Gary Newell Fellowship of the 2%

Gary Newell is a successful Amway Diamond.

He qualified Diamond in 2006.

He participates in the LTD (Leadership Team Development) Amway Motivational Organization.

He’s been in the business many years and he still actively builds his Amway business.

During my two and a half years in Amway I listened to 1,000+ tapes and CDs.

I was hooked on them like a bad drug and couldn’t get enough of tapes.

Most were good, some were bad, and a few were exceptional.

Although I was not part of the LTD Line Of Sponsorship, and I was not part of Gary Newell’s downline, I did stumble across one of his tapes when I purchased a large lot of Amway tapes on eBay.

That tape was titled the “Fellowship of the 2%.”

I still love this tape.

It absolutely motivates me and fires me up.

No, I’m not in Amway anymore, but the information on this tape is very powerful.

Listen for yourself.

***** If you can listen to this entire seven minute video and not be fired up, there’s something wrong with you!

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Here are a few things I learned on the tape:

  • Contingency Plans are Not Necessary – When you know what you want, and you want it bad enough, you don’t need a back-up plan.  He says “I am not making a back-up plan for failure because I am not planning to fail.”
  • Don’t Let Anybody Steal Your Dream – You have to protect your goals and dreams at all costs.
  • If You Want to Be Understood by the 2%, You Will be Misunderstood by the 98%.  Don’t worry about what others think!

These lessons can be applied in an Amway business or any other business venture.

I found an excerpt from Gary Newell’s tape “Fellowship of the 2%” on YouTube, so I decided to share it with you.


It’s only seven minutes long, but I’m you will enjoy it as much as I do.

I try to listen to this once a week, or whenever I am feeling down about my business.

If you enjoyed this tape, or have ever met Amway Diamond Gary Newell personally, please leave a comment below and share your story.

I would love to hear from you.


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15 thoughts on “Gary Newell Fellowship of the 2%

  1. Diamond Grant

    I love his take on a contingency plan. I have always operated like that in my life and of course the more cautious people in my life are always quick to point out the fact that I need a plan b. However, I agree that if you are truly committed to your vision you will find a way at all costs to make that vision a reality. For me, having a back-up plan is like saying I have some sort of doubts in my abilities to make my goals happen and that is not the case. So I agree 100% with that idea. Great video! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Greg Boudonck

    Wow, that does fire you up. Gary Newell had a great way of giving a person listening to him confidence. Zac, you have every right to be super proud of your Dad.

    The no contingency plan just made me really consider my thought patterns. I have always been one to have a plan A, B, and C. Is that setting myself up for failure? That could possibly be. I cannot promise I won’t still do that, but after watching this, I am strongly considering the methods.

    Thanks Chuck.

  3. Zac Newell

    Chuck, thanks for posting this. I am one of Gary’s sons and a 2nd generation Amway IBO. It’s always neat to see the legacy dad has left behind. We are super proud of our parents. Success principles truly are universal. Best of luck with all your endeavors!

    1. chuckholmes Post author

      Thanks for the comment. Is your dad still active in the business? What pin level are you in the business. I always like hearing from people who are in the business.

  4. s. conard

    Gary Newell’s advice – “Don’t let anybody steal your dream!” is very powerful. Too often we take on a project or business that we know we can handle. Then, slowly, we allow other people to tell us how hard it will be- how challenging. We knew getting into the situation that it would be difficult, but hearing others say it cements it in our minds. One piece of advice you shared, Chuck, is affirm (to yourself) that your business will be successful. I think this is what Gary is saying, too. We need to keep believing in ourselves, set goals, and dream big. Great article – thanks!

    1. chuckholmes Post author

      It’s true, we should never let anyone steal our dream – ever! If you want something bad enough, you have to stay the course, come up with a plan and work your you know what off! That is the key to success.

    2. Diamond Grant

      I definitely think that too often we allow people to give us their input which is often negative and that gets us discouraged and off track. You cannot allow people to rob you of your dream. This is why I am a firm believer in the idea that you cannot tell everybody everything you want to do. Some people will intentionally try to keep you from accomplishing your goals by pointing out the challenges and obstacles. Others simply don’t see the vision and they aren’t supposed to because it is not theirs and so they place doubts in your head. Believe in yourself and stay focused. The moment you take your eyes off the prize is the moment you open the door for distraction.

  5. Tony

    When I was in Amway, Gary Newell was my upline Diamond. I loved being around Gary. He had a great attitude and was a very charismatic guy to be around.

  6. Pingback: Linda

  7. Amy Skalicky

    I am quite familiar with “Fellowship of the 2%” and it is quite powerful. I really like his decisiveness, and completely appreciate the premise of not having a backup plan. I firmly believe backup plans give you permission to fail.

    While I was not impressed with Amway (Quixtar when I was with them),they have produced a number of really good leadership and motivational tapes. This is how I was first introduced to John Maxwell, and I still read and listen to everything of his I can get my hands on. Ron Puryear produced a tape quite a few years ago called “Finish the Race” to encourage people to stay the duration, not giving up even when building the business is difficult. Finish what you start.

    1. chuckholmes Post author

      Never knew you were in Quixtar, Amy. Seems like everyone has been with Amway or Quixtar at one point or another.

      I’m a big fan of John Maxwell, too. I learned about him during my time in Amway and have read just about every book he has ever written.

      As far as the Fellowship of the 2%, I think the concept of burning your bridges and selling out to something is an important part of success.

      Thanks for the comment.



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