Grow Your MLM Business with Home Parties

Today, I want to talk about growing your MLM Business with home parties.

I know, having home parties isn’t the sexiest thing to do.  You might think it’s something your grandma would do, but it would never work for you.

If you’re like most folks in our industry, you have preconceived notions about home parties. You think they are a lot of work, they take a lot of time, and you would rather be watching the next episode of Survivor, rather than have a home party.

Well, I have to tell you that home parties are one of the most proven, most effective ways to grow your MLM business.  Dating back to the early Amway and Tupperware days, these parties have been going on (and working) since the late 1950s and early 1960s.

And I think it’s foolish NOT to consider doing home parties to grow your MLM Business.

There are several different types of home parties.  You can have a home party where you focus on selling the products.  You can have a home party where you focus on sharing the opportunity.  Or, you can have a home party where you focus on doing both.

There really isn’t a right answer or a wrong answer.  You simply have to decide what route you want to take.

I will tell you one thing though.  It’s much easier to invite people to your house when you are focusing on the PRODUCTS, rather than the business opportunity.

Tell 10 of your friends you are having a home party about a business opportunity and watch what happens.  Most will head for the hills and run the other direction.

On the other hand, tell 10 of your friends you are having a party to share some cool products and most will be receptive to the idea.

Even better, tell your friends that you are having a social event, and there will be some items for sale at the event too, but there is no pressure to buy.

What my wife and I do is have a social event with wine, crackers and cheese and we simply display the products.  We display them on the table.

At the party, we don’t even talk about the products.  I don’t say a word.  We let people socialize, touch the products, sip on some wine, and buy if they want to.

There is no pressure or no hype.  No one gets the guilt trip for not buying.

And we sell A LOT of stuff at our home parties.  Why?  Because it’s fun.

The guests are laughing.  They don’t feel pressured to buy.  They’re sipping on their wine and they feel good.  They have a good time. And here’s the kicker.   THEY WANT TO RECIPROCATE.

They buy because they want to buy, not because they are pressured to buy.

Plus, our products are priced fairly and are  a great deal.

Here are a few reasons I really love home parties to grow my MLM Business.

First off, there are few things more powerful than a group atmosphere.  Get a bunch of people together and there is a level of enthusiasm in the room.  And that enthusiasm is contagious.

I also like home parties because you can work smart.  It’s much easier to sell in a group setting than one-on-one.  Rather than make one sale, you can get five to ten sales in the same amount of time.

In addition, it’s a great way to get follow on parties.  All you have to do is talk to your excited guests and see if they would be willing to host a party.  If they enjoyed your party, and like the products, it’s pretty much a no brainer.

I also like doing home parties to promote my MLM Business because it’s FUN.  It’s fun to have 8 to 20 excited people at your house and just see everyone have a good time.

Regardless of what type of product or service your MLM Company offers, you should consider using the home party.

Even if you are currently doing webinars, one-on-ones or conference calls, this is a great way to supplement what you are currently doing.

To get started, it’s quite simple.

Order a few items so you have some things to demo and inventory to sell.  Next, invite over a few friends.  Tell them you are having wine, cheese and crackers and that you will also have some items displayed for sale.

Let them know there is no pressure to purchase anything and that you look forward to seeing them.

Invite them over, have the party and make money.  It really is that simple.

The bottom line is that home parties have worked for more than 50 years.  And they aren’t about to stop working any time soon.

I hope you will at least consider the advice in this article and host your own home party for your MLM Business.  You might just discover something you’ve been missing out on.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think about growing your MLM Business with home parties?  Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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10 thoughts on “Grow Your MLM Business with Home Parties”

  1. I got to say, I have never been a fan of home parties mainly because I was never really taught how to conduct one. Your examples above are the perfect remedy. Invite a bunch of people over. Have some of your key products out and let them socialize about them. I can visualize it happening.

    Thanks for the tips Chuck!!

  2. Everything I have seen and read indicates that home parties are the most effective way to generate prospects or sales. People are relaxed and having fun. In other words receptive. It’s all in how one presents the opportunity. There is a big difference between “I have to show this to ten people.” and “I’m giving away free pampering sessions.”

  3. I think hosting a home party can be a very fun way to make money. I’ve been to so many parties and sometimes I buy and other times I don’t. What I notice is that I tend to buy when the host has good food and the presenter plays games and doesn’t focus so much on the sell or the opportunity. Most people won’t even come unless they already want to buy or possibly learn about the business opportunity. Home parties have proven to be effective and they are not going anywhere.

  4. Personally, I just am not the home party person. I am introverted on that level. I do not do well in large groups of people.

    I do believe home parties are a great idea for Network Marketers, but not for me. I have to find other ways.

    Over the years, I have defeated much of the introverted problem, but parties in the home I just cannot do.

    I did just get to thinking that maybe an outside barbeque.

  5. Home parties are the bomb! I know that some MLM representatives get a little nervous about asking a friend to host a party for them, or perhaps about asking people over to their house, but they really should not be. There are a few women that I know who do not attend such parties, and they are very up front about that, but they are RARE. The rest of us LOVE to get together and eat and drink and, honestly, spend some time away from the spouse and kids just for an evening.

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