Herbalife Leads: Should You Buy Them or Generate Your Own?

Looking for Herbalife leads? If so, you are not alone. One of the biggest struggles most Herbalife reps have is coming up with people to share their products and business with. I hope to fix that problem.

Although I am in no way affiliated with Herbalife, I am VERY GOOD at lead generation. My goal today is to give you a list of ideas you can use to generate your own leads for your Herbalife business. None of this is rocket science. Most of these things are easy to do and easy not to do. If you pick a few methods on this list, and do them consistently, I am 100% sure you will have more Herbalife leads.

Herbalife Leads

20 Ways to Get Herbalife Leads

I sat down for about 20-minutes and came up with 20 great ways to get Herbalife leads. Keep in mind this list is in no particular order.

# 1: Drop Cards

Drop cards are a powerful way to get more Herbalife leads. A drop card is slightly bigger than a business card and smaller than a postcard. It has a headline, a few benefits points and a call to action. It does not say the word Herbalife on it. You can hand these to people you meet or leave them in public places. Personally, I prefer a drop card over a business card.

# 2: Classified Ads

Classified ads still work, even in a digital world. And yes, I’m talking about newspaper classifieds. It could be a local newspaper, a weekly paper, a college newspaper, church newsletter, etc. You could put a classified ad in it to get people to call you or visit your website. Just keep your ad generic and do not say the word Herbalife.

Success in advertising doesn’t come from featuring your business in the most popular newspapers, magazines and websites, but by advertising in the most relevant publications for your target audience.

Spend some time thinking about the demographics of your target audience and what publications they’re most likely to read.

Also look and see where your competitors are advertising so you know where you need a presence.

Source: Inc.

# 3: YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of my favorite lead generation strategies, because it is free and easy to do. You can publish a video one time and generate leads for months, even years to come. You could make videos about weight loss, getting healthy or working from home. Keep the videos generic, provide a ton of value, and invite your viewers to email, call you or visit your website after they watch the video.

The second most popular social network worldwide, YouTube gives you access to an impressive audience of almost 2 billion people. It’s not just a video hosting platform; it has a powerful search engine and keeps posts for a very long time. Therefore, starting a YouTube channel can be a great decision if you want to generate more leads and have long-term traffic.

Share videos about your company, an event you have attended, post tutorials and guides on how to use your products. Remember that 64% of people are more likely to make a purchase online after they watched a video about it.

Source: nimble

# 4: PPC Advertising

Love it or hate it, pay per click advertising works. I use this strategy myself. It’s not a great strategy for most people, because there is a steep learning curve. However, if you are proficient with online marketing, it’s very powerful.

You could set up your own capture page and then create a PPC ad to drive traffic to it. Popular PPC networks include Bing, Google and Facebook. Basically, you create a short ad, pick the keywords you want your ad to appear in, and set your bid. You only pay for people who actually click on your ad.

Keep in mind your ads CANNOT say the word Herbalife in them, because it’s a registered trademark.

# 5: Local Events

Local events are a great way to get your name out there and generate Herbalife leads. You could set up a booth at a farmer’s market, health fair, job fair or community event. You could educate people about the products and business as they stop by and visit your booth. Just make sure you have a sign in sheet, or do a raffle, so you can generate Herbalife leads.

Events are a fun way to interact with people face to face. Invite current customers to attend with a ‘bring a friend’ CTA or host a mixer for new clientele exclusively. Have a way to collect attendee information so you can follow up thanking them for coming and invite them back.

Source: ThriveHive

# 6: Car Magnet

Car magnets and car stickers work. Do not have a Herbalife car sticker. If you do that, people will just see the word Herbalife and go on Amazon or eBay and make a purchase. Instead, have something catchy like “Work from Home” or “Lose 10 Pounds This Month” and provide your website or phone number so people can contact you.

# 7: Referrals

Referrals are the best source of Herbalife leads. Keep in mind, most people won’t just randomly give you a referral, even if they are a happy customer. If you want referrals, you need a game-plan. You must specially ask for them. Here are two questions I like to ask people I meet.

