How to Achieve MLM Success

In this post, I want to share some tips about how to achieve MLM success. Achieving success in anything in life requires a game-plan, hard work, persistence and even a little bit of luck.

If you study the most successful people in the network marketing industry, you will quickly discover trends. Yes, each successful person in our industry has a different personality and different strengths and builds their business differently than others do. However, if you really study the top earners you will quickly discover they also have many things in common.

How to Achieve MLM Success

What is Success?

Before I share my success tips, it’s really important to understand that everyone has a different definition of success. While a select few want fortune and fame, that’s not why most people join our industry.

Most people join our industry simply to get a discount on their product purchase. Others want to belong to a community. Some people want to supplement their income with an extra $100 to $500 per month. A select few want to replace their job income with network marketing. And only a tiny percentage have the desire to make six or seven figures via MLM.

In my own opinion, success means getting what you want. If you joined the industry simply to get a discount on your products, and you do that, you are successful. If you joined to earn an extra few hundred dollars per month, and you make that happen, you are a success. Make sense?

For the purpose of this article, the tips I’m sharing below are really designed for someone who wants to create a full-time income with their business (at least $5k per month).

10 Tips to Achieve MLM Success

My goal today is share with you what successful MLM distributors do that most unsuccessful distributors don’t do! I’ve broken the process down into a series of 10 simple steps. Please read each step carefully and bookmark this page for future reference. That being said, here are my 10 steps on how to achieve MLM Success.

# 1: Pick the Right Company at the Right Time

You can succeed or fail in any company. Every company has successful distributors who have risen through the ranks, and people who struggle or quit.

When it comes to picking a MLM Company, I personally believe it is paramount to join the right company at the right time. You want to join a company BEFORE it becomes a household name. You want to join a company AFTER it has been in business a few years, but BEFORE it hits the momentum phase, and everyone knows about it.

Yes, you can still join an established company and make money. I don’t deny that. I personally believe it makes more sense to work with an under the radar company that is growing, but hasn’t exploded yet, than a company that is past its prime. That way you can ride the momentum.

Another thing you want to do is research the company founders and management team. Check out their credentials. See if they have network marketing experience, a proven track record, a clean background, and sufficient capital.

In addition, the company should have products or services that are MASS MARKET appeal, priced fairly and offer real value.

# 2: Follow a Mentor

Successful people have coaches and mentors. Network marketing is no different.

The fastest way to achieve success in something is to find someone who has done what you want to achieve and model their actions. Find a mentor, humble yourself, and listen to their advice. That is what smart people do.

Whether your mentor is in your upline, your personal sponsor, or even a generic trainer, it’s vital for your success. Every successful rep I’ve talked with credits a mentor as a big part of their success.

The last thing you want to do is be a lone wolf and try to figure out everything on your own. This business is a team sport. Take the time to find a mentor so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or figure everything out on your own.

# 3: Determine Your Why

You need a WHY that makes you cry! This business can be emotionally draining. It can be an emotional roller coaster. If you don’t have a strong enough why, you won’t make it through the tough times in this industry.

Spend some time and clearly define your why. This is your real reason for doing the business. It’s what sets your world on fire. It’s not money either, it’s what you would do with the money. Put some serious thought into your WHY.

For example, my why is to create a summer camp for kids to teach entrepreneurship. My MLM Business will give me the time and money to do that. That is my big goal, what motivates me to persist and put in the work.

One of the best things you can do is create a vision board. Cut out photos that match your goals and paste them onto a poster board. Post this vision board in your bedroom at look at it every single day.

Look at the Masses and Do the Opposite

# 4: Develop Your Game-Plan

Once you have your goals written down, you need to develop a game-plan. This is really important if you want to achieve MLM success.

This is your strategy or plan of action. It consists of your business plan and daily mode of operations. This includes the strategic and operational work in your business.

In other words, what are your goals and what EXACTLY will you do each day to reach your goals? How will you acquire new customers and build a team? How much time will you spend on your business each week? What activities will you do during your business hours and at what time?

How much income do you expect to make each year? What will your anticipated expenses be? You might not have all the answers, but make your best guess.

I suggest you draft up a simple business plan that outlines what you will do each day, week and month to move your business forward. You can use a simple MS Excel® Spreadsheet to record the critical tasks you must do each day to build your business.

