Get More Herbalife Customers: My Top 10 Tips

Today, I’d like to educate you about how to get more Herbalife customers. 

If you’re like most Herbalife distributors, you aren’t doing very well with your business. And the primary reason for that is because you don’t have enough retail customers. Customers are the lifeblood of your business. They give you immediate profit, help you meet your volume requirements, and even provide residual income.

While many Herbalife distributors focus just on recruiting distributors, I’m a big fan of the customer approach myself. After all, why not have 10 to 100 personal customers? Heck, you could build a full-time income without recruiting any distributors!

How much could you make per month with 50 to 100 loyal, personal retail customers? Do you think you could make $2 to $4k per month with 50 to 100 customers? I bet you could.

To help you solve that problem, I want to share 10 tips to get more Herbalife customers. These tips are listed in no particular order.

How to Get More Herbalife Customers

How to Get More Herbalife Customers

# 1: Create YouTube Videos

One of the best ways to get more Herbalife customers is to have your own YouTube channel. YouTube is the second biggest search engine, right behind Google. Many of your potential prospects go to YouTube to learn more about the Herbalife products.

You can make videos answering common questions, reviewing the products, share health tips, or hundreds of other topics. Keep your videos short and sweet and geared around one topic. At the end of each video have a specific call to action telling your viewer what to do next.

The increased traffic, engagement, and shares spurred by YouTube ultimately lead to conversion — and the statistics show it. According to Brightcove, 76% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.

Source: WeVideo

# 2: Use Drop Cards

While I am not a huge fan of business cards, I LOVE drop cards. This is nothing more than a $100 bill piece of paper with a simple marketing message on it. You don’t say the word Herbalife on your drop card. Instead, keep it generic.

It can say something such as “Lose Weight Now” or Work from Home” and then have a few bullet points talking about the benefits, and a strong call to action.

You can hand these out to people when you meet them. You can leave them on bulletin boards. You can insert a drop card in with your checks when you pay your bills. The options are endless. Learn more about drop cards.

However, the success you experience by using drop cards as a marketing tool is only as great as the message written inside the card. Paramount to success is having an effective, memorable message inside your card along with knowing expert placement techniques and, most importantly, being consistent in its use.


# 3: Fish Bowl Raffle

The fish bowl raffle is a great way to get an endless supply of fresh leads and get more Herbalife customers. You can set up a fish bowl raffle with a local, small business owner. People visiting that business can leave their business card in your fish bowl for a chance to win a free gift (product).

After one week, or one month, you pick a winner, send them their prize and then you contact everyone else with a coupon or discount for their first purchase with you, as a consolation prize.

The obvious benefit of a business-card drawing is using the information you gathered to build your database. You can use the addresses for mailings and the phone number for calling.

Source: Entrepreneur

Facebook groups can help foster a sense of community

# 4: Start a Facebook Group

Another way to get more Herbalife customers is to start your own Facebook group. Have your own group about “losing weight” or “wellness tips” and invite people to join the group. Share interesting facts, tips, articles and videos about your specific topic.

You can “sprinkle in” some information about your Herbalife business and products here and there, but keep the group geared around its main purpose. Your members will grow to like, know and trust you if you do this, and it will lead to more retail sales.

Research from Facebook shows that groups are seeing a lot more engagement than Pages. This is because Facebook groups enable members to start conversations more seamlessly than a Facebook Page does, while it’s also part of the broader shift away from public sharing to discussions in more enclosed, private space.

Source: SocialMediaToday

# 5: Wear the Button

Mark Hughes was right when he talked about wearing the button. This is quite perhaps the easiest way to get new Herbalife customers. Wear the Herbalife button whenever you are out and about living life (just not while you are at your job).

When you notice them staring at your button, and they will, hand them a drop card and tell them to check out your website. It’s really that simple. Do not over-complicate it.

In this era of digital marketing, something personalized and tangible such as a button pin, can go a long way to make you more memorable to a customer or client. Buttons are visual. A custom button worn by staff or supporters gives a company the opportunity to engage anyone they come across in a visual way.

# 6: Postcards

I love postcards for two reasons. First off, they work. And secondly, because most people are so obsessed with online ads, they don’t mail postcards anymore. You could come up with a good generic weight loss themed postcard and mail it to people in your local area.

