HB Naturals Review: Reasons to Join HB Naturals

Welcome to my HB Naturals review. In today’s post, I am going to cover the ins and outs of HB Naturals. We will discuss the popular products, review the compensation plan, talk about why you should consider joining the opportunity, and share some additional insights.

As a quick disclaimer, I am a happy independent affiliate and customer with the company. Individual results will vary. All views in this article are just my opinion. Any products we discuss are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

HB Naturals Review

HB Naturals Review

HB Naturals is a network marketing company specializing in natural and organic, health and wellness products. Here’s what the company’s corporate website says:

Heart & Body Naturals was launched with one simple purpose; sharing the synergistic Healing Trilogy products formulated with the healing power of plants provided by our creator.

The life-enhancing Healing Trilogy products are the one and only reason for Heart & Body Naturals’ existence. If you take away Alexandria’s formulas, there would be no Heart & Body Naturals.

From the early New Mexico clinic days, Mind, Body, and Soul have each assisted the body with healing naturally and provided a synergistic response when used together. Heart & Body Naturals is honored to be the only company to offer Alexandria Brighton’s original Healing Trilogy.

In my own words, they are a no hype, no B.S., product focused company with no gotchas or hoops to jump through.

I personally believe within the next few years HB Naturals will become a HOUSEHOLD NAME in our industry, because they have all the right things in place: products, timing, killer compensation plan and a powerful email marketing system.

The Products

I should tell you upfront that I have been involved with this great industry for more than 20-years now. During that time, I have NEVER been a product guy. Sure, other companies I worked with in the past had cool products. But, there’s something different here with HB Naturals. I am actually very excited about their products.

Their product line consists of:

  • Essential Oils
  • Skin Care
  • Weight Management
  • Personal Care Items
  • Coffee
  • CBD
  • Pet Products
  • & More

In all, there are approximately 120 different products to choose from.

Some of their products are formulated by the one and only Alexandria Brighton. If you’ve never heard of her name before, take a minute and Google her. You’ll be amazed at what you find.

All of the company’s products come with a 60-day money back guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk. Plus, the products are independently, third-party tested.

Some of the best-selling products in my team include:

  1. NOVA Coffee
  2. Nourish (superfood)
  3. Elite CBD (2400 mg)
  4. PAIN (my wife loves this)
  5. Sesso Dolce (intimacy cream)
  6. Black Seed Oil Extract

The products are natural and/or organic, are priced fairly, and really deliver. You can SHOP MY STORE here if you’d like to learn more about the products.

As a quick disclaimer, none of the products have been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. They are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

hbn products

The Compensation Plan

HB Naturals has a hybrid compensation plan. They have combined the binary, unilevel, and matrix compensation plans into something powerful and unique. There are 7 different ways to get paid.

What I like best is that you get paid instantly. When a wholesale or retail customer purchases something, the money is put into your account INSTANTLY, and is available for you to transfer to your bank account. That means you don’t need to wait a week or month to get paid, like most network marketing companies require.

Another thing that really stands out to me about the compensation plan is that it is fair and balanced, both for the part-timer and the heavy hitter. Someone can join for free, without placing an order, and still get paid two different ways.

They can get paid instant 50 percent commissions on their retail sales and instant 20 or 30 percent commissions on their wholesale customer sales. This means someone who is broke, with no money, can still start a business with HBN and make money. How cool is that?

HBN also offers many other lucrative parts of the compensation plan, such as the Star Bonus, the binary, the matching bonus, the matrix bonus (weekly profit sharing pool) and so much more. I have a very extensive and detailed blog post covering the HB Naturals Compensation plan you can read if you want additional information.

The Company Leadership Team

As John Maxwell says: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”

Our CEO, Paula Scarcella, has extensive experience in the industry as a rep and company owner. In addition, she hired Kevin Thompson, the most respected MLM Attorney I know of, to keep the company FTC Compliant. Plus, she has hired Troy Dooley to help provide guidance and insights. I believe the company is positioned for long-term success.

hbn leadership team

The Marketing System

Before you join a network marketing company, you should ask yourself the following question:

How am I going to find prospects and convert them into customers and reps?

This is the most important question to ask, yet it is often overlooked.

HB Naturals offers a FREE email marketing system with high converting capture pages and a powerful auto-responder. All you need to do is ask people to take a free tour, by visiting your capture page, and type in their name, email, and phone number. Once they do that, the marketing system takes over for you.

