Get Leads for your Send Out Cards Business: Top 5 Places

Where can you get leads for your Send Out Cards business?

If you’re involved with Send Out Cards, you’re probably struggling to get qualified leads for your business. If so, you’re not alone. Most businesses fail because they don’t know how and where to get good leads.

My goal today is to share some simple and effective ways to get leads for your Send Out Cards business, so you can build a successful business. Let’s get started.

# 1 Small Business Owners

Small business owners are a great source of leads for your Send Out Cards business. All small businesses have customers and leads, and probably need a better way to stay in touch with them on a regular basis. If you can set appointments with small business owners and show them how Send Out Cards can help them convert more leads to customers and increase customer retention, there’s no doubt in my mind that many of these entrepreneurs will purchase your service or join your team as a distributor.  Make sure you focus on the simplicity, ease of use, and value of the back office.  Show them what’s in it for them.

# 2 Other Network Marketers

With Send Out Cards, you could focus on recruiting other network marketers as your customer or potentially a distributor. Just like the small business owner, most network marketers have a team of distributors or customers that they need to communicate with on a regular basis. Show them how Send Out Cards can save them time and money doing that and you will have no problem getting people to join your team as a customer or distributor.

# 3 Anyone Who Sends You a Card in the Mail

Any time you get a handwritten card or greeting card in the mail you have a potential prospect. Anyone who took the time to purchase a card or make one from scratch is a great Send Out Cards lead.  Chances are they send cards to many different people each month and would love a way to create unique, personalized greeting cards.  Ask them if they are open to an easier and simpler way to send greeting cards and set an appointment with them to show them the plan and explain the product line.

# 4 People with Big Families

People with large families are great Send Out Cards leads. If you know someone with lots of children or grandchildren they might be the perfect lead for your business. If they have a big family, there will be plenty of birthday cards, holiday cards, Easter cards and much more. They would be a prime candidate for your business.  If you can show them to how to save time and money by leveraging Send Out Cards, they will gladly lend you a listening ear and sit down with you to learn more.

# 5 Churches

Churches are another great source of Send Out Cards leads. You could talk to the pastor or someone in charge of attendance about what you have to offer. Chances are they are already sending out lots of cards and notes in the mail each month. If Send Out Cards is a cheaper alternative, or makes things easier for them, they might just sign up as a customer or distributor.  If possible, sign up the church as a distributor, so they can earn an extra income for the church.

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Final Thoughts

These are just five simple ways to get more leads for your Send Out Cards business. If you follow the tips mentioned above there’s no doubt in my mind that you will get better results in your business.

What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment to tell us your best source of leads for your Send Out Cards business.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: Send Out Cards is a registered trademark.  I am in no way affiliated with the company.

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2 thoughts on “Get Leads for your Send Out Cards Business: Top 5 Places”

  1. Send Out Cards is a very good idea. I believe that cards are a good way to reconnect with customers you haven’t been in contact with for awhile to remind them that you are there. Approaching small business owners to get there customer list and offer this service. People that have any kind of sales related or consulting business. I don’t open all my emails, but I will open a card that comes in the mail.

  2. All the choices you have listed seem to be great places to gain leads. You mentioned small business owners, but I felt I should break that down even further.Insurance agents seem to always send out cards for Birthdays, Christmas and other occasions. I believe they would be a great prospect. Another prospect that may not be considered too often is funeral homes. They too have to send cards in many circumstances.Another suggestion if you have a blog is to offer some kind of small special gift for those getting your subscribers to share the information of the family and friends that send them cards.There are many ways to generate leads, you just have to put your brain power to work and really consider where your product is most needed and/or wanted.Good post.

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