Get Prospects to Contact You First: How to Do It

Today, I’d like to share 10 strategies to get prospects to contact you first.

The best prospect is someone who contacts you first. When prospects approach you first, it is a much more enjoyable conversation than you contacting prospects first. Why? Because the person has expressed an interest in what you are offering them, and their sales defenses are down.

I was once told that prospecting is when you chase people, but good marketing and advertising gets prospects chasing you. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’d much rather have 2-3 qualified prospects contact me daily than go out and prospect 20+ people daily myself.

If you’re trying to get prospects to contact you first, you are in the right place at the right time. I want to share 10 simple strategies you can follow. Anyone can do these things. This information will help network marketers, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs.

I suggest you focus on 1-2 strategies first, rather than trying to do everything at once. Focus is key.Get Prospects to Contact You First

The Bottom-Line Up Front

If you want to get prospects to contact you first, you only have two options that I know of. You can leverage attraction marketing or guerrilla marketing.

Attraction marketing is when you create content online to educate and entertain people in your target market. You provide value and teach people what you know. This positions you as an expert, a person of value, and people naturally want to do business with you.

Your second option is to leverage guerrilla marketing. This includes low-cost, free, and creative advertising and marketing strategies.

Both methods work. If you want to explode your business, you will do a combination of attraction marketing and guerrilla marketing, using a variety of different strategies.

Get Prospects to Contact You First: My Top 10 Tips

Here are my best tips to get prospects to contact you first.

# 1: Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of my favorite lead generation strategies. It’s proven, time tested, and works! You can mail postcards, flyers, and newsletters to prospects. Interested people will check out your information and get in touch with you if they are interested in what you are offering them. My favorite direct mail strategy is mailing postcards.

# 2: Video Marketing

Posting videos online is free AND it works. Video marketing allows you to connect with people on a personal level. That’s what makes it powerful. You can publish videos for people in your target market. You can do product reviews, company reviews, answer questions, and focus on the benefits your products or services offer. At the end of each video you can have your call to action to get interested prospects to contact you first.

# 3: Facebook Group

If you don’t have your own Facebook group, you are missing the boat. I suggest you create a Facebook group that is generic. For example, if your business specializes in coffee, have a Facebook group for coffee connoisseurs. Share tips and good to know info about coffee and include your link and contact information in the group details section.

You can build up a large following of people who like, know, and trust you and you can recommend your products to them from time-to-time.

# 4: Email Signatures

If you don’t have a catchy email signature on every email you send out, you are leaving money on the table. Do not say the name of your company or business in your email signature. Instead, be generic. Include your offer in the P.S. line and provide at least one way to get in touch with you (other than email).the best prospects

# 5: Solo Ads

I’ve generated tens of thousands of leads and prospects from solo ads. These people visited my website and requested more information about what I do. As I follow up with these people, a percentage of them become customers or reps.

A solo ad is when someone with a large email list charges you a fee to send your email to their list. You can normally buy quality website visitors for 30 to 50 cents each.

# 6: Classified Ads

I love classified ads. Yes, they still work. This would include Craigslist, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, etc. You can place small, classified ads online or offline to get prospects to contact you first. Keep your ad short and interesting and do not say the name of your opportunity or products.

# 7: Car Magnets or Car Stickers

Car Magnets and car stickers won’t send you a ton of leads, but it is a great way to get prospects to contact you first. Have a large car sticker or car magnet that is easy to read. Keep it generic and do not say the name of your company. Include your website or sizzle call number where prospects can get additional information.

# 8: Live Events

Live events are great. People come to you. You can set up at a flea market, craft fair, home party, bazaar, or exhibit and meet with people. They can visit your booth or display, ask questions, buy products, and learn more about what you do.

For example, if you do a home party, you could easily meet with 10-20 prospects in one hour. Or, if you set up at a flea market, you could have conversations with 100 or more prospects in just one day.better to have prospects contact you first

# 9: Referrals

Referrals are typically your best prospects. It behooves you to create a referral program to give incentives to your customers, friends, and family to give you referrals. Pay them MONEY or give them gifts to give you referrals. Teach them what to say and how to do it. Be deliberate and don’t leave it to chance.

# 10: Drop Cards

Drop cards are low cost and easy to do. They work. You simply leave drop cards while you are out and about living life and running errands. You can leave them at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, libraries, and other public places. Just incorporate leaving drop cards everywhere you go. If you do that, you can easily hand out 10-20 drop cards per day.

People who find your drop card and like your marketing message can visit your website or get in touch with you to get more information.

Bonus Tip

Clothing is one of my favorite ways to get prospects to contact you first. You can have a creative shirt, hat, hoodie, or pinback button made. When you see people looking at your clothing, or if they ask you a question about it, you can give them a drop card or get their contact information and follow up with them at your convenience.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are my top 10 strategies to get prospects to contact you first. Fortunately, most of these things are easy to do. I encourage you to start with just 1-2 strategies on this list and focus on those strategies until you get good at it. Once you do that, add a few more strategies to your marketing mix so you never run out of fresh qualified prospects.

What are your thoughts? What do you do to get prospects to contact you first? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

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