HB Naturals Getting Started Training

Welcome to my HB Naturals Getting Started Training. While the information on this page is really designed for people in my team, it will benefit anyone in HB Naturals.

As your personal sponsor, or someone in your upline success team, I want to formally welcome you to HB Naturals, as well as share some information that I believe will help you earn your first commission check as quickly as possible.

First and foremost, you need to know what you have your hands on. This is an incredible opportunity. There is SERIOUS money to be made here, if you are willing to get to work. The company is exploding (in a good way) as I write this article.

The products are great, the marketing system is the best I have ever seen, the compensation plan is awesome for the part-timer and serious person AND the timing and positioning of the company is about as good as it gets.

The most basic advice I can give you is to:

  1. Get excited
  2. Have a sense of urgency
  3. Keep it simple and do not reinvent the wheel
  4. Share your link with as many people as possible as quickly as possible
  5. Be a product of the products (100 PV autoship)
  6. Go Executive & Teach Executive

HB Naturals Getting Started Training

HB Naturals Getting Started Training

Step # 1: Activate Your Account

By ordering minimum 25 PV (about $25 + shipping) you can LOCK IN your weekly matrix commissions for 31-days. We highly suggest a 50 PV order because you can earn 400% more in matrix commissions. If you can afford it, 100 PV is ideal for serious people because it really opens-up the compensation plan. That is what I do.

All you need to do is login with the ID and password they gave in your welcome email. Click on order products, pick what you want and check out. Set up your auto-ship for the 1st of the month.

If you forgot your login and password, you can go to the link you see below and click on resend welcome email.


Step # 2: Make Your Names List

This step is very simple. Write down your Facebook, LinkedIn, email and phone contacts. For most people this will be at least 2,000 names. Don’t worry, you don’t need to call any of these people. You are going to Facebook message, text or email them our simple scripts.

Step # 3: Contact 10 to 50 People Daily

Because you are reaching out to people by Facebook messenger, text or email, it won’t take much of your time. Here are the scripts I am using. Pick the one that works best for you.

Warm Market (Business)

  1. Hey, ______. I found something you would be really good at. Can I send you the link?
  2. Hi, _______. Have you seen this before? I think you would do really well with it. YOUR WEBSITE
  3. Hi, _______. I found a great side hustle I think you could make good money with. Would you like the details on it?
  4. Hi, ______. If I sent you a link to a website that will help you make money online with your cell phone, would you check it out? Send link if they respond yes.
  5. Hi, _____. I started a new e-commerce business and I’m looking for referrals. If I sent you my information, could you possibly forward it to people you think might want to get healthy or earn some extra money?
  6. Hi, ____. I just started a new side hustle and I am looking for people to help me expand? Would you mind giving me the name of the most successful person you know?
  7. Hi, _____. Could you do me a favor? Would you please give me the name of someone you know who does sales and the name of one person you know who is really health conscious?
  8. If I could show you how to make money with your smart phone, would you be interested in more information?
  9. I found a way to make money online I know you would like. Can I send you the link with the details?
  10. If I could show you how to make money sending out 5 to 10 emails per day, would that be of interest to you?
  11. Have you ever thought about having a side hustle? I found something you could do in 30-45 minutes per day. Would you be interested in learning more?
  12. Hey Joe. I just started my own e-commerce business offering health and wellness products. I’m looking for referrals. If I send you my link, would you pass it on to two people you think might be interested in it?

Warm Market (Products)

  1. Hi, _______. I know you struggle with sleep. I found a product that might help you with that. Can I send you a link to it?
  2. Hi, ____. I know you struggle with PAIN. I found a product that might help you with that. Would it be okay if I emailed you some information about it?
  3. Hi, _____! I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried CBD before, but it has helped me a lot. Would it be okay if I shared with you what CBD product I am using?
  4. Hi, _______. I know you buy supplements and eat healthy and care about your health. I found some products you might want to check out. Would it be okay if I sent you some information about them?
  5. Hi, ______. Could you do me a simple favor? I just started my own e-commerce store and I am trying to get my name out there. Would you possibly share my link with a few of your friends?

Pick the script you like most and send it to each of your prospects. If they do not respond to your message, leave them alone and move on to the next person. You can contact them again in 30-days.

If they do respond, send them your HBN Powerline capture page. It looks like this


All you need to do is remove my ID number and replace it with yours. Once they get the link from you, they can take a free tour and then the company’s powerful email marketing system will kick in.

Your real objective is to get as many people as possible to take a free tour. 

After people take a free tour, you want to reach out to them by phone, text or email. Ask them if they have any questions. If they have questions, answer their questions. If they express an interest, you need to close them. Here’s what you can say:

  • What questions do you need me to answer before we get you started today?


  • It sounds like this would be a good fit for you, how about we take two minutes and place your first order, so we can get your business launched?

If they respond favorably, say this:

I suggest you place a 100 CV order so you can maximize the compensation plan. That will be an investment of about $110 when you factor in tax and shipping. If that won’t work for you, you can do a 50 CV order, which is about $55, when you factor in tax and shipping. Which of these two options is best for you?

Once they answer, walk them through the process of login and ordering. If you have a gift card, now is the time you can share it with them. Keep it simple and follow this process.

