Top 32 HB Naturals Success Tips

In today’s post, I am going to share some of my best HB Naturals Success Tips. These are valuable lessons I’ve learned during the past 2.5 years with HB Naturals. Please keep in mind I am a successful independent affiliate with HB Naturals. Individual results will vary. The tips I’m about to share with you are just my opinion.

What is HB Naturals?

What is HB Naturals? It is a network marketing company specializing in natural and organic products to include CBD, coffee, essential oils, nutritional products, weight loss products, and skin care products. They’ve been in business since 2017 and they are taking the world by storm. You can take a free tour here to learn more.

HB Naturals Success Tips

HB Naturals Success Tips

What you will see below are our best HB Naturals Success Tips. I’ve attempted to arrange the tips by topic matter. Enjoy the information.


# 1: Lead with the products. If the products don’t make sense, neither does the business. Not everyone is entrepreneurial, or wants to do network marketing, but everyone is a consumer. More people will be open minded about the products than learning about a business opportunity. Plus, the company has some amazing products at fair prices, so it’s not a difficult conversation.

# 2: Order a Value Pack when you first join, so you can try a variety of products and qualify for 30 percent fast start commissions instead of 20 percent commissions. Plus, the Value Packs come with free gift cards.

# 3: Set up your 100 CV auto-ship for the first of each month so you can get a discount on your purchase, maximize the compensation plan, and earn member reward points. This also opens up the Star Bonus, which could potentially be a significant part of your commissions.

# 4: Focus on your two or three favorite products when you talk with other people. It’s easier to learn about a few products than learn about every product in our company’s product line. Focus on the ones you are most passionate about.

# 5: Do not become a product expert. Instead, leverage the company’s third-party tools to share the products with others. You simply need to point people to the information they need to know about the products. If you become a product expert, your prospects will think THEY need to become a product expert to do the business. Keep it simple and remove yourself from the equation by using third-party tools.

# 6: Utilize the company’s gift card program. The free $25 gift cards work great to attract new customers. By having a 100 CV auto-ship you get TEN free gift cards every month. Giving away gift cards could easily be your best marketing strategy.

# 7: Be a product of the products. Use the products and develop your own personal product story that you can share with others. Facts tell, but stories sell. You don’t need to use every product the company offers, but replace similar products you have in your household with an HBN product. Switch stores and get paid!

# 8: Order extra samples and extra products so you have some on hand to share with other people. Use the products in public and when someone asks you about them, give them a free sample and then follow up with them within 48-hours.

Getting Started

# 9: Start right so you don’t need to start over. Complete the Getting Started Training, make your name’s list, rehearse your scripts, and LAUNCH your business.

# 10: Keep the business simple. Go Executive and teach Executive. Duplicate that over and over in your organization. That is all you must know how to do to succeed in the business. Everything else will sort itself out. Keep the business simple and do not complicate things.

# 11: Have a sense of urgency and act AS IF you have one million dollars invested in your business. Share your link with at least 10 people per day and invite them to take a free tour. Say less to more people.

# 12: Remember that people join people and people like to do business with people they know, like, and trust. Be someone worth joining. Check your attitude, focus on the positive, and be a nice person.

# 13: Start fast and create an amazing 90-day success story. Your “story” is your most powerful recruiting tool. Go ALL IN for the first 90-days in the business and create a powerful success story you can share with others.

# 14: Do not give yourself information overload. Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice. Things will never be perfect. You will never know EVERYTHING. Make as many mistakes as you can as quickly as you can, and learn as you go. Fail forward!

Compensation Plan

# 15: Take your time to understand the company’s compensation plan. Know how you get paid. Position yourself for success by getting a Value Pack and enrolling on 100 CV auto-ship so you can maximize your pay. Don’t leave money on the table!


# 16: Create a work schedule for your new business. Plan out your week each Sunday night. Write it down in your day planner. Determine what days and times you will work your business. Have the follow through and self-discipline to work your business, even when you don’t feel like it.

# 17: Be consistent with your business. Stopping and starting will destroy your likelihood of success. Make a minimum one-hour per day time commitment, at least five to six days per week, to grow your business.

# 18: Focus on the income producing activities. Do not confuse busy work with being productive. Know that we get paid to retail, recruit, and help others do the same.


# 19: Learn your team’s system so you do not need to reinvent the wheel. Follow a proven system that is already working for other people.

# 20: Familiarize yourself with the company’s different websites in your back office. Know the difference between your wholesale website, retail website, and Powerline link.

Training & Development

# 21: Make the time to learn and master the basic network marketing skills. This is a profession. To succeed in a big way, you must learn and master several specific skills. This includes lead generation, presenting, following up, closing, launching new reps, and promoting events.

# 22: Leverage and work with your plugged in upline. They are your most valuable business tool and resource. Ask them for suggestions before you go and try to do everything your own way.

# 23: Set aside minimum 20-minutes daily for your personal development. Watch videos, read books, and attend events.

# 24: Learn the benefits of the company’s products so you can answer the most common questions and point people to the proper resources.

# 25: Join your company’s and your team’s Facebook groups so you can stay in the know. There is a wealth of information in these groups.

# 26: Attend every event and webinar possible. The more you learn the more you earn!

Recruiting & Retailing

# 27: Approach business minded people about the business. Everyone else, mention the products first.

# 28: Pick a number between five and ten. Once you pick a number, stay committed to contacting that many people each day about the products and business. The more exposures you make the faster your business will grow.

# 29: Keep a name’s list of everyone you ever talk to about the products and business and stay in touch with everyone on your list at least once every 30 to 90-days. This “database” will become your most valuable business asset.

# 30: Never pressure people to do more with the business than they want to. Meet people where they are at. Love your customers. Support everyone and treat everyone nice, but work with the willing.

# 31: Mention the products AND the business, not one or the other. Make sure everyone you talk with knows there are amazing products AND an income opportunity, if they want to pursue it. Don’t pre-judge. Let people decide for themselves which option is best for them.

My Final Tip

# 32: And finally, my last HB Naturals Success Tip is to give yourself time to succeed. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Give yourself at least TWO YEARS before you decide whether or not the business is or isn’t for you. Trying something for 30 to 90-days will only result in failure. Be patient and take the long-term view.

Chuck Holmes, 250k Ruby Director, Join My Team

Income Disclosure

Since we shared success tips, I am required to share the company’s income disclaimer.

hb naturals income disclosure

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my best HB Naturals Success Tips. I hope you got some value from this post. Which success tip was your favorite and why? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.

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