The cost of printing and mailing the postcards is about 45 to 50 cents each, so it is very affordable. You could make the postcard a coupon, invite people to join your weight loss club, or whatever else might interest you.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that direct mail’s response rates are actually anywhere from 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital. It notes that consumers, overwhelmed by inboxes cluttered with unsolicited marketing emails, are more receptive to direct mail, which arrives on a much less-cluttered channel.

Source: Forbes

# 7: Car Magnet

Having a car magnet is a great way to get more Herbalife customers. Have a generic car sticker or car magnet. Do not put the words Herbalife on it. Have a bold headline such as “Lose 20 Pounds This Month” or something catchy. Include your phone number or capture page or sizzle call line so people can get more information and then be in touch with you.

Car magnets offer brand awareness, affordability, increase exposure for your business, can be dispersed very easy, can be used as campaigns or can be included in an ongoing campaign, and best of all they bring a return on investment. You can get your business message across to larger and bigger crowds at an affordable price.

Source: FoamCorePrint

# 8: Start a Group

Having your own local meetup group is a great way to build up your own tribe and get more Herbalife customers. You could join someone else’s group or start your own group. For instance, you could create a singles group, a jogging group, a weight loss group, or just about anything else you can think of. As you start to meet new friends you can let them know what you do.

Meetups can be used by individuals to organize offline gatherings of like-minded individuals for a common purpose. Meetups can be used by firms to organize and/or participate in Meetups to engage current customers and/or potential customers in a much more significant manner than a simple Like or Follow. Because you will actually be meeting customers, target consumers and/or influencers in person, the brand impression you leave will be deeper and personal.

Source: Cleverism

31 percent of marketers consider events essential to doing business

# 9: Attend Local Events

Most communities have lots of local events you can attend. This includes health fairs, job fairs, flea markets, farmer’s markets, community events, etc. While you could set up a booth at these events, I don’t recommend it. I think you would be much better off just mingling with the different vendors and people you meet. Hand each person you talk to a drop card, so if they are interested in learning more they can check out your website.

Attending local events can get your business on the radars of more people. How? It gives you the opportunity to network. To that end, it’s smart to keep business cards (and maybe even some brochures) handy, not just for potential customers but also potential partners.

Source: ThriveHive

# 10: Newspaper Classified Ads 

Don’t overlook advertising in your local newspaper. This is a simple, effective and low cost way to find new Herbalife customers. You could advertise something weight loss related to get people to call you or visit your website.

The best newspapers are WEEKLY publications. Also, don’t forget to check out smaller publications such as The Thrift Nickel, Penny Saver and more. If you belong to a local church, you should see if they have a newsletter you can advertise in. College newspapers are also a great option.

Just keep it generic and do not say the word Herbalife in your ad.

Classifieds are great for generating leads. The two-step approach means that you make an offer in your ad that prompts the reader to make contact with you. You invite them to contact you by phone, mail, or e-mail, etc. When the contact is made, you simply follow-up with a sales call or direct-mail package.

Source: Entrepreneur

Final Thoughts

If you are serious about your Herbalife business, you need to have retail customers (lots of them). This allows you to create immediate profits in your business. I believe it’s a lot easier to find customers than it is to go out and sponsor distributors.

By following my top 10 tips to get more Herbalife customers, you should get much better results in your business. Please know that not every technique will work with every person. Your key to success is to pick one or two methods off this list that work for you and then take all out massive action. By doing so, you will acquire lots of Herbalife customers.

What are your thoughts? What do you do to get customers for your Herbalife business? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: Herbalife is a registered trademark. I am not affiliated with the company in any way. Individual results will vary.

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    1. I would tell you to GET the experience as quickly as possible. Make a lot of mistakes and learn quickly. Talk with your plugged in, successful upline. Most importantly, learn by doing. Have conversations with a couple hundred people in a 7-10 day time frame and by the time you are done, you will know more and be more skilled than 99% of the people in our industry.

  1. Once again, you have ten great tips that can be applied across the MLM board, not just to Herbalife! Logo wear is a great way to get more customers. It’s almost free advertising, if you think about it. Instead of that Aeropostale shirt, wear your [insert MLM company name here] shirt!

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