HB Naturals FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Today, I want to cover some of the most common HB Naturals FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). As a quick disclaimer upfront, I am an independent affiliate with the company. Individual results will vary. The products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The answers provided on this page are my opinion and interpretation of each question. Please visit the corporate website for additional information.

What you will see below are the most common HB Naturals Frequently Asked Questions my team members and prospects ask me. All of these are business related topics. I do not talk about the products in any private or public venue. Instead, I just refer people to the corporate website or corporate customer service team for that. Why? I am not a doctor and do not make any type of medical claim.

HB Naturals FAQ

HB Naturals FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

These questions below are listed in no particular order.

# 1: Do We Get Paid On Our Own Orders?

No, you do not get paid on your own personal purchase. However, you are allowed to have more than one account per household. What I suggest you do is have your spouse or significant other open an account as well. Order your basic 25, 50 or 100 PV order on your account and then order any additional products you want or need on your spouse’s account. By doing that, you could earn commissions on those purchases.

# 2: Can We Have More Than One Account per Household?

Yes. As long as each person is 18-years of age or older, and has their own SSN or TAX ID, you can have more than one account per household.

# 3: Do I Have to Order Something to be Qualified for Commissions?

No. You can earn retail commissions without ordering. Retail sales pay 50% commissions, which are paid instantly. You can also get paid commissions on WHOLESALE customers you personally refer. You would earn 20% of their PV in commissions in fast start bonuses during their first 90-days in the business.

After that, 100% of their orders are placed in the binary tree and you would need to order at least 25 CV and be binary qualified (Executive) to earn commissions on them. For the other five parts of the compensation plan (we get paid 7 ways) you would need to place an order.

# 4: How Do We Earn Money?

We only get paid when products are purchased. We do not get paid to recruit people. You could recruit 1,000 people, but if no one orders the products, no one would get paid. You should do a combination of retailing and recruiting, not just one or the other. Retailing will pay you an immediate 50% profit, which is great. You should maintain 2 to 10 retail customers at all times.

Wholesale orders will pay you 20 to 30 percent commissions during their first 90-days in the business. During those 90-days, half the CV goes in the binary tree. After the 90-days, the entire CV is put in your binary, but you no longer earn Fast Start Commissions on that person.

You can also earn overrides from your team’s purchases and sales. Finally, we get paid based upon the CV, not the sales price (more on that in a minute).

# 5: Which Leg Should I Put People Into?

  • HB Naturals utilizes a binary compensation plan
  • This means you have two teams: a left team and a right team
  • Everyone you personally refer must be placed either on your left or right team
  • You only want to place people on your outside left or outside right leg, never on the inside
  • Ultimately, you will have to place people you enroll in BOTH legs
  • When you are just starting out, your goal is to go Executive quickly: the first two people who order 25 PV or more, place one on the left and one on the right (that will make you an Executive)
  • After you hit Executive, make sure you ALWAYS have at least one active personally enrolled person on the left AND right, so you stay binary qualified
  • Assuming you are an Executive, place people in the leg with the least amount of volume
  • I strive to do a 4:1 ratio; for every 5 people I enroll I personally put 4 people in the smaller leg and one in the bigger leg

What is the Holding Tank

# 6: What is the Holding Tank & How Do I Empty It?

By default, when someone takes a free tour and creates a free wholesale account, they are placed in your holding tank (unless you turned it off). Think of a holding tank like a baseball dugout. Players sit in the dugout until the coach assigns them a position. You empty your holding tank by following the instructional video in the HBN Training website.

Just login to your back office. In the dashboard, click on MY TEAM and then PLACEMENT HOLD. From there it is self-explanatory.

# 7: How Soon Should I Move People Out of My Holding Tank?

In my opinion, you should move people out of your holding tank within an hour or two after enrolling them. The longer you keep someone in your holding tank, the more you penalize them. By moving someone out of your holding tank quickly, it allows others to put people under your new person.

By default, the holding tank automatically empties after the person has been in there 7-days. If you do not assign them a position, they will be put in your leg with the least amount of volume. Do not wait for this to happen. Move people immediately.

Also, you want to make sure your holding tank is EMPTY every Thursday night by 11:59 pm PST, so no one misses out on any matrix commissions.