People who “opt-in” get emails when people are placed on their team and when people place an order. This results in a lot of excitement, mostly because of the fear of loss.

In addition to the marketing system, HB Naturals also offers a very powerful retail website you can promote. It’s well organized, easy to navigate, easy to shop with, and has tons of great information to help your prospects make an educated buying decision.

In addition, our team offers a free leads program, drop card system, postcard marketing system, team rotator, advertising CO-OP, and Craigslist system. As a reminder, these systems are provided by our team, not the company.

hbn capture page

The Training

HB Naturals has some great training in place. They have a Facebook group for business training and one for product testimonials. They have several different training websites you can visit to get answers to all of your product and business questions. Plus, our team has its own Facebook group. We also do Facebook lives, weekly webinars, and have our own team training website to teach our reps new skills.

Another thing that stands out to me is that no one forces you to build the business “THEIR” way. We teach you a variety of ways to build your business and have you pick the method that makes the most sense to you.

Join HB Naturals

Reasons to Join HB Naturals

In the paragraphs below, I want to share some of my favorite reasons you should join HB Naturals. These are things I love about the company.

# 1) It’s Free

First and foremost, it’s free to join HB Naturals. There are no membership fees or renewal fees, EVER. Plus, you get several free websites. You don’t have to purchase anything to get started. This is great for the “little guy” or “broke person” who is hungry for an opportunity, but doesn’t have the money to get started.

# 2) Natural & Organic Products

Natural and organic products are taking the world by storm. People realize that the food they eat has a huge impact on their overall health. Many people are switching to the natural and organic product lifestyle, because ingredients are important to them. HBN is cashing in on that trend. Plus, our products are high quality, mass market, and priced competitively.

# 3) CBD

CBD might just be the hottest thing since the invention of Bitcoin. While it is not quite mainstream yet, it’s getting there. People are tired of taking prescription drugs and are looking for natural ways to get healthy.

# 4) The Marketing System

The first question you should ask before you join any MLM Company, or start any business is this:

How am I going to find customers and promote my business?

HB Naturals has the most effective email marketing system I have seen in 20+ years in this industry. Best of all, it’s free for everyone. You get your own high converting capture pages and a powerful auto-responder that helps close your prospects for you.

# 5) Get Paid Instantly

We live in a society where people expect instant gratification. Most MLM Companies only pay once per month. Some pay weekly. With HB Naturals, you get paid INSTANTLY with several parts of the compensation plan. Other parts pay weekly or monthly. This is wonderful: make a sale and the commissions are deposited into your online wallet instantly.

# 6) The Compensation Plan

Every rep in every MLM Company will tell you their compensation plan is the best. It’s in their best interest to tell you that. This compensation plan is killer, especially for the new and inexperienced person. I would challenge ANY leader in our industry to look at our compensation plan and compare it to their company’s. Prepare to be mind blown.

# 7) The Price to CV Ratio

CV stands for commissionable volume. Some companies call it PV. What a lot of MLM Companies do is play around with the price to CV ratio. For instance, you might need to spend $200 to get 100 CV. With HB Naturals, some of our products have a dollar for dollar split. In most cases, you will spend $50 to $75 to achieve 50 CV.

# 8) No Required Purchase to Earn

Most MLM Companies require you to order products each month to be eligible to earn commissions. Even worse, they require you to order more and more each month as you move up through the ranks. With HB Naturals, you can earn two parts of the 7 ways we get paid without ordering. And to earn on the other five parts of the compensation plan you would need to order between 25 CV and 100 CV.

# 9) The Timing

It’s vital to join a network marketing company at the right time, before it becomes a household name. At the present moment in time, HB Naturals is only about five years old, but it is just starting to gain serious momentum. Now is the time to join!

# 10) Money Back Guarantee

All of the company’s products come with a no questions asked 60-day, empty bottle, money back guarantee, so you can buy things with confidence.

# 11) Membership Rewards Program

As a way to reward people for being on auto-ship, HB Naturals offers an amazing Members Rewards Program. You can earn between 5 and 30 percent of your order, in free rewards points. These points can be redeemed for free products. Think of this as a loyal shopper’s program.