This is hands down where most people struggle. When it’s time to work their business, they don’t know what they will do. As a result, they focus on busy work, rather than income producing activities.

Always have a work schedule. Always plan your work and work your plan. Create a simple daily “to do” checklist that you can follow each day.

That’s what I do. It works for me and I know it can work for you. Would you start any other type of business and not have a business plan? I doubt it.

# 5: Launch Your Business

The next step to achieve MLM Success is to launch your business properly. How you start the business has a big impact whether you stay in the business long-term or drop out.

You need to have a sense of urgency and act as if you have one million dollars invested in your business and you have just one year to pay it back.

Most people fail because they have no financial skin in the game, so they don’t take their business seriously.

You want to start quickly, by making your name’s list, have two or three private business receptions, sponsor 10-12 people your first month and get off to a quick start. This will build your success story and belief in the business.

What most people do is sign up and then just sit around and dabble. As a result, nothing happens in their business, so they quit. Do NOT make that mistake.

# 6: Work on Your Personal Development

Your business will only grow as much as you do. What you did for work prior to network marketing will either be a blessing or a curse.

Like other industries, this is a profession. It requires a certain set of skills to succeed. Very few people enter our industry with these skills already in place.

You need to study your company, leadership, sales, marketing, communication and the network marketing industry. Be a student of your business. Attend events. Read daily. Counsel with your mentors and join mastermind groups. Listen to CDs and watch educational YouTube videos. Don’t be cheap with your business education.

Make it a point to learn something new each day. Evaluate each experience, reflect on what you learned, make the necessary adjustments and press on. As you grow, your business will grow.

# 7: Work the Numbers

The next step to achieve MLM success is to work the numbers. This business is a numbers game. It always has been and always will be.

Yes, you can work through fewer numbers of people as you improve your skills and strategy, and get better results, but you still have to go through the numbers. Initially, what you lack in skills you can make up for in numbers.

Here’s the truth, so you understand. Most people you talk to aren’t going to be interested in what you have to offer them. Most people who join your team will quit, regardless of what you do to help them. Be prepared for it.

At the end of the day, you’re probably going to need to personally sponsor 100-500 people to build a big team. That number sounds huge, but if you personally sponsored just one new person per week, you would do that in about two to ten years. Anyone can put in those numbers, even part-timers.

Here is the secret formula for success, as I see it.

Sponsor 2-4 new distributors every month, no matter what, and never stop.

This is million-dollar advice. The only real question is: will you do it? to make that happen, talk to 3-5 new prospects daily.

# 8: Work with the Willing

You cannot make anyone else successful in the business. Trust me, I’ve tried. Your job is to be nice to everyone, to meet people where they are at, and to work with the willing.

No more than about 10 percent of your team will be willing to work. It’s probably an even smaller number than that. Most people will not return your calls, do their homework assignments, or sponsor anyone.

Your job is to identify people who have a strong, burning desire to succeed, are coachable and willing to work. Whether these people are personally sponsored by you, or by someone else on your team, you need to work with these people directly.

Show them the ropes, do three-way calls with them, form new friendships, and help them whenever possible. These are people who will build a business and be responsible for most of your growth.

Never do more for someone else than they are willing to do for themselves. Don’t try to drag people across the finish line.

# 9: Find and Develop Leaders

This is a leadership business. Customers and reps come and go like the common flu, but leaders are what you are really looking for. This represents no more than 1-5% of your team.

These are people who catch the vision and want to build a big business. This small group of people will be responsible for a majority of your commission check each month.

What’s great about our industry is that you only need a small group of leaders (2 to 5) to build a team with tens of thousands of people in it, and earn a six-figure income. Your job is to keep your eyes and ears open for leaders and potential leaders.

When you find someone with leadership qualities or leadership potential, take them under your wing and work with them. Build a strong friendship with them. Help them. And whatever you do, don’t let your ego get in the way and mess things up. Just enjoy the override commissions.

To attract quality leaders you must become a quality leader yourself. Studs do not want to work with duds.

Successful MLM Reps Do Certain Things a Certain Way

# 10: Persist Until Successful

The difference between success and failure in MLM isn’t much! To achieve MLM success, you must decide that you will consistently put in the work AND never quit. You can’t just “try it out” for a few months and hope it will work out.

