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Today, I want to do a short article about getting Google MLM Leads.  Google is the world’s most popular online search engine.  There are more than 3.5 BILLION searches done on Google every single day (as of 2014).

As a result, lots of network marketers are looking for ways to leverage Google to get more leads for their network marketing business.  In the paragraphs below, I will share three different ways that you can do that.

# 1 Google Ad Words – This is a pay per click program that Google offers where you can create an ad, bid on certain key words, and send traffic to your website.  Whenever someone does a search for the keyword you selected, your ad will show up on the first page of Google, right along with the organic search results (if you bid high enough).

Google is very “picky” when it comes to MLM, so there is a good chance your ad will not get approved.  It also can be very costly if you don’t know what you are doing.  I recommend that you create an ad to give away something for free, such as a free sample, a free book, free report, video training series, or something else.  Use a two-step selling process.  Whatever you do, don’t lead with your business opportunity.

Of all of the ways to get Google MLM Leads, this method is the fastest, but typically the most expensive.

# 2 YouTube – YouTube is owned by Google.  YouTube videos typically rank high in the Google search results, much higher than text.  You can make videos to promote your business or products and have them rank in the search engines.  When people are searching for the keywords that you created your videos about, they can find your video in the search results. Assuming they like the information you provided in your video, some of these folks will become leads.

If you plan on creating videos I suggest you do the following things.  First of all, pick a target market of people you want to focus on.  Next, find five to ten keywords (minimum) that would interest people in your target market and create a few videos geared around those keywords.

When you make videos your primary goal should to either educate or entertain people.  Don’t make your video one big sales pitch.  Instead, find ways to “teach” what you know.  For instance, if you are an Herbalife distributor focusing on weight loss products, you could create videos around weight loss tips, or how to lose weight, or best weight loss shakes.  Your key is to be creative and make LOTS of videos (hundreds).  Read my post about YouTube to learn more about this topic.

# 3 Blogging – Blogging is another way to get Google MLM Leads.  Blogging is how I build my business.  You can set up a blog like mine and create lots of high quality, unique content that ranks high in the search engines. When people find your content in the search results, they can visit your website and some of these folks will become leads in your business.

If you’re going to create your own blog, I suggest you pick a topic other than network marketing. Instead, create a blog around your product line.  For instance, if you sell energy drinks, create a blog about having more energy or do energy drink reviews.

Blogging is a LONG TERM approach to generating leads.  Don’t expect to see much for results for minimum one or two years.  Try to blog at least several times per week and make sure that your content is really high quality and unique.  Read more about how to build your business by blogging.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  These are the three different ways to get Google MLM Leads.  If you know about a different method of generating leads via Google, please leave a comment below and share it with the rest of our online community.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks.

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8 thoughts on “Getting Google MLM Leads”

  1. This is a great post Chuck. I want to add a bit more about getting leads via Google.

    We mentioned blogging, and many just think of Blogger which is just 1 of many blog platforms. We don’t have to blog through a Google owned system to still utilize Google’s search. WordPress is a great platform and is not owned by Google. I also write through a site called Hubpages, which can be a wonderful venue. The key would be to send people to a capture page.

    Another Google item that many do not consider is simply photos. Tons of people click pictures daily that are saved by Google. If we tag them correctly and make the picture click lead to a capture page, you just may be very surprised how many will come. Photos are often not considered.

      1. Yes, you can even make the picture a link to a capture page. If you use a photo program, you can put some simple words within the picture. I use Photoscape, but there are many others too.

        Another way to get Google traffic is by simply commenting or posting in forums. You can create a “signature” that is a link to your page, or capture page. You do want to make sure that your comments are not spam like. Make the comment or relative to the original article. Don’t “push” your link; just put it there. People will click it out of curiosity.

        You mentioned Google; I must mention to not negate Yahoo, Bing, and others.

  2. I want to get into making videos but I do have some fears that my personality won’t translate well onto tape. I want to be my authentic self while still being personable and fun, but also sharing quality information that will be beneficial to the viewer. I guess I feel that others may not understand my personality or receive me well and that may hurt me in the long-run. Any suggestions for how to overcome these concerns?

  3. Good post Chuck;

    With all the Panda and Penguin updates on Google, a person needs to stay updated on the proper ways to use this top ranked search engine for generating leads. If you get Google upset with your system, it can harm you terribly.

    I am in total agreement with both blogging and using Youtube. As for Google Adwords, I believe there are many better PPC systems. Adwords has been inundated and many people just overlook the ads for the biggest part. I find very few clicks on Google ads anymore, and as a person who is affiliated with Google, I know.

    I recommend a blog as Chuck said. Don’t expect it to do great at first, but if you are writing quality content, it will move to the top of Google search engines.

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