# 12) Affordable Shipping

HB Naturals offers affordable shipping. They charge a flat rate shipping charge of $6.99 on all US orders and $13.99 on all international orders, no matter how much you purchase or where you live. To me, this is like a breath of fresh air, because some companies really gouge you with shipping costs.

# 13) Lifestyle Bonuses

You can earn anywhere from $250 to $20,000 extra PER MONTH in lifestyle bonuses as you work your way up through the ranks.

# 14) The Profit-Sharing Pool

HB Naturals offers an amazing weekly matrix payout. Some people call this a profit sharing pool. It rewards everyone who is active in the business at 25 CV or higher with a weekly payout, based upon the their rank, number of people ordering on their team, and the size of their personal order. You can earn money each week, even if you haven’t sponsored anyone yourself.

Of course, this is just a little added bonus each week. Don’t expect to earn much if you haven’t done anything. As a disclaimer, you are not a stakeholder or owner of the company. You are an independent rep.

# 15) International Opportunity

If you’re going to join a network marketing company, make sure it is a true INTERNATIONAL opportunity. Why? Because, there are more than 7 billion people in the world. Do not limit yourself to a company that only does business in one or two countries. HB Naturals ships to more than 100 different countries. 

My Experience

My experience with HB Naturals has been life changing. I joined the company on May 7, 2019. Today is May February 3, 2022. In those 32-months, more than 140,000 people have joined our team. Of course, these are free accounts and not everyone orders, but many do!

I did not get a deal to join this company nor did I come here with a big team. I am currently a top recruiter and six figure earner with the company (individual results will vary).

I do not say this to brag. I just want you to know that I am VERY SERIOUS and committed to the business (and my team), and I am the type of person you would want to partner with.

Even though I have been in the industry over 20-years, this is my first real big breakthrough. Prior to this company I never built a team of more than 3,000 people.

HB Naturals is COMPLETE. It has everything I have been looking for in a company: leadership, the right products, a killer comp plan, a powerful marketing system, and perfect timing.

The products are great. The company is special. It’s network marketing without the headaches. I tell people that if I was creating my own MLM Company, I couldn’t come up with something this good.

If you would like to read my success story, you can do so here. I updated the post once per month during my first year in the business, sharing my results, struggles, failures, and successes.

HB Naturals mission statement

Your Four Options

You have FOUR options you can pursue with HB Naturals.

Your first option is to simply be a customer. This is what most people do. They see VALUE in our products and decide to become a loyal customer. After all, your health is your wealth. Investing a few dollars per day to access some amazing health products is a smart move.

Your next option is to pursue this as a part-time side hustle. About 1 in 7 people who join the company choose this option. They believe in the products and they see the opportunity to earn anywhere from an extra $100 to a few thousand dollars per month. They have a lot going on with their family and career, but they’re interested in the extra income. When you combine the extra income and tax advantages of owning a home-based business, it’s definitely a win-win proposition.

The third option is to do this as a career. Very few people choose this option initially, maybe 1 in 2,000. This is the person who truly sees the big picture and income potential the company offers.  They catch the vision and decide to do this as a career. This is the option I chose.

What’s neat is many people transition from customer to part-timer to full-timer over a period of time. In fact, that’s the best way to do it.

Try out some products. Fall in love with the products and then start sharing them with others. As you start to earn some extra income, keep it as a side hustle, or double down and get after it and build a big business.

Your fourth option is to do nothing. Some people choose this option as well, although I don’t recommend it. Here’s why. First off, our products are helping lots of people improve their quality of life. Investing in your health is one of the best investments you can make. Also, you must create a PLAN B before you need it. Everyone should have multiple streams of income.

Whether you decide to be a customer, part-timer or do this as a career, HB Naturals has something for you. You simply need to decide what “level” you want to participate at.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading my HB Naturals Review. I hope you found the information helpful. What are your thoughts? Have you tried the products before or promoted HB Naturals as a business? If so, leave a comment below to let us know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

I’d love to have you join our team. Once again, it’s free to do so. Just check out the JOIN NOW button you see below. Take a peek. Plus, if you’d like a FREE $25 gift card for your first purchase, you can email me at mrchuckholmes@gmail.com and I’ll email you one (after you take a free tour). I know you will love HB Naturals. I sure do.

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hb naturals income disclosure

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67 thoughts on “HB Naturals Review: Reasons to Join HB Naturals”

  1. Today, I’d like to take a moment or two and compare getting a part-time job vs. starting your own home-based business with HB Naturals.