  • Who is the sharpest, most entrepreneurial person you know?
  • Can you give me the name of one person you know who is trying to lose 20 pounds or more?

One third-party endorsement is more powerful than a hundred presentations. Getting your customers to recommend and encourage other people they associate with to seek out your products or services is the most coveted prize in selling, besides a sale. There are hundreds of referral systems you can use; to create an unlimited supply of hot prospects; to get prospects returning your calls; to contact hard-to-reach buyers; to create a reputation that opens closed doors; to enhance customer loyalty; and to increase sales and multiply profits. Referral systems make your life easier and more professional, and bring higher profits with increased customer loyalty.

Source: Marketing Wizdom

# 8: Instagram

I am by no means a guru on Instagram. I don’t even use it myself, but I have lots of friends who do and they swear by it. Go to YouTube and search for “how to get leads on Instagram.” You will find plenty of great training videos.

Instagram isn’t only about vanity. Getting tons of likes on a photo is cool, but if you’re not keeping up with the comments people are leaving, then you’re missing out. Instagram isn’t exactly known for deep conversations, but taking the time to respond to the people that are engaging with your photos shows that you care, which in turn makes people more likely to buy from you.

Source: sproutsocial

# 9: Pinterest

Like Instagram, Pinterest is a very popular social media site where people share photos and videos. You could take photos of your weight loss journey or share photos of the weight loss results of your happy customers (as long as you get their permission first). If Pinterest interests you, just go to YouTube and search for “how to generate leads on Pinterest.” There are lots of tutorial videos.

Of the 2 billion Millenials globally 87 million of them are on LinkedIn

# 10: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is how I get a ton of leads for my business. What I like about LinkedIn is that people are there to grow their business or expand their network. It’s not like Facebook where people post the last time they went to the bathroom or what they had for dinner last night. On LinkedIn, you can search for people with certain jobs, people in a certain locations, etc. You can also write articles, form your own group, share videos, and much more.

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable social media sites for lead generation. You can start by turning your company profile page into a lead generation tool. Use the description area to write your elevator speech and add a link to your landing page.

Source: Hatchbuck

# 11: Facebook

Everyone is on Facebook. Well, almost everyone. If you aren’t promoting your business on Facebook, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. You should consider doing Facebook Live videos, creating your own weight loss group or leveraging the Facebook PPC ads.

One great advantage of Facebook lead ads over a regular gated content offer is that Facebook automatically populates the lead form with the user’s contact information, so it can take as few as two clicks or taps for a potential customer to connect. You choose how much information you need, so you can get enough information for the lead to be useful, but not ask for so much that it scares the user away.

Source: Hootsuite

# 12: Fish Bowl Technique

The Fish Bowl Technique is when you partner up with a local small business and do a raffle for a free product. People who want to participate in the raffle drop their business card in the empty fish bowl. At the end of 1-2 weeks you pick a winner and send them their prize. You could then follow-up with everyone who submitted their business card and let them know they did not win, but you have a special discount or offer if they buy from you.

# 13: Fundraisers

I learned about this concept from an Avon® rep. You could pick a charity of your choice and then offer the profits from your retail sales to go to the fundraiser. This is a great way to get more sales and Herbalife leads.

# 14: Gifts

Give away the Herbalife products for gifts, anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, retirements, etc. Give the gifts on any occasion you can think of. Not only can it be a tax write-off, but it can also be a great way to get more Herbalife leads. Be sure you include your contact information with the gift.

Business gifts take advantage of perhaps the most powerful word in the English language: free. Offer someone something for free, and you’ve immediately got their attention. This makes it an excellent way of building relationships and boosting business.

Source: printwand

# 15: Email Signatures

Create a catchy email signature. Do not say that you are a Herbalife rep. Instead, keep it generic. Say something like this:

Chuck Holmes

Phone Number

P.S. Need to lose 10+ pounds so you can look good in your swimsuit this summer? Reply to this email for a free product sample that can help you do that.

