HB Naturals Compensation Plan

In today’s post, I want to provide an overview of the HB Naturals Compensation Plan. HB Naturals is an up and coming network marketing company specializing in natural and organic products.

They have been in business just over four years now and they offer about 120 different natural and organic products to choose from. This includes weight loss, essential oils, soaps, skin care, biominerals, coffee, pet products, and more. All products come with a 60-day empty bottle money back guarantee.

This company is a SPECIAL company. I believe they are the right company with the right products at the right time. After learning about this opportunity, I signed up immediately. It was a no brainer to me. Once you finish reading this post, I’m pretty sure you will come to the same conclusion.

Income Disclosure

As a quick disclaimer, I am an independent affiliate with the company. Individual results will vary. The average yearly earnings for a HB Naturals representative are $500 to $2,000 per year. You could make more or you could make less. Also, 72% of the people who join HB Naturals are customers, not reps.

Before I discuss the MONEY, it’s important to understand something. This company is product driven and product focused. The customers are the bedrock of the business. Most people shopping with HBN have zero interest in making money or doing this as a business. They just see the value in the products and want to be a happy customer.

If the products don’t make sense, neither does the business. 

hbn income disclosure

HB Naturals Compensation Plan Overview

HB Naturals offers 7 ways to get paid. They have combined the best things from several different compensation plans into something unique and amazing. The different ways to get paid include:

  1. Retail Commissions
  2. Fast Start Bonuses
  3. Star Bonus
  4. Matrix
  5. Binary
  6. Binary Matching
  7. Lifestyle Bonus

If you can’t get excited about this compensation plan, I don’t know what to tell you. In the paragraphs below, I’m going to go into detail about each part of the HB Naturals Compensation Plan, so you have a better understanding.

hbn pays you 7 ways

Retail Commissions

If you enjoy retailing, HB Naturals is the company for you. All you need to do is share your free retail website with others. Whenever someone makes a purchase through your link you earn a whopping 50% of the CV and you get paid instantly. Best of all, you can earn money even if you don’t order anything yourself. Plus, 50% of the CV goes into your binary tree.

For example, if your friend purchases 100 CV through your retail link, you would earn $50, paid instantly.

hb naturals retail commissions

Fast Start Commissions

Fast Start commissions are a wonderful way to put money in your pocket quickly. When you enroll wholesale customers, you earn 20 to 30 percent fast start commissions off their purchases their first 90-days in the business.

Everyone earns minimum 20 percent. To earn 30 percent fast start commissions you must purchase one of the value packs and maintain an auto-ship of 100 CV. If you plan to take your business seriously, I recommend qualifying for the 30 percent. That extra 10 percent can make a significant difference in your bonus check.

Even better, once you achieve the rank of Silver, you can earn fast start bonuses on your second generation. Once you hit Gold or above, you can earn on up to three levels of fast start bonuses. This can become significant as you move up through the ranks and build a large team.

hb naturals fast start bonus

Star Bonus

The Star Bonus rewards people for ordering 100 CV or more. It is designed to put you in profit quickly. When you enroll two people who order 100 CV or more in a single purchase, and you have a 100 CV purchase yourself, you earn $50.

When you help your two people each enroll two people with a 100 CV order, you get an additional $75. And when you help those four reps enroll two new people each with a 100 CV order, you get an additional 0.

That’s a $225 bonus for helping people shop. Even better, you can earn UNLIMITED Star bonuses. This is not just for initial purchases. This continues month after month.

I see this as the most lucrative part of the compensation plan for someone who is serious about building a big business. This bonus is paid daily. See the diagram for additional details on the Star Bonus.

star bonus hbn

Matrix Commissions

HB Naturals offers a matrix bonus. Think of this as a company profit sharing pool or rebate program for loyal shoppers.

This is a way for someone who has never earned money in network marketing before to make some money. Simply by placing a minimum 25 CV order each month you become eligible for the matrix bonus.

