HB Naturals Success Story

The purpose of this post is to share my HB Naturals Success Story with you. I am an independent affiliate with the company. Keep in mind that individual results will vary.

What is HB Naturals?

HB Naturals is a network marketing company specializing in natural and organic products, to include CBD Hemp Oil, essential oils, supplements and weight loss products. They offer about 80 to 90 high quality products at fair prices to choose from.

The company has been in business around two years now. HB Naturals is part of the Green Organics family.

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My HB Naturals Success Story

My name is Chuck Holmes. Thanks for visiting my blog. What I’m going to do on this page is track my HB Naturals Success Story. Once a month, I will update this article with my results, lessons learned and experience from the previous month.

It will be my documentary during my time with HB Naturals. I’m really excited about this opportunity and what it has to offer the average or serious person.

Joining HB Naturals

I joined HB Naturals on May 7, 2019. One of my close friends shared it with me. I was more than skeptical, but I am so glad that he bugged me and hounded me until I took a closer look. Once I took my free tour and started looking around, I realized it was a no brainer.

What attracted me to the company were the following things:

  1. The company’s email marketing system (the best I have ever seen)
  2. The compensation plan
  3. The products
  4. The training and resources
  5. The capture pages
  6. The company infrastructure
  7. The company leadership team and advisors

I joined, and I signed up my wife. I am building my account, and we are working together on her account. We are allowed to have two accounts in a household, so this is perfectly legit.

I purchased one of the value packs, so I could get a bunch of different products to try out, and I ordered their Rise Coffee. As of now, that is my favorite product: CBD Coffee.

Needless to say, I hit the ground running. If you know me, you know that I do not dabble with anything I do. I am either in or I am out. I have some big goals here. I would like to earn six figures in my first six months in the business and create a team of at least 100,000 people in my first six months.

HB Naturals Success Story

Month 1 Results: May 2019

Here are my results for the first month. Keep in mind this was only 24-days of work, since I joined on the 7th.

Chuck’s Results

  • Personally Sponsored 340 People
  • Added 1,642 Team Members
  • Rank: Platinum
  • Personal Group Volume Left Leg: 16,513.4
  • Personal Group Volume Right Leg: 8,091.8
  • # Team Cycles: 18

hb naturals success story

Rachel’s Results

  • Personally sponsored 115 people
  • Added 616 team members
  • Rank: Executive
  • Personal Group Volume Left Leg: 482.24
  • Personal Group Volume Right Leg: 128
  • # Team Cycles: 0

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of Rachel’s back office. I will have to do that next month.

Now, some of you might be saying, “how did you do this, Chuck?” To answer that question, I did what most people are not willing to do. I contacted several thousand people by phone, email, Facebook, Linkedin, social media, etc.

I started reaching out to my contacts and all I asked them to do was take a free tour. I did not ask them to buy anything or join. I just said “take a free tour and see what it’s all about” and then I let the company’s amazing email marketing system take over from there. That’s it.

I also sent out solo ads, safelist ads, emailed my list, updated my blog and countless other things. I worked around the clock at least 12-hours per day, six days per week. I also took the time to create systems and training for my team.

Since I don’t make income claims on this blog, all I can say is the money was good. I was very happy with what I earned in May, and the more I learn about the company the more I love it.

My goals for June 2019 are huge. My goals are to:

  1. Personally enroll 300 people, Chuck’s account
  2. Personally enroll 300 people, Rachel’s account
  3. Add 4,000 people to my team
  4. Reach the rank of Pearl Director (Chuck’s account)
  5. Reach the rank of Silver (Rachel’s account)
  6. Publish 30 videos and podcasts about HB Naturals

Month 2 Results: June 2019

June was so exciting. Not only was it my birthday month, but we crushed it in the business!

june hb naturals

Chuck’s Results

  • Personally Sponsored 239 People
  • Added 4,029 New Team Members
  • Total Team Members: 5,671
  • Rank: 10k Pearl Director
  • Personal Group Volume Left Leg: 22,474.30
  • Personal Group Volume Right Leg: 16,068.04
  • # Team Cycles: 42

Rachel’s Results

  • Personally Sponsored 63 People
  • Added 1,625 New Team Members
  • Total Team Members: 2,241
  • Rank: Silver Executive
  • Personal Group Volume Left Leg: 1,559.24
  • Personal Group Volume Right Leg: 2,699.84
  • # Team Cycles: 7

Even though June is typically the slowest month of the year in network marketing, we blew the roof off of the building. I hit most of my goals except I did not make the amount of YouTube videos and podcasts I wanted to.

Furthermore, I did slow down my personal sponsoring a little bit from the previous month, but I am still happy with the results. I gave away the enrollership of a bunch of people I signed up, so you will not see those numbers in our monthly stats.

I ran ads for several team members to help them get a bunch of pre-enrollees. We had 85 new people hit the rank of Executive for the first time, plus many others hit advanced ranks.

Corporate sent me a beautiful gift for hitting the rank of 5k. It was a nice men’s bracelet.

My wife and I are both very happy with the business. My goals for July 2019 are huge. My goals are to:

  1. Personally enroll 300 people to my account
  2. Add 6,000 people to the team
  3. Reach the rank of Sapphire
  4. Keep growing Rachel’s business

Month 3 Results: July 2019

hbn team stats

*** This photo is a snapshot from my back office as of August 4th. The My PEMs only reflects personally sponsored reps who are ACTIVE in the business (have ordered something in the past month or they have been in the business less than 30-days).

July was off the charts. We have some MASSIVE growth and momentum in the business. I rank advanced to SAPPHIRE and am only three ranks away from making the highest rank in the company: DIAMOND. I received my 10K gift for going SILVER. It is a beautiful Sterling Silver men’s necklace.

Chuck’s Results

  • Personally Sponsored 641 People
  • Added 5,292 New Team Members
  • Total Team Members: 10,963
  • Rank: 25k Sapphire Director
  • Personal Group Volume Left Leg: 23,631.44
  • Personal Group Volume Right Leg: 22,714.00
  • # Team Cycles: 63

Rachel’s Results

  • Personally Sponsored 123 People
  • Added 2,494 New Team Members
  • Total Team Members: 4,735
  • Rank: Silver Executive
  • Personal Group Volume Left Leg: 2,344.00
  • Personal Group Volume Right Leg: 4,768.00
  • # Team Cycles: 12

In the month of July, we had 55 new people hit the rank of Executive. My # 1 running partner also hit the rank of Sapphire.

My goals for the month of July are listed below.

  1. Personally enroll 300 people to my account
  2. Add 6,000 people to the team
  3. Reach the rank of Sapphire
  4. Keep growing Rachel’s business

I hit 3 of the 4 goals. The only goal I came up short on was the “add 6,000 people to the team.” I’m not upset though, because we did add 5,292 people to the team.

Overall, it was an epic month. I anticipate the autumn months of OCT-DEC to be out of this world. The goal is 100k team members by New Year’s eve this year. Let’s do this!

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. Thanks for checking out my HB Naturals Success Story. I hope you found the information helpful. If you would like to take a free tour and learn more about this opportunity, you can do so here.

Also, I’d love to hear from you. If you are a customer or consultant with this company, please leave a comment below to share your thoughts. Share your success story and talk about what worked and didn’t work for you.

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