How I Sponsored My 3 Best People in My MLM Company

Guest Post by Kathy Marie Howell

I know I am not in alone in saying, I love network marketing! I think there are so many positive things about it and I have seen very little negative. Of course there will always be haters, but the positive greatly outweighs the negative, as I see it.

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With that said, I am a natural networker, but have only been committed to one network marketing company. The reason I didn’t get into network marketing sooner is, I didn’t understand it. I always thought it was selling and I knew that was something I was not interested in.

I already had a family, successful career, volunteered regularly and I didn’t want to add anything else to what I was already doing. It wasn’t until I was introduced to a product that I fell in love with was I open to even hearing about the possibilities of making an income from sharing what I loved.

I am still new to online marketing so I have focused most of my marketing efforts on networking locally and even joined BNI, Business Network International, to increase my circle of influence. I updated my Linkedin profile and my Facebook accounts as well as other social media, but spend most of my time networking behind the scenes on Facebook. I don’t believe in posting very much about the company or products online, but I do believe in promoting a lifestyle that attracts people.

The Secret

Your best associates will come from all walks of life, all ages and any resource you might have. You have to be open to new relationships, and you have to be a good listener. Education, consistency and patience are the keys to making anything work.

How I Sponsored My 3 Best People 

When I decided that I could no longer keep my knowledge to myself, I had to step out of my comfort zone (which was hard for me since I am such an introvert) and ask a friend to look at what I had found. I was genuine and had her best interest in mind. I also added no pressure by making that clear.

She confirmed that she could benefit from the product as well as the tax advantages and a little extra income. She had never been in business for herself but she was in the health field and knew people could benefit from what we were doing. We were acquaintances and I knew I wanted to get to know her better.

What better way to do that than to have her on our team?  She took time to look at the business and saw that it was a great fit for her dreams for the future. We have attended conventions together and she is a vital part of our team.

Since I have focused so much of my efforts on networking locally, it is no surprise that is where I found my second successful person in our organization. He had recently moved here from a different state and was very open to building relationships. I met him at the local BNI chapter and we became fast friends.

He was involved in a sport and deeply committed to getting his business with that off the ground. I knew it wasn’t the best time for him to join our team, but he always knew it was a good fit for him. We stayed in touch as we both were growing our businesses and when the time was right, he came on board. He is self motivated and has attended only a few local events, but believes in the MLM business model and loves our products. He uses social media and his athletic business to grow his team.

My third partner came from social media. I love the diversity that can be found online and it is an easy way to connect with other like minded individuals. I believe in joining groups to learn and develop relationships. We first met through a group of common interest and became Facebook friends when the class ended.

I don’t think she even gave me a second thought when we were in the class together as she was in her own world dealing with personal issues. It was through Facebook that we really connected. She saw herself in some of my posts and reached out to me.

She lives in a different state so I suggested she try our products and use the 30 money back guarantee if necessary. I found out that she worked for herself and had been in another MLM company for a short time but did not enjoy the products. We developed our relationship as she was using the products and I introduced her to the business. She joined our team and a month later joined me at our annual convention.

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The Necessities

Always use a tool when you are looking for your potential business partners. I create curiosity by sharing my personal story. I listen for how my product or opportunity may be of service to others and then I use a tool to do my presentation. I follow up in a timely manner and I never pressure anyone. It may take more than one follow up and some people it may take years of following up, but I never give up. I am not attached to the outcome of a person’s decision and I treat everyone with care and respect.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever heard of the “fuzzy market”? I had not until I read the book, Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson. On page 61 he shares The Power of Fuzzy: You Have the Most Influence on People You Know…Vaguely by John David Mann. He describes them as people you know vaguely – not exactly friends, but not exactly strangers. People whose faces you know, if not their names, but don’t know them well.

The fuzzy market is where I have had the most success in sponsoring in my business. It is the group that has said yes to being customers as well as the opportunity.   In turn, building relationships is what keeps people engaged and active. Our organizations are build by a lot of people doing a little bit, and a few people doing a lot.

If someone doesn’t connect with you, find someone they can connect with. The true leaders don’t need to be told what to do but they do need to be connected with the company. Sponsoring people in network marketing is a full time business and can be very rewarding. Relationships will bring you lasting success.

About Kathy

kathy howellKathy Marie Howell, 49 year old mother of three married to the man of my dreams. My story just goes to show you that when you seek passion in your life, you often find solutions to help your dreams become reality. I got into the beauty industry to develop my talents and to serve others never realizing the profound effect it would have on my future.

I have found my experience as a Master Cosmetologist, specializing in health and wellness and coaching over the past 25+ years, has well prepared me to help others find their passion as well. My intuition and deep spirituality have led me to where I am today… living a life of purpose and joy.

I AM a MOMpreneur and blessed to be one.  I AM a coach and a cheerleader and will be your biggest supporter.  I AM here to help you navigate through our changing world with confidence. I AM here to bring innovative and new solutions to the world and it starts with an open heart and mind.  I AM here for you.

To learn more, you can call or text me at (859) 494-4802 (eastern time).  You can order the products on my website or you can get my free report for MOMpreneurs.

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