    Most of us are taught that the only way to earn money is via a job. We’ve learned this from our parents, at school, and in college. As a result, this is what most people do. When they want extra money, they seek out a part-time job.

    As I see it, starting a home-based business is a MUCH better option than getting a part-time job. Here’s my comparison of the two options.

    Part-Time Job

    1. Guaranteed extra money


    1. No residual income
    2. No leverage; everything relies on you (trading hours for dollars)
    3. You can’t sell it; no asset value
    4. No tax deductions
    5. Typically small earnings per hour
    6. Typically have to work on nights and weekends
    7. You have a boss telling you what to do
    HB Naturals Home-Based Business
    Rather than seek out a part-time job, I hope you will see the value in building a part-time HB Naturals business. Here are the pros and cons of doing that, as I see it.
    1. Unlimited earnings potential
    2. Learn new skills
    3. Create an asset that continues to pay you for years (or you can sell it for a profit)
    4. Develop a leveraged, residual income
    5. Amazing tax advantages
    6. Get a free mentor who wants you to out earn them
    7. Flexible schedule, work when you can
    Of course, HB Naturals is not perfect. Nothing is. Here are some of the cons:

    1. Takes time to build up your skills
    2. As with any new business, you typically don’t earn much (per hour) your first year in business, but as you grow a business that can change
    3. It’s easy to do and easy not to do, because there is such a small capital investment

    I hope you will take a closer look at HB Naturals and realize what you have your hands on.

    If you are ready to get started, or ready to get serious, please reply to this email and I’d be glad to help you get started. 

    1. Do your due diligence and then make a decision that is the best for you and your family. If you decide to do it, set a goal, make a plan, and get to work. And then stay the course until you achieve your goals. That’s how you do it.

      1. I definitely agree with this suggestion. We need to do our due diligence before making the hard decisions and once we are ready, we need to consider that we really want this to make sure that we will make the necessary actions and sacrifices to make it a success.

  2. Thank you for this amazing opportunity, even though it has been a slow start due to my own circumstances I know I will succeed. I have been apart of other companies that only pay attention to the top performers, I am always recognized and feel like part of the family.

    1. I’m glad to have you on our team, Robin. Remember, it’s now how you start that matters. It’s how you finish. Just get started, be consistent and stay the course and your business will grow. I know you can do it.

  3. I am so grateful and blessed to be part of this company. They have a great Compensation Plan and you can even get paid daily. We have the a team; they are always there for me. They have helped me whenever I needed them. We are like a big family. The products are awesome. Since I have used them I feel better with more energy, and now I can get around more.

    1. Sounds like a great company to work with. Hard work is something that commonly goes unrewarded for some so it’s really great to see that there are still who value the efforts of their employees by making sure they are well-compensated.

    2. It’s always nice to see a company which doesn’t only appreciate the top performers of the company but rather everyone’s effort. A company that treats its employees as family will always be the most successful – simply for reasons that you will do your best for anyone you treat as someone you love or someone you call a family. It’s rare that you find one. So, treasure it once you do.

  4. I have absolutely loved being a part of the HB Naturals family. Yes, we are like a “family” even though the majority of us have never personally met we all give support to help one another grow! My favorite products to date are: Pain magnesium Lotion, Black Seed Oil & our Nova Smart coffee…just to name a few.

  5. I have finally found three things, 1-a product that works, 2-a Company that anyone can work and 3-a sponsor that supports his team. Regards, John.

    1. That definitely sums it up, John.

      The products are amazing and priced fairly. It’s a good deal for the “part-timer” or “little guy” and for the serious person.

      Thanks for your compliment saying I’m a good sponsor. I really appreciate it. I do my best to help everyone on the team.


    2. Hi, John! It seems that you have hit not just two but three birds using a stone. It is rare that you’ve found something like this. It seems a precious gem that’s hard to find.

  6. I am amazed at this company. The products are the highest quality and most importantly, they are effective. The compensation plan is so generous. I have to say though, my favorite part is the community we have. We all work together to ensure everyone wins. Thank you HB Naturals for this life changing opportunity!

    1. Yes, Christen.

      We do have a great community with HB Naturals. We welcome everyone with open arms. There is no pressure or hype. We have something for everyone here. People get recognized and feel appreciated. It’s like a breath of fresh air compared to other network marketing companies I have been part of.


