill Britt did. These tips are listed in no particular order.

# 1 Join the Right Company at the Right Time

You have to join the right network marketing company at the right time, before it hits critical mass. You don’t need to join a start-up company to achieve success, but you want to join the distributor ranks before it hits critical growth. Bill Britt joined Amway right before it hit its major momentum.  If you were to join Amway today, you would have very little chance of ever making it big.

# 2 Follow a System

As a new distributor, you need to follow a training and marketing system. I recommend you follow your sponsor’s or upline’s system until you outgrow it and can create your own. And make sure you plug your team into the same system.  Keep thing simple so you can duplicate.

# 3 Take Massive Action

You have to take massive action to succeed in network marketing. You need to personally sponsor 50 to 100 or more people to find a few winners who will also take massive action. This means you need to prospect every day and show business presentations every day. You can educate yourself until the cows come home, but it’s only when you apply that knowledge that you will succeed.

# 4 Look for Leaders

You need to look for leaders. This includes people you personally sponsor and in depth. Most distributors earn most of their income from 2-3 legs in their organization. Whenever you find someone who “does the work” and “acts like a leader” you want to invest some of your time, money and energy with them.  I personally believe it’s much smarter to personally sponsor 5-10 leaders than sponsor 100 non-leaders.  Look for people who have already achieved success in life and understand performance based pay.

# 5 Work in Depth

The sooner you can start working in depth in your organization the better. Once you have a decent amount of people personally sponsored, shift your efforts and drive your organization deep. That is where the big money will come from. That’s also where your long-term security will come from.  Find five people who want to run with it and then spend 90% of your time helping their teams.

# 6 Create Your Own System

Ultimately, to make the big bucks, you need your own lead generation, training and marketing system. You need to have multiple streams of income and make money from training, leads and systems, in addition to the income you make from your MLM Company. The person who owns the system usually makes the most money.

# 7 Stick with One Company for the Long Haul

To make it big in network marketing like Bill Britt did, you need to stick with one company for the long haul. If you jump ship every couple months (or years) you won’t achieve much success. Find a company with a decent compensation plan and great products and be willing to stick with them for at least ten years, preferably 20 or more years.

# 8 Focus on Your Own Personal Development

To achieve success in life, you need to grow. You need to read books, find mentors, attend seminars and listen to self help programs. You must focus on life-long education and strive to get better every day.

# 9 Get Your Spouse on Board

If you want achieve success in network marketing like Bill Britt, you need to have a supportive spouse. That means that you and your husband (or wife) work together to build the business. At a bare bones minimum, you spouse should be understanding and encouraging of your business venture, even if they do not help you build it.

# 10 Never Quit

To achieve success in anything you must persist. Nothing worth accomplishing is easy or happens overnight. It might take you a few years to achieve success. Or, it might take 5-10 years. As long as you do something productive to build your business every single day, and you never quit, you will eventually succeed.

Final Thoughts

These are my best 10 tips on how to achieve success in network marketing like Bill Britt did. I believe that all of these steps are very important. What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment and let us know.

Disclaimer: Amway is a registered trademark.  I am in no way affiliated with the company.

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