By ordering 25 CV you are eligible to earn 25 cents on each 50 CV order in your power leg, even if you didn’t sponsor the person. By ordering 50 CV or more you are eligible to earn for each 50 CV order in your power leg.

The number of levels you get paid on depends on your rank. As a member, you can earn on 3 levels. As a consultant, you can earn on 4 levels. As an Executive, you can earn on 5 levels. As you move up through the ranks, you could potentially get paid on up to 14 levels. This bonus is paid weekly, every Friday.

I think of this as a customer appreciation program. Of course, you won’t get rich by sitting back and doing nothing, but this is a nice gesture by the company to put a little bit of money in your pocket for being a loyal customer.

hb naturals matrix


With HB Naturals, you have a left team and a right team. That means you only need to build two legs. When you accumulate 200 CV on the left and 200 CV on the right, you CYCLE. The amount of money you receive for a cycle depends upon the size of your personal order.

With 25 PV you would earn 4% on each cycle, which equals $8. If you have 50 PV, you will earn 8%, which is $16. And if you maintain 100 PV or higher, you will earn 12%, which is $24 per cycle. The cycles are paid daily. To qualify for the binary payout, you must be an Executive or higher.

Best of all, the volume does not flush. If you order at least 25 PV every 30 days, your volume will continue to grow until you are eligible to get paid on it.

binary hb naturals

Matching Bonus

This is where the HB Naturals Compensation Plan gets exciting. By helping your team members rank advance and cycle, you can earn matching commission on their cycles.

For example, if you are a SILVER or higher, and you have 20 personally enrolled people, whenever any of them cycle, you would earn a 10% matching bonus. Keep in mind this is UNLIMITED. Finding just one superstar could pay you a lot of money in matching bonuses each month.

As you progress through the ranks, you can earn up to 50% matching cycles on your personally enrolled people and you can get paid on up to 5 generations of cycles. For the serious leader and doer, I’m guessing this will be the biggest part of their bonus check.

hbn binary match bonus

Lifestyle Bonus

As you progress through the ranks, HB Naturals offers a monthly Lifestyle Bonus. This starts at the rank of Platinum ($250 per month) and goes up to an extra $20,000 per month once you hit the rank of Triple Diamond.

You can see the chart below to determine how much you can earn each month with the Lifestyle bonus. It’s all based on your paid as rank.

hb naturals lifestyle bonus

One More Thing

HB Naturals offers an amazing Member Rewards Program for its customers. You can earn anywhere from five to thirty percent of your monthly order back in free products each month (based on the PV). The longer you maintain your auto-ship, which is 100% optional, the higher percentage you earn back each month. This is a great way to incentivize loyal customers.

My Opinion

With almost 20-years of experience in this great industry, my ranking of the HB Naturals Compensation Plan is a 10 of 10. It is fair and balanced. It offers immediate and residual money. It is great for the part-timer and serious person. Best of all, you can even make money as a FREE MEMBER without buying anything. Simply put, there is something for everyone here. No one gets hurt and there are no gotchas or hoops to jump through.

Final Thoughts

In review, this is my overview of the HB Naturals Compensation Plan. If I was going to start my own MLM Company and design my own compensation plan, I don’t think I could come up with something this amazing.

I hope you found the information helpful and have a better understanding about how the HB Naturals compensation plan works. If you’d like to take a free tour and learn more about the company and products, check out my link below. We have a fast growing team and I know I could help you reach your goals. Thanks for stopping by.

free tour

As one final disclaimer, I am an independent affiliate. Individual results will vary.

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1 thought on “HB Naturals Compensation Plan”

  1. I absolutely love the compensation plan! I haven’t seen anything like it before. In other companies you have to work so hard to even make $5 and it seems like you will never achieve the level you want. With this plan you will see your commissions right away without having to wait a week or two. One of my favorite things about the plan is that there is more then one way to make money. Something appealing to many people is that you do not have to buy a kit to join nor do you have to keep a bunch of inventory. They feel the products are top of the line and the business is the best I have seen. I love HBN!

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