  7. I am a person who has a unique digestive system because I have no colon. It had to be removed due to inactivity. I have taken supplements for years but nothing has been as effective and no upsetting to my system as body, soul and mind. Love these products.

  8. I am truly enjoying the products. My favorites are the Black Seed Oil and Nourish. I use them every single day. I also use the Pain cream for the shoulder and hand pain and have eliminated the pain pill I was taking completely. That was a big big one for me.

    My next goal I thought was that pill that I know is making me hoarse, so I started on the Potassium beAlkaline. Potassium is the 3rd most abundant mineral in the human body.

    Thank you HBNaturals. I never knew that. I love it. Results in about 4 weeks on that. Now my soaps are the best for this 60’s girl. I have been a Dove user for 41 years. The lavender and Comfrey literally calms me when I lay it down for the evening. I sleep until morning. The Rosemary& Peppermint for my face. I get many compliments on my skin. I can go on and on. Just too many more to add.

    Now, the comp plan is great. I am slowly getting that up and going. I am sure to see you all at the top.

    1. For an avid coffee lover as myself, it is a such a blessing to have a company that provides a product and lets you enjoy what you love while providing you with the added benefits. Nova Coffee surely piqued my interest. I have checked the other products too and they seem to be a complete package for all your body needs.

  9. I am probably the newest here. I joined HB Naturals less than one month ago. I have been searching for natural supplements that don’t come in pill form. The products are amazing.

    The compensation plan is unbelievable. The compensation itself gives me encouragement to make a portion of the huge bonuses. If you are serious about making money, the company helps you work towards your goals: both health goals and financial goals. It’s all about you taking the time to invest in yourself. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. You are your biggest setback.

    1. Great testimonial, Angelina.

      Lots of people struggle with taking pills. I love that we have liquid and powdered supplements that are easy for anyone to take.

      I wish you continued success with your business. If you set your mind to it and put in the work, anything is possible here.

  10. I’ve been with HB Naturals for six months and honestly can say it’s one of the most genuine companies I’ve been part of. The quality of products (I get mine free thanks to my commissions) are incredible and the compensation plan leaves the door open for anyone to earn! My greatest reward by joining? Being part of a supportive, genuine team. No “I’m bigger than you” mentality that you see in some direct sales/MLM communities. The sky’s truly the limit. I’m here to stay!

  11. I have been in HB Naturals for one month and I have never made such easy money with no other MLM company. The $25 gift card gives you an opportunity to have folks pay a small price to try out the products! And they work! I’m pretty sure my customers are going to order again without begging 🥺. I have loved the experience so far, and the business has made dealing with current pandemic a lot easier.

    I haven’t seen a huge Spanish speaking population here, so my next goal is to reach out to 100 Spanish speaking people in the next 6 months!

    1. Hi Marieliz,

      I’m very excited about tapping into the Spanish market. I’m sure the company will do that within the next 12 to 24 months. Almost everyone is looking to get healthy and earn some extra money. At HB Naturals, we truly have something for everyone.


  12. Thank you for writing this article. I love the products. No added sugar. Superfoods. 100% Natural. I found this company by chance. I was looking for a product that was all-natural to lose weight with and when I came across these products and did my product research I fell in love with the company. I have been using the products for a little under a month and I feel amazing. I have more energy than I have ever had before. I also noticed a significant amount of blotting around my midsection has reduced. I loved the products so much I decided to share them with my friends and family. This is an amazing company. The leadership really cares about their team, and their customer care and service team are by far the fastest at responding to concerns or issues. To start this business as you mentioned is of no cost and commissions are paid daily. This type of business model is exactly what is needed in an uncertain economy like today.

    1. Great story, Connie. Thanks for sharing. I’m so happy you found something you could get excited about. Here’s to your continued success with HB Naturals.


  13. I have been with HBN for 6 months and I love the products. I have a few health problems and have found the products to help me. I have never been a “take care of myself person” until I joined HBN. I have learned more in 6 months than I have in other businesses where I have been there for years. The fact that they focus on not just good but GREAT & pure products. I am blown away with how many ways I make money and right now I have been working part-time. Plus, there are so many avenues of training, a wonderful “family” feeling because everyone loves to share. I am so glad I found HBN.

