Global Network Marketing: How to Build an International MLM Team

What is a global network marketing business? I define global network marketing as the opportunity to expand your MLM business into many different countries.

Let’s face it; we live in a global marketplace.  We have a global economy where many countries do business with other countries and many people buy internationally.

When it comes to our great industry, more and more countries are opening their markets to the network marketing industry. That means that millions of people from hundreds of different countries will join the network marketing industry at some point in time.

Some of the larger network marketing companies, such as Herbalife, Nu Skin, Mary Kay, and Amway already do business in many different countries. That’s how they got so big.

Many other MLM companies are following their footsteps and expanding into new markets. They understand the potential for growth by taking their company global.

You see, there are about 350 million people in the United States, but there are about 7.5 BILLION people worldwide.  As I see it, any MLM Company that only does business in the USA is really missing the boat, since the USA is only about five percent of the world’s population.


One of the things I enjoy most about multi-level marketing is that you have the ability to build a global business right from the comfort of your own home.

With the invention of the internet, just about anyone can promote their MLM business to anyone, from any country. I find that fascinating.

Even better, you don’t need to travel or be face-to-face to conduct business. You can send emails, instant messages or even host low-cost webinars, Google Hangouts or Skype Calls. This keeps your expenses to a minimum and lets you work smart.

I have a team in over 10 countries.  I’ve never met any of these folks.  We communicate via SKYPE, through Facebook, and through email, and it works for me.


More and more people from other countries are participating in network marketing for the same reason you do. They want to own their own business, but they don’t have a lot of capital to start a traditional business.

Or, they don’t want a traditional business with employees, rent, insurance, utilities, inventory, headaches, etc. Simply put, MLM is a lucrative business model for anyone, from any country.

What most people don’t realize is that most citizens in other countries do not have the same opportunities we have in America.  As a result, they are HUNGRY for an opportunity. They are open minded and looking for ways to improve their quality of life and finances.

In America, most people are comfortable, even if they don’t make much money.  They still have a 60 inch flat screen television, a car in the driveway, a roof over their head and three meals a day.  As a result, they are complacent and not willing to hustle and build up a side business.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to EVERY American.  It is just my opinion from what I’ve experienced over the past 14 years.


I believe that network marketing will continue to grow globally. With less and less job security, higher taxes, inflation, corporate downsizing, and all those other crazy factors, more people are checking out their options, or are actively looking for a PLAN B.

More and more people join our industry every day. Although the success rate is pretty low, it’s still a viable business opportunity for anyone willing to actually do the work and stick with it.

If your company does business internationally, I would suggest you find out what the requirements are to sponsor internationally.  Read the compensation plan or call your company corporate office and see if you can start sponsoring overseas today, or if you have to meet certain qualifications first.


I suggest you start out by building locally at first.  That is the smart thing to do for most people.  Building locally allows you to support your team effectively.  It lets you work smart.  And it’s much cheaper than building internationally.

As your team grows, it will naturally expand into other states and eventually overseas. You never really know who will lead you to who.

If you are set on building internationally yourself, you have a few options.

You can visit the country you want to build in.  Maybe you take a 30 day business trip to the country you want to build in and sponsor a few key leaders.

Or, you could advertise online or offline in countries you want to do business in.  Those options are probably much cheaper than traveling to the country for a month.

Another option is to buy international leads from the country you want to build in and reach out to them by phone, SKYPE or email.

If you already have a large team you should reach out to your team members and ask them who they know overseas or internationally.  They might have some good contacts you could work with.

Those are your best options as I see it.

My final tip about building internationally is this.  The grass is greener where you water it!

It’s funny, people in Mexico want to sponsor people in the USA and people in the USA want to sponsor people in Mexico.  So people in Mexico will fly to the USA and people in the USA will fly to Mexico to build their business.  The only person who wins is the airlines. Crazy!

Start locally!


The bottom line is this.  You should find a company that does business in at least 50 to 100 different countries, so you can at some point build a large international business.  If you are just getting started, you should focus on building locally first.  This is the smart thing to do UNTIL your business is off the ground and profitable.

If you are set on building internationally today, I suggest you follow the advice I outlined in this post.

What are your thoughts about building a global network marketing business?  What do you do to build your MLM Business internationally?  Please leave a comment below to share your tips. I look forward to hearing from you.

chuck holmes

Chuck Holmes
20+ Year Network Marketing Professional

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5 thoughts on “Global Network Marketing: How to Build an International MLM Team”

  1. As a person who was raised in the Midwest United States, but now lives in Puerto Rico, I am in full agreement with you Chuck. I see network marketing growing little by little here. With the opportunities of internet advertising, it only makes good sense to open your horizons and have the world at your fingertips. the bigger the pie, the more pieces you can eat. I am wondering what what newer MLM businesses are operating here in Puerto Rico. Yes, there is Avon, Mary Kay, Amway, but can anyone list off others that are working here in Puerto Rico?

      1. I have also seen Herbalife advertisements everywhere. Also Melaleuca is huge here, and another one that has grown quite popular is GanoLife which has Gano coffee. I did find though there are some laws here in Puerto Rico that do affect MLMs seriously. You can see the laws at this link:

        Laws here are somewhat questionable. Some follow the United States and others follow Spanish law.

          1. I would suggest that you or anyone else who is considering expanding to any other country, you should always check the laws. Even in communities in the United States, it is wise to check laws.

            I distinctly remember a situation we had when I worked in home improvement sales. A small community in South Dakota had laws regulating any sales at a person’s house. ou had to buy a permit from the courthouse. We didn’t know about this, until a fine was levied against our company.

            Always check laws.

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