Hempworx Review: An Interview with One of Their Top Recruiters – Erik Christian Johnson

Today, we’re going to do a Hempworx review.  Please know upfront that I am NOT affiliated with the company myself.  What I’m going to do today is interview Erik Christian Johnson.  Not only is he a good friend of mine, but he is also one of their most successful reps. I figured “picking his brain” about Hempworx would be the best source of information I could share with my website visitors.  Enjoy the interview.

# 1 Can You Please Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself, Erik?

Hey Chuck, first of all, thank you for having me on your blog! I’ve been one of your biggest fans and fellow blogging buddies for a long time, and you really kept me blogging and going when I felt like tossing in the towel. Blogging has been one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things I’ve done, and there’s no way I would still be blogging today if it wasn’t for your support.

Since 2016, I have been a full-time blogger and Internet Marketer. I like helping people who have addiction and health issues, also people who want to make a living full-time from home. I am also a leader in My Daily Choice Hempworx.

# 2 When Did You First Join Network Marketing and What Has Your Experience Been Like So Far?

erik christian johnsonI began Network Marketing January 2014 with a company called Brain Abundance. Before that, I had been doing some sort of internet marketing since 2011. I discovered the power of “tweeting” on Twitter and began following a lot of people. I then discovered how to unfollow and automate a welcome message to my new followers. This helped me bring in over 80 new reps into my Brain Abundance business later on.

I really had no idea what network marketing was when I joined Brain Abundance. I was an affiliate marketer before that and just tweeted Clickbank affiliate links on Twitter and made money.

Since I had no clue what MLM was, I turned to YouTube for free training by trainers, like Ray Higdon, Matt Morris, Randy Gage, Eric Worre, and Todd Falcone. I treated my MLM training like college courses and took copious notes and watched at least two hours a day of training videos. The concept of MLM finally clicked and I was really excited about the residual income aspect and the unlimited income potential.

# 3 What Excites You About CBD Oil?

I suffered a severe panic attack a few years ago in front of my parents and it made me very insecure after that being around people. I didn’t want to go the prescription route and be doped up on valium or Xanax all the time, so I searched the internet for a natural anxiety remedy. I wanted an MLM company that had a natural brain supplement, that’s when I found Brain Abundance.

Brain Abundance merged into My Daily Choice and I followed. A year later, Hempworx was launched as one of our product lines and I was interested. I had no idea what it was, but quickly realized that it was going to be huge. It wasn’t another man-made MLM product, but a powerful natural compound derived from the hemp plant. I then heard that Forbes was predicting it would be a $2.2 Billion industry in just a few short years.

# 4 Can You Give Us a Quick Overview of Hempworx?

Hempworx was formed by Jenna Zwagil I believe, and she merged her company into My Daily Choice when Josh Zwagil and her got married. They are definitely a power couple in the MLM space and have both been very successful in network marketing before their partnership.

# 5 What Made You Pick Hempworx Over Other MLM Companies?

Like I said earlier, I kind of just came over with the merger, lol, but seriously, I was intrigued with Josh Zwagil. I was officially introduced to him by another CEO of a very respectable MLM during the merger, and Josh took the time out of his crazy schedule to talk to me over an hour on the phone. We had a lot of similarities, including fast cars and playing the drums. Hempworx has a family feel, and Josh is relaxed and not critical about how we promote our business. He welcomed suggestions and implemented new features into our distributor dashboards rather quickly.

# 6 What Separates Hempworx from Other MLM CBD Oil Companies?

Hempworx is the cool kid on the block and everyone wants in. They are growing at a staggering rate of 200-300% a month and top leaders are moving over from other MLM companies. I also like the marketing and the design of everything they create, whereas other CBD MLM’s feel antiquated and stuck in the old Amway era. You get an overwhelming and exciting sense that Hempworx is going places, and I want to follow.

# 7 What Products Does Hempworx Currently Offer for Sale?

Hempworx offers pure CBD Oil drops, CBD skin cream, CBD pain relief cream, and dog and cat CBD products.

