HB Naturals Compensation Plan Overview

In today’s post, I will review the HB Naturals Compensation Plan. As a quick disclaimer upfront, I am an independent affiliate with the company. Individual results will vary.

What is HB Naturals?

HB Naturals, founded in 2017 by Paula and Ben Scarcella, is a health and wellness company committed to providing natural and organic products that promote holistic well-being. With a focus on transparency, quality, and sustainability, the company offers a diverse range of supplements, essential oils, personal care items, and pet care products formulated with high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers.

As passionate advocates for natural living, the couple envisioned HB Naturals as a platform to empower individuals to take charge of their health and embrace a lifestyle rooted in wellness.

One of the hallmarks of HB Naturals is its generous compensation plan, designed to reward independent distributors for their efforts in promoting and selling the company’s products. The compensation plan offers multiple avenues for earning income, including retail sales commissions, bonuses for achieving sales milestones, and residual income from building and leading a team. With a focus on entrepreneurship and personal development, HB Naturals provides distributors with the tools, training, and support they need to succeed in their business endeavors.

Headquartered in the United States, HB Naturals operates with a mission to make natural and organic products accessible to individuals seeking healthier alternatives for themselves and their families. The company’s commitment to integrity, transparency, and sustainability guides its operations and product offerings, ensuring that customers can trust in the quality and efficacy of its offerings.

With a global network of distributors and customers, HB Naturals continues to expand its reach and impact, empowering individuals worldwide to live healthier, more fulfilling lives through the power of natural wellness.

hb naturals compensation plan

HB Naturals Compensation Plan Overview

The company’s compensation plan is designed around PRODUCT SALES. There are no commissions for recruiting. If no one buys a product, no one gets paid. Plus, there are no sign-up fees, website fees, membership fees, renewal fees, or fees of any kind.

You can earn a great income just sharing HB Naturals products with others. In addition, the compensation is lucrative for someone who wants to build a team and enjoy duplication, the major benefit of network marketing.

As of 2024, there are six ways to earn commissions with HB Naturals. Those six ways include:

  1. Retail Bonus
  2. Customer Sales Bonus
  3. Lifestyle Bonus
  4. Star Bonus
  5. Binary Bonus
  6. Binary Matching Bonus

In the paragraphs below, I will cover each of these ways to earn money in more detail.

# 1: Retail Commissions

All businesses need customers. In fact, customers are the lifeblood of any business. HB Naturals offers a generous retailing program. For people who are passionate about SELLING PRODUCTS, but don’t have the desire to build a network marketing team, the company’s retailing program should excite you.

You get your own free online retail store you can share with others (ShopHBN.com/youruserid). When people shop through your retail website you earn 50% commissions. The commission is paid based off the CV for each product, not the dollar amount of the sale.

For example, the JAVA SLIM coffee retails for $79.95 and has a CV of 50. When someone purchases that item through you retail link, you would earn 50% of the 50 CV, which would equate to a $25 commission. The remaining 50% of the CV is placed in your weaker binary leg.

You could build up a nice retail business without promoting the business opportunity at all.

hb naturals retail commissions

# 2: Customer Sales Bonus

You earn the Customer Sales Bonus when you share your wholesale website with others (hbnaturals.com/chuckh). For each wholesale customer you enroll, you will receive this bonus THEIR first 90 days in the business. You earn 20 percent of the CV from each of their orders. If they order 100 CV, you earn $20. In addition, 50% of the CV goes into the binary. After their first 90 days in the business, this bonus goes away and all the volume is placed in the binary. Think of it as a Fast Start bonus.

As an option, if you choose to purchase a VALUE PACK, one-time, and commit to a 100 CV monthly auto-ship, you can earn 30 percent instead of 20 percent. That is optional, but if you are serious about building a big business, and plan on referring a lot of people, that extra 10 percent adds up!

In addition to the Customer Sales Bonus, there is also a matching component. As you work your way up through the ranks, beginning at Silver, you can earn matching Customer Sales bonuses on your second and third generation. You can see the details in the chart below.

hb naturals customer sales bonus

# 3: Lifestyle Bonus

Once you hit the rank of Platinum and higher, you will earn the Lifestyle Bonus. This a leadership bonus paid monthly. The payment is determined by your qualified rank on the LAST DAY of the month, at midnight. For example, if you qualified Ruby mid month, but fell back to Sapphire on the last day of the month, you would earn the Sapphire bonus instead. These payments are paid during the first week of the following month, normally on the first of the month.

These are not one time bonuses. Every month you qualify or requalify at Platinum or higher, you get the Lifestyle Bonus.

hb naturals lifestyle bonus

# 4: Star Bonus

The Star Bonus is my favorite part of the HB Naturals Compensation Plan. This bonus is designed to reward people who purchase a 100 CV monthly order and teach others to do the same. Orders from your wholesale customers (not retail customers) qualify you for this bonus.

You can get paid Star Bonuses on up to FIVE generations of wholesale customers. These bonuses can add up to big money. They are easily the largest part of my commission check (individual results will vary).

  • When you have two personally enrolled people (your level one) who have a 100 CV order, you earn $50. This is not a one-time bonus. The same two people can requalify you EVERY month.
  • When you have four people on your level two with a 100 CV order, you earn $75.
  • When you have eight people on your level three with a 100 CV order, you earn $100.
  • When you have sixteen people on your level four with a 100 CV order, you earn $150.
  • When you have thirty-two people on your level five with a 100 CV order, you earn $200.

