HB Vitality Review: The Perfect HB Naturals System

In today’s post, I am going to share an interview I recently did with Todd Raymer, founder of HB Vitality. This interview was done via email. I hope you enjoy it.

Can You Tell Us a Little Bit About Yourself, Todd?

My name is Todd Raymer. I live in Port Huron, Michigan. My background is in technology and business. I have been in IT consulting for most of my career. I have been involved in network marketing for roughly 20-years, in multiple companies during that time.

I have built some great teams. A few of the opportunities I have been in have worked out very well and some not so well, but I have learned a lot.

I have a very strong work ethic and am a true believer in servant leadership. Some people talk a good game on servant leadership, but your actions are what define you as a servant leader.

Anything good in life takes hard work. Working together as a team will always get you to your goals faster in life.

You only get back from people what you put into them. The more time, money and energy you invest in your people the better results you will get. The key is to invest in the right people. You only learn that through trial and error, but after a while you get a sixth sense for the right people that are aligned with your values and vision.

I have tried to live my life that way. Sometimes I get taken advantage of, but most of the time I come out ahead and get to my goals much faster.

What is HB Naturals and Why are You Excited About it

What is HB Naturals and Why are You Excited About it?

HB Naturals is a debt free, two and a half year old, health and wellness company. It has one of the best management teams and formulator in the industry. Everyone says how great their company’s products are, and I have experienced a few good ones over the years.

HB Naturals takes the products to a completely different level. When I started researching this company, the first thing I noticed was the thousands of testimonials.

Just do a quick search on the internet and you will see what I mean. These products are changing people’s lives. I have seen it myself and with my team. I am 57-years old and have some aches and pains that go with aging.

I read about the Trilogy of products, Mind, Body and Soul and how they help with inflammation in all parts of the body. So, I tried them. I am proof that the products work. I am completely out of pain have not felt this good in years.

Not only does this company have great products, but they also have a great compensation plan. You can earn commissions seven different ways with this opportunity. You can start out for free and make money retailing the products or you can max out the pay plan and come in as Star qualified (100 CV order). It is truly up to you.

The biggest reason I am excited about the opportunity is the people that are in my upline and downline. They are servant leaders themselves, so I fit right in here.

Over the years I have developed systems and marketing strategies to implement for the right company. I have been waiting for a company like HB Naturals for years. I am finally glad I have found it.

HB Vitality

What is HB Vitality?

HB Vitality stands for Home Business Vitality. The only reason HB Vitality exists is to help HB Vitality team members that are consultants in HB Naturals help grow their business and teams. We have created multiple marketing channels to drive brand awareness and traffic to our websites.

HB Vitality has its flagship marketing website hbvitality.com. That website was completely developed with SEO in mind to drive traffic to our SEO Rotator.

Most of the keywords around HB Naturals and their products are ranking high in the search engines for that website. We want people to find us whether it is for a home business opportunity or the awesome products that HB Naturals offers.

That website continues to grow daily with new content and more people searching for us will click on the SEO Rotator where prospects are placed directly in a HB Vitality member’s downline.

HB Vitality also offers state of the art lifestyle training by Daniel Jay. Daniel has his own radio show: MLM, Good, Bad and the Truth! The show and the training are another marketing channel we are using for HB Vitality Brand awareness and driving traffic to our websites.

HB Vitality also has its own Radio Station HB Vitality Radio on the Live 365 platform. It is a classic rock station with our own brand and commercials.

We also do motivational liners to help motivate the team. The team loves the station, but we are starting to get traction on Facebook and the Live 365 platform. It’s just another way to market the HB Vitality brand.

HB Vitality also does trade shows. We do a major one every quarter, another marketing channel for HB Vitality and HB Naturals branding.

We have a few more, but those are the major ones. As we continue to grow we will add more marketing channels to drive traffic to the websites and help build HB Vitality team members’ downlines.

Why Should Someone Partner with HB Vitality

Why Should Someone Partner with HB Vitality?

The toughest part of being and entrepreneur is finding good people to partner with. It is tough starting out on your own. You don’t want to be by yourself. Most people that want to be an entrepreneur have the ambition, but have no skills when they start, so the deck is stacked against them right out of the gate.

As a result, they try a few different opportunities and then quit because no matter how hard they try they do not have the skills. No one really teaches you how to be an entrepreneur. The only way to really learn is by the school of hard knocks. Most people do not make it through that gauntlet, so they quit and never come back.

95% of network marketers fail. That statistic has always bothered me. Over the years I have been thinking about what I can do in the industry to turn that around. You can provide the training no doubt, but it takes a while to learn how to recruit. It does not happen overnight so people still get discouraged.

I thought what can I do to help to shore that up until people can learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

In comes HB Vitality. None of the marketing channels cost a team member a dime. All I ask is that you come to the table with a good attitude and use the products either yourself or as samples.

HB Vitality will help you build your team. We are not going to do it all, but we will help you as you go through our training and learn how to do it on your own. That takes time, but as you are learning we are helping you build.

We have what I call three different membership levels at HB Vitality.

  1. The first is our general Facebook group. In that group you can learn about HB Vitality and HB Naturals and decide if this is right for you.
  2. The second Facebook group is our Training FB Group we require a 50pv monthly auto-ship to participate in this group. In this group you will get the lifestyle training by Daniel Jay and you will also get a spot on the SEO Rotator. This group is your first step in building your business. Each level you move up in HB Vitality is similar to the HB Naturals compensation plan. More HB Vitality Marketing channels are available to you to take advantage of as you move up.
  3. The third Facebook group is the STAR team. We require 100PV monthly auto-ship for this group. This opens up all the HB Vitality Marketing Channels and the whole HB Naturals compensation plan. If you are serious about your business this is the plan you want to be a part of.

At HB Vitality you will never be alone trying to make this happen on your own. All of my leaders are servant leaders and they are there to help you.

602 Can you share a few HB Vitality Success stories with our Audience

Can you share a few HB Vitality Success stories with our Audience?

I founded HB Vitality on July 15, 2019. The first call I made was to Daniel Jay and told him what I was up to. Daniel has come on board and is my partner now.

Since then Daniel has recruited many new members with the Lifestyle training and is now a Bronze Executive. He also has his own Radio show: MLM, Good, Bad the Truth that is professionally produced and on a small network that is growing.

He just had a son and does not want to go back to corporate America. He wants to be a stay at home dad and he is going to get there by the end of the year making enough money so he does not have to go back to corporate America.

Eddi Rae Melton is an executive in HB Naturals. She has embraced the training and is now recruiting members daily on her own and with the help of the HB Vitality Marketing Channels.

Amy Patterson has several years of online marketing experience. Now she has the tools and support she needs to succeed. She is also an executive with HB naturals.

The most important success I have with HB Vitality is all the members on the team now have hope. Hope is very powerful. They know they are not alone. They know someone is there to help them: even help them recruit until they can stand on their own. To me that is the greatest success story I could ever have as a servant leader.

How Can People Learn More About HB Vitality?

All you need to do is go to hbvitality.com. Learn more about us, take a free position, and join our first level Facebook Group. We will welcome you with open arms and support you no matter what you want to do. Just use the products, sell retail, or become a business builder. It’s your call, but be assured we will always be there to help you!

Closing Thoughts

Todd, thank you for this amazing interview. I know our visitors will get great value from it. For everyone reading this article, make sure you head on over to hbvitality.com. To your success.

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