# 8 How Have the Hempworx Products Helped You So Far?

I began taking CBD Oil and didn’t really notice much for the first three weeks. Then, suddenly I had to go meet a new business associate and normally I’m very nervous, but with CBD Oil built up in my system, I was calm the entire time. This was a huge breakthrough for me, because I had suffered social anxiety for many years due to that panic attack and getting sober but not working on the core issues. Then, a couple of months later I noticed several other improvements such as no back or joint pain, twitching in my right eye stopped, and it helped me sleep a lot better.

# 9 Can You Give Us a Brief Overview of the Hempwork Compensation Plan?

What’s cool about Hempworx is that you don’t need to buy or sell a lot of product to become an affiliate or distributor. You can simply buy one bottle a month of CBD or any of our other products and that will qualify you for commissions. If you’re an Executive or higher, you get 50% commissions on first time orders and several other commissions based on group volume. It’s the best compensation I have seen and I make a full-time income with it.

# 10 Can You Tell Us About the Hempworx Marketing System?

One of the best features of Hempworx’s marketing system is the automated email system attached to our replicated landing pages. When a person signs up on my company-provided landing page, the company emails them every day on my behalf. This does several things; it frees me from having to set up an autoresponder myself, create engaging emails, which I suck at, and it’s completely automated. I literally get signups in the middle of the night or when I’m out driving around. Not many people know how to do marketing or sales funnels, so this feature is priceless for the beginner or even the advanced marketer.

# 11 How Do You Build Your Hempworx Business, Erik?

In 2014, Twitter was still very popular, and that’s all I knew how to do. I amassed over 300,000 followers by the time 2017 came around, but Twitter was basically dead. No one cared about tweets anymore, and getting a simple Retweet was rare.

hempworxLuckily, I had started a blog in 2014 and by 2017 it came alive with visitors and more visitors. My articles started showing up on the first page of Google. So, when Twitter died my blog came alive. It was a perfect transition. Then, I started a YouTube channel and that failed for a long time before I became more authentic and just spoke real on my videos – then the traffic came.

Everything I do only works if you’re consistent and willing to fail and A/B test everything. There is no such thing as slapping something up once and forgetting about it and it making you millions of dollars. You have to constantly change and tweak your message and branding and find what works.

Leaders are willing to take risk and temporarily fail their way to success. Success only comes by failing many times, and too many people don’t want to feel that kind of pain or uncertainty. I say go for it – you only live once. Nothing great ever comes out of mediocrity.

I tell my team to use a platform they feel they can use consistently, like Facebook. Many leaders post of Facebook powerful CBD testimonials sprinkled in along with recipes and pictures of family. You don’t want to just talk about your products all the time. Be natural.

# 12 What Are Three Reasons Our Website Visitors Should Join Hempworx Today?

  1. Once you sign up, you can literally start posting your opportunity link to make money.
  2. We pay WEEKLY, so you can get out of the RED quick.
  3. It’s the best, fairly unheard of opportunity going right now, and there’s plenty of momentum ahead of us to capitalize on. And, CBD is a life-changer.

# 13 How Much Does it Cost to Join Hempworx?

$69, plus a one-time starter fee of $20.

# 14 Where Do You See Hempworx in the Next Few Years?

I see Hempworx expanding not only their products, but expanding globally. We already ship to over 180 countries, and hopefully CBD will be accepted globally as well. Hempworx just launched their new corporate headquarters in Las Vegas and it’s sweet!

# 15 If Someone Wants to Join Your Hempworx Business, How Do They Do That?

They can simply click HERE to take a FREE Tour.

Thank You Chuck for this amazing opportunity!

Final Thoughts

I hope all of our website visitors got real value from this Hempwork review with Erik Christian Johnson.  If you are passionate about CBD Oil, or looking for a new opportunity to pursue, you should check out Erik’s link and learn more about Hempworx.

Legal Disclaimer

This is NOT a paid ad.  It is an interview with my friend.  Any products discussed are not designed to treat, cure or prevent any disease.  When it comes to the business, individual results will vary.  This is not a lottery or get rich quick business.  Please consult with a doctor first, if you are concerned about CBD oil.

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