HB Naturals Star Bonus Explained: Instant $50, $75, & $100 Payments

Today, I’d like to provide a very brief overview of the HB Naturals Star Bonus, so you have a basic understanding about how it works. This is easily my favorite part of the company’s amazing compensation plan.

HB Naturals is a network marketing company specializing in health and wellness products, to include CBD, essential oils, soaps, skin care, weight loss and nutritional products.

As a quick disclaimer upfront, individual results will vary. Also, I am a very satisfied customer and independent affiliate. Because we will be talking briefly about money, here is the company’s income disclosure.

hb naturals income disclosure

HB Naturals Star Bonus

Here’s a real quick overview about how the HBN Star Bonus works, so you have a basic understanding:

  • It allows you to be profitable quickly.
  • Enroll 4 people at 100 PV and you’ve made $100; enough to cover your 100 PV order cost (or about 90% of it, depending on what you buy); and that is just counting your Star Bonus commissions.
  • Gives you the ability to earn UNLIMITED monthly bonuses with a team of only 14 people.
  • You must place a SINGLE purchase of 100 PV or more to be eligible.
  • When you enroll 2 people who each order 100 PV or more in a single purchase, you get $50.
  • When they do the same thing with their two new people, they each get $50 and you get $75.
  • When you help those 4 people on your level 2 each enroll 2 with 100 PV or more, you get $100.
  • You can get UNLIMITED Star Bonuses each month and you can have multiple bonuses going on at one time.
  • It gets paid INSTANTLY.

So far, my Star Bonus has been approximately 30% of my total commissions. What I like most about it is that it rewards the proper behaviors. It gets people using the company’s products.

I’ve found that people who use the company’s products typically LOVE the products, and as a result, they end up reordering each month, and often start building a business.

The diagram below gives you a visual depiction of how it works.

star bonus hbn


Qualifications to Receive the Star Bonus

Step # 1: Order 100 PV worth of products in a single purchase.

Step # 2: Enroll 2 new wholesale customers who each order 100 PV or more in a single purchase.

Step # 3: Collect your $50 for doing that.

Step # 4: Help your two personally enrolled people each enroll their two new people. When you do that they each collect $50 and you earn $75.

Step # 5: Help your four people on your level 2 enroll their two people and qualify for the Star Bonus. When you do that they earn $50 and you earn $100.

You can do this AS MANY times in a month as you choose to. I currently have 10 Star Bonuses going on at one time and it is only the 10th of the month (individual results will vary). I am so excited about this bonus because it rewards good recruiters (and sellers) who TEACH their new customers to become loyal product users.

Tutorial Video

Here is a video I created that explains the HB Naturals Star Bonus in greater detail.

What Others Are Saying About the HB Naturals Star Bonus

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what other happy reps on my team have to say about the Star Bonus.

Landee M.

I LOVE the star bonus, because it’s residual and unlimited. I also love that we can bring 2 people in and break even right away! ~ Landee M.

Joshua W.

The best thing about the Star Bonus is that it gives people the option to make money quickly when they apply themselves. It’s fast cash. To those who are looking to become profitable quickly, the Star Bonus is your best friend!” ~ Joshua W.

GingerMichele K.

I love the star bonus because it allows you to make money fast & help others do the same! It’s simple and duplicatable! ~ GingerMichele K.

Kim S.

What I love about the Star bonus level is the ability to earn extra bonus money for helping myself and others get healthier! This level is easy to duplicate for my team members! Achieving this level opens up the floodgates for even bigger earnings at other levels as well. ~ Kim S. 

Kristin F.

Love the star bonus! Referred the products to a local town office person and the business to another person online. They both bought enough in products that day to produce an additional $50 bonus instantly that day! ~ Kristin F. 

Bree P.

Love love love the Star Bonus. Instant cash for orders that were going to come in anyway! Great bonus and paid the same day! Can’t ask for more!” ~ Bree P.

Lisa N.

I like the Star bonus because it pays on multiple levels and pays multiple times if you can qualify. It is also great that you can qualify repeatedly. I hope to get it one day. ~ Lisa N.

Amanda H.

I like the Star Bonus because it’s such a good visual of the fruition of the hard work I’ve put in training my team and then being able to see the 2nd and 3rd generation fill up knowing the training has been passed down and continues to blossom. ~ Amanda H. 

Nathan P.

The fact it is such a quick way to make profit external to the binary and matrix systems is a beautiful way of helping beginning consultants grow belief in themselves, the company, and their team. ~ Nathan P.

Stacey P.

Being at the 100 CV level opens up the comp plan and gives you a great variety of products to use. Other people see that and want the same. It only takes two people on your team to do the same and then it’s an easy extra $50 for you and qualifies each of them to get the same with two of their downline. Love those star bonuses! Cha Ching! ~ Stacey P.

Jessica T.

The STAR Bonus is AMAZING! A chance to have UNLIMITED STAR Bonuses is a great incentive to go out and get your team all on 100pv orders! The extra income option is a great bonus from this already wonderful company! ~ Jessica T. 

Lillian C.

What I like best about the Star a bonus is when you are least expecting it it shows up. While I’m sleeping its adding up. Sweet surprises. ~ Lillian C.

Michelle C.

I love the star bonuses because it truly is about maximizing the compensation plan and so far it’s equal to about half of my pay. If I didn’t do 100cv auto-ship each month I would be leaving some serious money on the table. The only money I leave on the table is for a tip! ~ Michelle C. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this is my overview of the HB Naturals Star Bonus. If you’d like to learn more about the company, you can check out any of the links you see below.

  1. Read my review of HB Naturals
  2. The HB Naturals Compensation Plan
  3. Best HB Naturals Success tips
  4. Take a free tour
  5. Shop my HBN retail store

I appreciate you visiting my post and I hope you have an amazing day. If you have any questions about the products or company, feel free to contact me to learn more.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary. I am an independent affiliate.

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