How Many Reps Have Top MLM Earners Personally Sponsored?

So, how many reps have top MLM earners personally sponsored?  This is a very common question in our industry. The immediate answer is “as many as it takes!”  Everyone has a different number and you don’t know how long it will take for your aces to show up.

Some people have to sponsor several hundred people personally to find their key leaders. Others do it with far fewer people.

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Prior to attending the recent MLM Mastermind Event in Orlando, Florida this past weekend, I had always been taught that the magic number is somewhere between 100 and 200 personally sponsored reps.  Some top earners have sponsored more than that and others have sponsored much less than that.  Once again, individual results will vary.

At the event in Orlando, there was a leader’s panel.  Six successful distributors were brought on stage and asked a series of questions.  One of those questions was “how many people have you personally sponsored and how long did it take you?”  The answers varied a bit, but here were their responses (names withheld).

  • 310 in 11 years
  • 45-50 in four years
  • 75 in three years
  • 200 in five years
  • 600 in 16-17 years
  • 11 in two years

When you look at these numbers, to me anyway, they don’t even seem overly impressive.

Let’s break the numbers down a bit just to put things in perspective.

The first person sponsored 310 in 11 years, which is an average of 28 per year or just over two people per month every month.

The second person sponsored 45-50 in four years.  We’ll call it 48 people for simplicity sake. That is an average of just one person per month.

The third person sponsored 75 people in three years.  That is just two people per month every month.

The fourth person sponsored 200 people in five years.  That is an average of just over three people per month.

The next person sponsored 600 people in 16-17 years.  That’s an average of about 3 people per month every month.

The last person sponsored 11 people in two years.  That’s about one person every OTHER month.

If you were to take an average of all of these people, the average is just 2-3 people per month every month, done consistently, over a long period of time.

I truly believe that ANYONE could do that if they set their mind to it and worked their business consistently.

One of my mentors taught me that the magic number is bringing in four new people every single month, or one per week, whichever is more.  I don’t think you could go wrong following that advice.

With a solid game plan I believe that every distributor could sponsor 2-4 new distributors per month, even on a very part-time basis.  No, I can’t guarantee it.  But I do believe it is possible.

My key takeaway from this panel is that you must be consistent with your sponsoring.  You don’t need to bring in a lot of people every month, but you should consistently bring in 2-4 new distributors every single month, and never stop.  If you do that, you are bound to find other people like yourself who take the business seriously and make it to the top.

What do you think?  Do you think these stats are interesting or unrealistic?  Why or why not? How many people have you sponsored to get to the top?  What about your leaders?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a great day!

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7 thoughts on “How Many Reps Have Top MLM Earners Personally Sponsored?

  1. 2 sponsored distributors each month seems like it could be an easy thing to do; the key is just doing it, and doing it consistently. I believe there are several steps to getting there:

    1- You have to believe in the product
    2- You have to believe in yourself
    3- You have to develop a plan of action
    4- You have to follow that plan

    I truly believe that just by doing those things, anyone can sponsor 2 people per month. Thanks for showing us those statistics Chuck. The numbers don’t lie.

    • Yes, two per month is very doable if you stay focused and committed.

      • I also think there is a point where some people can actually sponsor too many people in a month’s time. While some may disagree with that, I say it because as sponsors, we need to spend some time with these people to give them proper training. I think that if a person sponsors say 6 or 7 people in a month, they will not give the proper time to each one they deserve to become good at the business.

        What are your thoughts on that? Do you think a person can sponsor too many people in a short period?

  2. Sponsorship is one of the most important part of growing a business. The fact that a mentor – an experienced business colleague is going to spend time and energy on you is a badge of respect in and of itself. Most people value a sponsor and the mentor or the sponsor is the person who will benefit the most from the act of sponsorship.

    • Having a good mentor is important, but not vital. The most important thing is self motivation and mastering the skills.

  3. When broken down, those stats seem pretty average. I do like the idea of 4 per month or one per week as a standard rule. However, I also recognize that there may be times when you don’t meet that goal and that is okay. You cannot be so rigid that you fall apart if you don’t meet that benchmark, but you should have something that you are working toward to help motivate you and help your business grow.

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