HB Naturals Top Leaders

What you will find on this page are some of the top HB Naturals leaders sharing their success stories and best tips. These are successful reps on our team, Team Supreme. Of course, we are not the only team within HB Naturals, but we are blessed to have some amazing leaders.

What I asked each one of these HB Naturals leaders to do is share their own HB Naturals story. I hope you find the information educational and inspiring. If you would like to team up with one of these HB Naturals leaders, I have provided a link to their website.

Top HB Naturals Leaders

The names you see below are all respected leaders and network marketing professionals.

Chuck Holmes (Ruby Director)

chuck holmes

“My name is Chuck Holmes. I am the co-founder of Team Supreme, along with my good friend, Will Zanders. I joined HB Naturals on May 7, 2019. At the time, I was in a different network marketing company, but I was frustrated and not getting the results or commissions I wanted and thought I deserved.

I’ve been in the industry since 2002. After failing miserably for more than 15-years, HB Naturals is my first home run in this industry. It’s actually been more like a grand slam. This company is just different than anything else I’ve ever been a part of.

What attracted me to the company were the email marketing system, the timing and the lucrative compensation plan. Plus, it was a great deal for the little guy. Of course, the products are amazing too, but they were not the reason I initially joined.

In less than one year, more than 98,000 people have created a free account and joined our team. Our team is mostly customers, but we also have a good amount of part-timers and side hustlers, and a few full-time people.

HB Naturals has something for everyone. Whether you are looking to get healthy, make new friends, be part of something bigger than yourself, earn some extra money or start a new career, I’d like to say welcome home.” ~ Join Chuck’s team

Will Zanders (Emerald Director)

Will Zanders“What I love about HBN is a tough question. A better question would be, “What’s not to love?”

HBN is very special, cash happy, debt free company where customers and distributors are put first in every way. HBN has luxurious in demand product selections at prices customers and distributors can afford. HBN has done away with the “Pay to Play” model a lot of companies use and created a truly safe environment for distributors to learn and grow that is absolutely free to join and free to get paid commissions.

Speaking of commissions, HBN pays daily commissions in real time via direct deposit, Apple Pay, Venmo, Facebook Pay and even paper check if you prefer.

Lastly the training systems, compensation plan, incentives and free Gift Card programs that are in place are beyond phenomenal and promote the proper behaviors for viral growth and big checks for your team.

HBN is truly a one of kind opportunity, that deserves some serious attention from any new or experienced network marketer looking to find a home with the next rock star company before it’s a household name. HB Naturals comes with my highest recommendation.” Join Will’s team

Melissa Brower (Ruby Director)

melissa brower“After over 20-years in traditional medicine, not only did I suffer from a severe case of professional burnout, but I was also financially wiped out after a divorce and bankruptcy left me without a Plan B. I was introduced to network marketing, had no prior experience, and what started out as a side hustle on evenings and weekends retired me from medicine.

Now I am not only able to help people with natural options for their health, but also provide them an option for a passive income stream. If there ever was a “PERFECT STORM” of a network marketing opportunity, it would be Heart & Body Naturals!

Not only is it free to join, 100% online and pays daily, but it has the most aggressive, yet fair compensation plan I have ever seen combined with an incredibly diverse line of affordable, organic, in-demand products.

There really is something for everyone from the professional network marketer to the stay at home mom. In our HBN family, everyone can win.” ~ Join Melissa’s team

Landee Martin (Pearl Director)

Landee Martin“What I love the most about HBN is the team culture. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. If you want to succeed in network marketing, this company has the training, leadership, and support that other MLM’s don’t have.

I first heard about HBN from my dear friends Chuck Holmes and Will Zanders. After watching them for a few months and observing the tremendous success they were having, I decided to jump in and give it a try. I told a few people and it literally took off from there.

I went “all in”, bought a value pack to earn the extra fast start commissions, and set myself up to make the most money. Within 3-months, I reached the rank of Pearl Director and recently hit the milestone of 25K in earnings.

HBN’s comp plan is lucrative and generous for those who put the work in. It is important to consistently work the business and always be sharing the products and opportunity if you want to succeed here, but HBN has the proven systems in place for ANYONE to succeed.

I encourage you to go “all in” like I did and start now so you too can reach your income or health goals. Although I joined to make more money, I quickly fell in love with the quality products.

The Healing Trilogy has helped me in so many ways with my health and has helped lower my husband’s blood pressure from 160/90 to 135/80. I never go a day without it!! I also love the Nova coffee and Nourish! HBN has it all: top quality products, a lucrative comp plan, and leaders who CARE.” ~ Join Landee’s team

Lisa & Robert Monoson (Platinum Executives)

lisa robert monoson“Hello my name is Lisa Monoson and I’ve been in network marketing for 20-years. I’m a mama of 3, happily married, 2 fur babies and have two grandchildren.I have always loved to be my own boss and be able to still be the caregiver in my home.

Also, due to health issues getting a day job was out of the question. I needed the flexibility and freedom to work when I could and on my terms. I thought I would be a lifer in my previous company. Sadly they sold it and changed a lot of what I once believed in.

In the Fall of 2019, I began to search for something that aligns better with my belief system. After a long struggle with my health and looking for that plan B  fit,I stumbled upon the tour for HB Naturals. I really didn’t know what I clicked on. I call it my accidental happy click.

Why? Because it just so happened HB Naturals checked off all the boxes that I was looking for in a at home business. I was so excited not only about the products in the fact that they are organic, cruelty-free, dairy free, gluten free, non-GMO and plant-based, but that the company was ground floor & the compensation plan was fire!

Reading the CEO’s story about how HB Naturals came to be and getting to know her first hand, I could feel like this was family and that she really cared about people. The products really work and the compensation plan is out of this world. There are 7 ways to earn here and you get paid daily. You can make a withdrawal anytime you have commission.

So far in the five months of being in this business I have ranked up to Platinum director  and have 10,000 team members. We have also helped more than 25 people rank advance. The success here is for anyone who’s willing to work hard, stay diligent and consistent.

There are free marketing email systems in place to help you succeed and our team culture is fantastic.  If you’re looking for the next big thing, with the support you have always dreamed of, you have found it here with HB Naturals. After all, its FREE to join so you should take a look. You’ve got nothing to lose except an incredible opportunity.

I’m so excited as to where this is going to take us and our Elite Diamonds in the next few years. The sky’s the limit.” ~ Join Lisa & Robert’s team

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are some success stories from some of the top HB Naturals leaders on our team. As more and more people on my team climb through the ranks, I will update this page, and have them share their success story.

What are your thoughts? If you’re involved with HB Naturals and would like to share your success story, just leave a comment below to do so.


Individual results will vary. All businesses come with certain levels of risk. Please read the income disclosure you see below.

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