And here’s what is really cool. You can receive unlimited Star Bonuses. For instance, if you have 20 personally enrolled wholesale customers who each order 100 CV every month, you would get 10 fifty dollar star bonuses every month. Boom!

Check out the chart below to see what it looks like.

hb naturals star bonus

# 5: Binary Bonus

HB Naturals is a two-team BINARY compensation plan. Yes, there are other components too, but the binary is the primary structure. Once you go ACTIVE, and have a 25 CV order, you start accumulating volume from your team’s sales (assuming you have a team).

Once you qualify Executive, you can start earning binary commissions. You CYCLE every time there is 200 CV in each leg. The amount of pay you receive per CYCLE is determined by the size of your personal order. If you have a 25 CV order you earn four percent per cycle, which is $8. If you have a 100 CV order, you earn twelve percent per cycle, which is $24 per cycle.

Each time you cycle, the 200 CV is subtracted from each leg’s volume. Once you get to 200 CV in each leg again, you cycle again. Any unpaid volume is carried over, as long as you remain active with at least 25 CV, until you are eligible to earn on it.

hb naturals binary bonus

# 6: Binary Matching Bonus

The Binary Matching Bonus part of the HB Naturals Compensation Plan is designed to reward you for helping your other team members CYCLE each month. You start receiving matching bonuses once you hit the rank of Silver. Once you hit the rank of Sapphire, you begin receiving binary matching bonuses on your second generation. As you work your way up to the top ranks, you can eventually receive five levels of binary matching bonuses.

Every time one of your personally enrolled members CYCLES, you receive a matching bonus on that. For example, if I sign up Jim and he receives a $24 cycle binary bonus, I would earn between 10 and 50 percent of that via a matching bonus, depending on my current paid as rank.

hb naturals binary matching bonus

Member Rewards Program

Although this is not technically a way to earn money with HB Naturals, the Member Rewards Program is generous. It rewards people for committing to a monthly auto-ship. Think of it as a loyalty program where you can earn points, which you can redeem to receive free products. Here’s a summary of how the Member Rewards Program works.

hb naturals member rewards program

As an example, I’ve been on monthly auto-ship almost five years now. Every time my monthly auto-ship order processes, I receive 30% of my total points in Member Rewards. For example, when I order 100 CV, I get 30 percent, which is $30 per month in free stuff. Not bad!

Rank Requirements

There are many different ranks with the company. I’ve posted a chart below to show you the different requirements for each rank.

hb naturals rank requirements

Ranks can go up and down during the month, but they are calculated at midnight on the last day of each month, and that is what you get paid for. If you achieve a rank mid-month, but don’t maintain it, you would not earn any additional bonuses affiliated with that rank.

One thing I can tell you from personal experience is this. You don’t need a big rank to make good money here. We are paid on volume. If you have good product sales, and volume, in both legs of your binary structure, you can earn great money regardless of your rank.

Also, if you’re good at making product sales, you can earn a great income regardless of your rank.

Qualifying for Commissions

You must meet a minimum sales criteria of 25 PSV to meet Personal Sales Volume (PSV) requirements for commissions and bonuses. Additionally, some commissions and bonuses require Personal Volume (PV) to earn.

Earnings are automatically deposited in your e-wallet. You can withdraw them to your third-party online banking service account at any time. When your first withdrawal request is made, your third-party online banking service account will be created, and you will receive an email with set-up instructions.

Once you have verified the account, a debit card will be ordered and paid for by Heart & Body Naturals’ parent company, Green Organics, LLC. You will receive your card within 14 to 28 business days. While you are waiting for your card to arrive, you can connect your account to a US bank account and transfer your earnings to that bank.

My Favorite Things About the HB Naturals Compensation Plan

The first thing I love about the HB Naturals Compensation Plan is that you don’t need a big rank to earn good money. Since there are no caps on the binary, someone who is the first rank, an Executive, with two large legs, could potentially out earn many people with a higher rank than them. Do not focus on rank. Instead, focus on making sales and growing your team. Do that and everything else should fall in place. The money will follow.

The second thing I love about the HB Naturals Compensation Plan is the Star Bonus. For someone who is a BUILDER, like I am, this should easily be the biggest part of your check. Those Star Bonuses add up, especially when they start to pop on the fourth and fifth level.

I also love that the binary volume never flushes, as long as you remain active in the business. Unpaid volume carries over each month, as long as you have a 25 CV order, or larger, every 31 days.

I love the DAILY PAY. Who doesn’t like to get paid daily? Some of the pay, such as the lifestyle bonus, is paid monthly, but everything else is paid daily.

And finally, I’ve experienced many REPEAT orders, which leads to residual income. Customers LOVE the HBN products. The products ARE the business!

star bonus hb naturals


In conclusion, the HB Naturals Compensation Plan offers a promising opportunity for individuals looking to embark on a journey in the health and wellness industry. With its generous rewards structure, multiple income streams, and emphasis on personal development, the compensation plan provides a pathway to financial independence and entrepreneurial success.

Whether through retail sales, bonuses, or residual income, distributors have the potential to build a thriving business while promoting products that align with their values and beliefs. As HB Naturals continues to grow and expand its reach globally, the compensation plan stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to empowering individuals to live healthier, more fulfilling lives while achieving their financial goals.

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I am an independent affiliate. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Before taking a new supplement, please consult with your trusted health care professional. Individual results will vary.

hb naturals income disclosure


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