Step # 4: Go Executive

Go Executive, Teach Executive. That is how you become successful in this company. You achieve the rank of Executive by personally ordering 25 PV or more, and having two personally sponsored members at 25 PV or higher, with one of them on your left team and one on your right team.

hb naturals executive

Step # 5: Teach These 4 Steps to Your Team

Every rank in this company is based off helping other people go Executive. To make it to the top of the compensation plan you simply need to:

  1. Go Executive
  2. Personally enroll 12 Executives to become a Platinum
  3. Help 6 of those 12 Executives enroll 12 Executives and become Platinum
  4. By doing that (and having 500 cycles) you are a DIAMOND!

That’s the business is a nutshell. Your job is to teach and duplicate! Keep things simple and do not reinvent the wheel.

Keep in mind, you will learn about the products and other things you need to succeed as you go. You do not need to know everything to get started. Do not give yourself information overload or have analysis by paralysis. Keep it simple and take all out massive action.

Answering Objections

Here are the most common objections you will hear from people, along with a rebuttal or response you can use.

# 1: Is it a scam?

Answer: Of course not. What makes you think that? This business model has been around more than 60-years and does well over $150 BILLION in sales worldwide each year. It’s bigger than the NFL and the movie industry.

# 2: Is it an illegal pyramid?

Answer: No. All businesses and organizations are shaped like a pyramid. What’s great about this business is everyone starts at the top (as the CEO) of their own business and has to fill in the bottom. At any point in time, you can make more money than the people above you.

# 3: I don’t have the time.

Answer: If you don’t change what you are currently doing, WHEN will you ever have the time to live life on your own terms?

# 4: Do I have to spend money?

Answer: All businesses have start-up and ongoing costs. The beauty of this business is you have a very low monthly overhead (less than $35), and you can get started by ordering just one product.

# 5: Do I have a monthly buying commitment?

Answer: You can order whenever you’d like to. In order to collect your monthly commissions, you must order a product yourself, OR you must have at least one retail customer who orders 50 or more points.

# 6: I don’t like selling.

Answer: Me either. What we’re looking for in this business is people who like to teach, coach and help other people. Having a strong sales background can be beneficial, but it is not mandatory.

# 7: The products are too expensive.

Answer: They are expensive if you compare apples to oranges. The products you see at most of the vitamin shops and discount stores are not natural or organic. When you compare our prices with other natural and organic products, they are priced very competitively.

# 8: How much money do you make?

Answer: I’m not sure.  I’m still getting paid on work I did when I first got started.


  • People will have objections, expect it
  • An objection is just a request for more information
  • Don’t get defensive
  • If you don’t know how to respond, respond with a question
  • You can also use the feel, felt, found method to overcome objections

Tips for Success

  1. Do not try to explain the business in detail to people. Instead, share one of your links and have them take a free tour. Just pique their curiosity and ask them to take a look. That’s all you should do. The more you talk the more you come across as a salesperson. Plus, if they aren’t willing to take a free tour, you should not waste your time with them.
  2. Make your list and contact 100 people quickly, preferably in 96-hours or less. Do not pre-judge anyone. Go through all of your phone, email, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts. For most people, that is at least 2,000 people.
  3. Everyone who takes a free tour on your website, move them out of your holding tank immediately, so they can start receiving the company’s powerful emails. Also, ask them to try out a product and offer them a gift card if they do so. Recommend one of your favorite products. Ask them if you can add them to our team’s Facebook group. This will give them SOCIAL proof and they can see there are people succeeding with this.
  4. Everyone who DID NOT take a free tour, follow up with each of them 2x during the next 30-days. The fortune is in the follow-up.
  5. Your goal is to go Executive quickly and help EVERYONE who places an order go Executive quickly.
  6. SPEED Is everything. The faster you build the business the easier it is.

Tools and Resources

Here are some helpful tools and resources that can help you get started right with HB Naturals.

HBN Welcome Email

If you did not receive a Welcome email from HBN corporate, visit this link below to have your welcome email resent to you. Click on resend welcome message.


HBN Back Office Tour for New Members

If you want to learn how to navigate your back office and move people out of your holding tank, check out the link you see below.


Join Our Team Facebook Group

Our personal team on Facebook is called the HBN Supreme Team. This is only available for people in our team. If you would like to join it (and you are on our team), check out the link below.


Like & Follow The Official Corporate Facebook Page


 Join the HB Naturals Testimonial Group

Review some of the testimonials from our customers, and see how HBN’s outstanding products have impacted their health and their lives.


Important HBN Training Sites – Review Both


Your Free HBN Personal Websites

If you’re trying to figure out what different websites you have available to use, check out the link below.


Review the Compensation Plan

Discover the different ways you can make money with HBN’s awesome compensation plan.


Build Your Contact List

If you need additional tips on how to build your contact list, check out the resource below.


Final Thoughts

Thanks for checking out my HB Naturals Getting Started Training. I hope you found the information helpful. Please keep the business simple. This training works. We helped just shy of 90 people hit the rank of Executive and higher in our first 3-weeks. Keep it simple and make money. Complicate things and you won’t survive long in the business.

If you would like to learn more about the company, and potentially work with me, click on the take a free tour button you see below.

free tour

hb naturals income disclosure


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