    1. I’m glad the products have helped you with your health and that you’ve had a good experience so far in our community building a business. Here’s to your good health and continued success with HB Naturals.

  14. First, I just wanna say the review of HBN NATURALS was phenomenal. No one could have explained it better. I got excited just from reading the info that I almost signed back up again.

    My name is Isaac Williams. By far this has been the best network marketing company I have been. The products, people the leadership team are amazing. I’ve been with the company for three months now and everyday I’m learning something new from either personal development or from a mentor.

    I’m truly blessed to be here at the right time with the right people. HBN is gonna change my life for the better.

    1. I’m happy you enjoyed my HB Naturals review, Isaac. I’m glad you have enjoyed your experience so far with the products and business opportunity. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  15. HB Naturals is the full package- effective, organic products and the comp plan really works. I came onboard as a customer, and was so impressed with the products and the outstanding support, I decided to build my HBN business also. My business is growing quickly, both in terms of consultants and financial reward. The system at HB Naturals is really built for unparalleled growth and success.

  16. My 1 year anniversary is coming up in June of me being with HBN! I have tried a lot of products and love them all! The products I have tried have made a difference in my life! My favorite is the Triology and the Nourish! I put one scoop of each in a glass of apple juice and chug it! It tastes good and I have seen an improvement in my hair skin and nails and overall health! I feel better and have lots of energy! Love that HBN is a family to me and the products really do help people! Thanks.

    Susan Cooper

    1. Susan,

      You are amazing. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you have had a good experience with the products and business. The best is yet to come. Year two will be amazing.


  17. Hi Chuck,

    This is the best explanation of HB NATURALS I have ever seen. I totally agree with everything you said. Being a part of this team and company is an honor and a privilege. There is none other like this experience in my eyes.

    Lillian Courville

  18. I found this company while researching natural pet products for my furbabies and began using products myself monthly once I discovered the high quality and plethora of benefits I was experiencing. I love that they are all natural, organic, and USA made that provide easy swaps for my medicine cabinet and diet supplementation. I became such a fan that 1 month ago I decided to pursue the business opportunity. The transition was seamless, as I had already been sharing my experience and results with others and benefiting from the compensation plan. The care and support from the company and my team has amplified that now with clear paths for success.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Hannah.

      Lots of people start out like you did, as a customer first, and then fall in love with the products and decide to pursue the income opportunity. I love this company and I’m glad you do as well.

      Here’s to your continued success.


  19. I have been with HBN for about 6 months & I already have over 8,000 consultants on my team! This company has the best commission & marketing platforms that I have ever seen & Ive been in direct sales for over 11 years.

    The other bonus with this company is the amount of support you get. Everyone is so willing to help & never steps on any toes in the process which is HUGE!

    I honestly can’t say anything negative about my experience with HBN & I look forward to seeing how far this company goes!

  20. I have been a member since April 14 and I love all of the help and support that I get from members that have been in it before me. My favorite product that I absolutely love is the vitalitea. I’ve been drinking two cups every day for almost three weeks now and I can feel the difference and my blood pressure has been normal. I love this company.

  21. Hi Chuck,

    This is a great summary of HB Naturals. I have been with the company for just over a year. The comp plan and the products have both changed my life for the better. I am very thankful that a regular guy like me, that has never done network marketing before, can come here and win. If anyone wants to learn more about the products or business they can visit my site.


  22. Joining HBN has been the best decision I have ever made. The products are incredible but the compensation plan is like no other. Getting paid in real time has been a true blessing. Take a FREE tour today!

    1. Yes, Kallie. Instant payments are the best.
      Plus, we have some amazing people on our team. What I love is that we can meet new friends, get healthy, have fun, and earn some extra cash at the same time. It’s the ultimate win-win with HB Naturals.

  23. HB Naturals has been a Godsend. My husband is disabled and I’m the only one with J O B. We were worried how we were going to make it financially. My husband has always had the larger income in our household. Now, we don’t worry about it any more. Our bills are paid and on time.

  24. I have been a rep for Hb Naturals since late January of 2020. I love the all natural organic products from essential oils, soap bars to lavender ice. I have been promoting the different products that I love by making short videos. I like that the products are made in the USA. You get great support from your upline and others in the HB Naturals community. When you get a sale you will see the money show up instantly. You can easily grow your business by having people join you.