# 8: What’s the Benefit of Ordering 25, 50 or 100 PV?

25 PV

  • qualifies your account as active
  • qualifies you to earn 25 cents on every 50 PV order in your matrix, regardless of who put them there or on what leg they are placed in
  • qualifies you to earn the 20% Customer Sales Bonus
  • qualifies you to earn 4% Binary Team Cycle Bonuses (as long as you are an Executive or higher)

50 PV

  • qualifies your account as active
  • qualifies you to earn 20% fast start bonus
  • qualifies you to earn the $1.00 Matrix Bonus on every 50 point order below you regardless of who placed them there or on what leg they are placed
  • qualifies you to earn 8% Binary Team Cycle Bonuses (as long as you are an Executive or higher)

100 PV

  • qualifies your account as active
  • qualifies you to earn 20% fast start bonus
  • qualifies you to earn the STAR Bonus
  • qualifies you to earn 12% Binary Team Cycle Bonuses
  • qualifies you to earn Binary Team Cycle Match Bonuses
  • qualifies you to earn Rank Advancement Bonuses
  • if on auto-ship, allows you to earn 10 free $25 gift cards with every order

# 9: What is the Difference Between PV, CV and PGV?

All products have a point value assigned to them. For most products it is a 1:1 ratio. In other words, a $50 product would have a 50 CV value.

  • PV is your personal volume.
  • CV is commissionable volume. During people’s first 90-days in the business, 50% of their PV is put in the binary. After 90-days, 100 PV is put in the binary.
  • PGV stands for Personal Group Volume. This is the volume of the people you referred, the people they referred and the people they referred, etc. Your PGV will never be more than your total volume.

Is Auto-Ship Mandatory

# 10: Is Auto-Ship Mandatory?

  • Auto-ship is not required at any time.
  • There are benefits of being on auto-ship such as a 5% discount on each order.
  • 100 PV auto-ships get 10 free $25 gift cards every time their order is processed.
  • You can edit or cancel your auto-ship at any time.

# 11: What is the Member Rewards Program?

This is a program designed to reward people for being loyal customers. It is optional and is used to earn free products, as a reward for being on auto-delivery.

Your points can be used like cash to receive additional FREE Heart & Body Naturals products of your choice.

Beginning with your first order, and then with future Auto-Delivery orders, you receive 5% of the Commissionable Volume as MRP product points. The percentage received increases by 5% every 3 months until after 16-months you could be receiving 30% in MRP product points on qualifying Auto-Delivery orders.

The longer you participate in our optional monthly Auto-Delivery program, the more product points you receive.

  • No limit to the amount of points you can receive.
  • No limit to the amount of points you can redeem.
  • No restrictions on the products that can be purchased with points.
  • Member Rewards Program (MRP) points have no cash value and are non-transferable.
  • Member Rewards Program (MRP) point redemption orders have no Commissionable Volume (CV)
  • Member Rewards Program (MRP) point redemption orders do not count towards active status or earning qualification purposes.

# 12: Does the Binary Volume Empty Out Every Month?

As long as you remain active with at least 25 PSV every 39 days, the sales volume in your organization will continue to accumulate until you are eligible to earn commissions. It’s like a savings account that keeps on accumulating.

# 13: How Does the Fast Start Bonus Work?

  • Earn 20% Fast Start Bonus on all wholesale orders placed by your personally enrolled members during their first 90-days.
  • You can qualify to earn 3% on 2nd generation members by hitting Executive.
  • You can qualify to earn 3% on 2nd generation members and 2% on 3rd generation members by hitting Bronze.
  • Only applies during their first 90-days, after that, no more Fast Start Bonuses (instead all goes in binary tree).
  • By purchasing one of the value packs and maintaining a 100 PV autoship you can earn 30% Fast Start Bonuses instead of 20%.
  • While you are eligible for Fast Start Bonuses, 50% of their PV gets placed in binary tree, after 90-days 100% is placed in binary tree.

# 14: How Does the Gift Card Program Work?

  • When you purchase Heart & Body Naturals gift cards, you will receive a virtual gift card code.
  • You can text it, email it, or post a free $25.00 Gift Card offer on Social Media sites like Facebook.
  • Give a $25 Gift Card code to your family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers and they can redeem it when they make their first Heart & Body Naturals purchase of 25 product points or more.
  • Limit of one per household.

If you want to buy gift cards, here is the cost:

  • (1) $25.00 – 25 CV
  • (5) $50.00 – 50 CV
  • (10) $100.00 – 100 CV
  • (20) $125.00 – 125 CV
  • You can also receive (12) free Gift Cards when you purchase one of our incredible, money-saving Value Packs!

Note: Gift Cards are non-refundable.

# 15: What Countries Do You Ship to?

HB Naturals ships pretty much worldwide. For a complete list, check here.

# 16: How Much is Shipping?

HB Naturals charges flat rate shipping. Their shipping rates are listed below:

  •  $5.99 US Flat Rate
  •  $12.99 International Flat Rate

*** These rates are as of June 2019 and are subject to change.

# 17: Is There are Money Back Guarantee on Purchases?

Yes, all products come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Income Disclosure

hb naturals income disclosure

Final Thoughts

As I think of more HB Naturals FAQs, I will update this page. How about you? What type of questions do you have about HB Naturals? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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