This is not a lottery or game of luck. You must make a conscious decision that you will never quit, no matter what!

Every top earner I’ve ever studied failed for several years before they ever achieved lasting success in our industry. You will have to pay your dues, just like they did.

I know it’s easy to quit, but if you really want to achieve MLM Success, you have to give it your best shot and keep pressing forward UNTIL you make it.

Don’t confuse quitting with changing your strategy. If what you are doing isn’t working, keep making adjustments until you figure out a way to make it work. You also need to give yourself time to succeed. It’s going to take a while to see results.

Another key point to remember is that if you are struggling in one company, you will struggle in EVERY company you join until you learn the right skills and mindset.

The grass is not greener in another company, even if you think it is. The grass is greener where you water it.

Stick with one company until you succeed! There is no point switching companies. Pick the company you want to have your problems with.

One Last Piece of Advice

beach moneyHere is one last piece of advice that I learned from one of my mentors, Jordan Adler. He has earned well over fifteen million dollars in our industry.

It took him 10 YEARS to sign up his first person. Here is what he says that all top earners have in common:

  • Stick with one company at least five to ten years
  • Sponsor 100 to 500 people personally (average 2-4 new people a month for five to ten years)
  • You will make 80 to 90 percent of your income from just one to five of those people

That’s the secret folks. Follow that advice and you will achieve MLM Success.

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Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading my article about how to achieve MLM Success. If you follow these steps you will be well on your way to achieve the success you want and deserve. It won’t happen overnight. It might take you a few years of blood, sweat and tears, but it will be so bittersweet. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Stop looking at your network marketing business like a lottery ticket or miracle. Treat it like a real business and it will pay you like one! Treat it like a hobby and you will lose money. Why? Because hobbies cost money!

What are your thoughts? What is your best advice on how to achieve MLM Success? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!

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10 thoughts on “How to Achieve MLM Success”

  1. These are really helpful tips, Chuck!
    My favorite is fail, learn, repeat. I think that so many people don’t get past “fail”, if they even try. A lot of people (I used to be one) are so afraid of failure that they don’t even try. I completely agree, the best way to success in network marketing is to not quit!

    1. There’s nothing wrong with failing if you learn from it and improve. Sadly, most Americans have been taught that failing is bad. What they don’t realize is that failing is a normal part of becoming successful. Failing is how we learn.

    2. If we studied every single successful person in history, they went through many failures to gain success.

      I have actually learned to accept and expect failure. It is the only way to find what works. The key is learning from failures and making slight changes until success comes.

      If we fear failure we will go nowhere.

      We are humans and failure is the only way to grow.

      1. You succeed by failing and failing and failing and failing.

        Most people think success is a straight line.

        It’s not.

        There are zigs and zags, ups and downs.

        You must embrace failure and prepare for it.

        Learn from each experience, make adjustments and press on.

        Almost everyone I know who is successful in anything in a big way spent YEARS failing before they had their big breakthrough.

        Sadly, most of us have been taught that failing is bad.

        So we fail once, tuck our tail between our legs and run for the hills.

        As I see it, that’s what leads to permanent failure.

        You’ve got to set a goal, get to work, be prepared to fail, tweak things as you go, and press on.

        That’s the key to success in my opinion.

        Great comment.

  2. Another great post!

    I believe the biggest key is to strive forward, and never quit. Learning from mistakes, you make slight changes and try again. It can often be a trial and error system until you find what works for you. I do believe that having a good understanding of marketing principles is of utmost importance. And always working on learning something new is wise. That is why I visit this blog often, I am always learning something new, which helps me grow.

    Again, I must say, great post.

  3. Your advice is excellent and is well received. I am sure it will assist me greatly in building my business. I will be following your posts most diligently. Your generosity and caring is much appreciated.

    1. You mentioned how Chuck is generous and caring and I completely agree. To really succeed at any business, especially network marketing, these are 2 traits that can help a lot. When we help others, we are actually helping ourselves. The world works that way….what comes around, goes around. I have discovered that by treating others with care and respect, business will come. It may not be from them, but when you treat others good, they tell people, and people will remember.

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