  25. These products are the best! I was looking for an alternative to the medications that I kept having nasty side effects from. After just six weeks Using Mind, Body, Soul, Nourish, and Black Seed Oil, I had a drop in my cholesterol, triglycerides, A1c, and blood pressure. The only medication change during this time was that I had to stop taking my cholesterol medication because of a severe reaction, and yes, my cholesterol still went down. While these are not medical claims, just my experience, I am happy that I have been able to share these results with other people that have now had similar experiences.

  26. I personally use at least 6 products daily from this company and they are truly changing my quality of life for the better. I used to have recurring back pain, but the Black Seed Extract took that away. Also, I love how the Nova coffee makes me feel, especially when I need to be focused in the mornings as I work 2 jobs. The appetite suppressant qualities of the Nova coffee keep me on track for maintaining my weight. Mind, Body and Soul give me all the energy, and inflammation reducing effects on a daily basis, and the Nourish gives me the very best superfood vitamin

    1. Robert,
      I can tell you are definitely a product of the products, Robert. Thanks for the testimonial. I use those same products myself and absolutely love them.

  27. I’ve been an affiliate with HBN for just over six months. At first, I honestly just joined to get the wholesale discount in the amazing organic Ayurvedic products. When the commissions started flowing in, things changed for me.

    The products are amazing. Truly organic, vegan, gluten free and cruelty free. I started off trying out the amazing Healing Trilogy Ayurvedic wellness packs and the Black Seed Oil due to some personal health issues. Within a week, I added a larger pack of products at a discount. Simply by sharing my experiences with these products I’ve been earning all of my orders with commissions ever since. My personal orders have now expanded to include CBD coffee, Ayurvedic Coffee, the amazing Skin Care tone, 240g CBD, bio minerals, specialty essential oil blends, detoxing products and more.

    My physical health has been improving drastically. My financial health has also gotten better and I have an amazing group of business partners to work with. This is the best compensation plan I have ever seen. Paula has truly made it easy for everyone to gain financial health along with physical health, as long as you put in a little effort. Simply amazing and really shows where her heart is at.

    1. Thanks for sharing your amazing story. I’m glad you’ve experienced success with both the products and the business side of things. Keep up the great work, Stacey!

  28. I have been with HB Naturals for 6 months now and love it! I have been with other companies and can honestly say that they didn’t have a combination of a compensation plan that worked for me and products that I loved. HB Naturals has everything that I have been looking for!

    I have to feel good about the products I am recommending and know that they will not only help people but also have 100% natural ingredients. The compensation plan was well thought out and I don’t need to struggle to make money or advance in titles if I choose to. Other companies made it so hard to “make a buck”. I have seen first hand and heard great testimonies of how this company has changed lives of many people with not only the products but financially as well. With any company, you have to choose one that fits your needs.

    1. I just reached my 6th month with HB Naturals. I have been in network marketing for 17 years. This company is by far the best I have been with. Their products are top notch, and the compensation plan is one of the best I’ve run into.

      My three favorite products in no order are…Vitalitea, Pain Cream, and Entourage. If you haven’t yet, ask for a $25 gift card!

      1. Those are all great products, Jessica. And yes, the compensation plan is out of this world. Combine that with our company’s timing, the gift card program, the comp plan, systems, and company’s leadership team, and it’s the perfect storm to turn into something huge.

    2. I was introduced to HB Naturals in September 2019. Became a member for free and made my first purchase of the Weight Loss Pack. Who would have known that it would have been the best thing I’ve done for myself. I started using these products daily and couldn’t believe how good I felt. Plus I was losing inches and weight, dropping a pant size.

      Then branched out to try more of the products…my favorites now include Pain & Sleep creams. Starting to use essential oils, too.

      I then decided to look into the business side of HB Naturals, to which I am now starting to build my business as well. The training is so awesome and all at your fingertips to learn at your own pace.

      This company is so great in many ways, I am so glad I became part of it.

      1. What a great testimonial, Carmen! I’m glad the products have helped you lose weight and inches. Most people start out as customers first, then fall in love with the products and end up doing the business side of things. We’re glad to have you on our team!

  29. Hi there,
    Thanks for all the info! I love how well put together and concise it is, so thank you. One question I have is, how focused is HB naturals on CDB? I would be joining to sell mostly CBD oil and products. Is this a focus of the company or just one of its many products. Thanks for your info.

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