# 16: Wear the Button

Mark Hughes was a marketing genius. I love the “button” idea that Herbalife reps are taught. Wear the button wherever you go. I think it says: Lose Weight, Ask Me How!” This is a great way to get people to start a conversation with you. Whenever you see someone looking at your button, you can also start a conversation with them.

# 17: Business Cards

The purpose of a business card is to get the other person’s business card. Have your own generic business cards made. Do not say the word Herbalife on them. When you meet someone, ask them for their business card. That way you can follow up with them at your convenience.

Hand out business cards. It sounds old-fashioned, but business cards are still a very valuable marketing tool. Most promotions and advertisements come through on people’s phones, computers and the TV. If you hand someone a business card, that’s a rare item that people see in the physical world around them. It can help your business stand out.

Source: Forbes

# 18: Clothing

Get some clothing made: not Herbalife clothing. You can have shirts or hats made that say:

  • Want Residual Income?
  • Fire Your Boss, Ask Me How!
  • Burn the Fat & Get Paid, Ask Me How!

Or anything else you can think of. The curiosity approach always works best.

# 19: Flyers

Flyers still work. Don’t go and leave them in parking lots or on the windshield of cars. Instead, hand them to people. Look someone in the eye and say “here, take this!” Make it a goal to hand out 10 flyers per day.

Flyer printing stipulates a great opportunity to advertise within restricted budgets and at the very same time, generates real results. The key thing here is to pick the venue for distributing your flyers. All you need to do is establish the places wherever your target market may be usually found.

Source: Medium

# 20: Reverse Prospecting

Whenever you get pitched on something, either face-to-face, by phone, or by email, ask the person if they are keeping THEIR options open. Anyone who is already selling SOMETHING is a good potential lead for your business. This is known as reverse prospecting.

Tips for Success

Here are a few tips for success that will help you close more sales and sign up more Herbalife reps.

  • Always use the curiosity approach.
  • Pick 1-3 lead generation strategies and focus on those exclusively; don’t try too many strategies at once.
  • Brand yourself, rather than Herbalife.
  • Study sales, marketing and closing so you can improve your skills.
  • Work on your confidence and self-image so you are someone worth joining.
  • Keep a list of every lead you generate and realize that every prospect is a prospect for life.
  • Use some type of automated follow-up system to stay in touch with each lead, preferably an auto-responder.
  • Work on your phone skills, because most leads will want to TALK to you before they buy or join.
  • Have a basic understanding of the products, company and compensation plan, so you can have an informed conversation with your prospect.
  • Find 2-3 good third-party tools that you can use to share information with your prospects.
  • Read the Herbalife distributor agreement so you know what advertising and lead generation strategies are allowed and prohibited. 

The Best Leads

If you only get one takeaway from this article, remember this: the best Herbalife leads are the leads you generate yourself. One lead that you generate yourself is much better than 100 random leads. Learn marketing so you can have people reach out to you first.

Buy Herbalife Leads

Another option you have is to buy Herbalife leads. I like this strategy because it is easy to do. You can buy leads from many different lead companies. Although these leads aren’t targeted for Herbalife specifically, many of the leads are open to a home-based business. If you are willing to pick up the phone and call them, you could get decent results.

Herbalife Weight Loss Leads

Herbalife Weight Loss Leads

Another option you have is to focus on Herbalife Weight Loss Leads. You could buy weight loss leads from different lead companies or you could use any of the 20 strategies I covered above to generate your own Herbalife Weight Loss Leads.

Final Thoughts

In review, these are 20 creative ways to get more Herbalife leads. Keep in mind, there are hundreds of other lead generation strategies you can use. These are just the first things that came to my mind.

What are your thoughts? How do you get your Herbalife leads? What is your favorite strategy? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. I am in no way affiliated with Herbalife. The name is a registered trademark.

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    1. It depends on what type of lead you are trying to buy. It should range from 50 cents to 1 dollar per lead. Of course, leads you generate yourself are much better and much more targeted.

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