Fuller Brush Review: Company History, Products and Cool Facts

Guest Post By Greg Boudonck

Who is at the door Alfred?”

Alfred yelled back to his wife, “It’s some woman selling brushes, Helen; she says she is with Fuller Brush,”

Helen replied, “Well invite her in out of the cold and give her some tea. I will be right down because I have been waiting for Fuller Brush to come calling.”  

While the above conversation from around 1958 is fictional, I believe there were many times there were situations such as it, because Fuller Brush salespeople were loved in those days.

Many people would only purchase brushes and such via their friendly Fuller Brush representative.

In today’s post, I am going to give you a review of Fuller Brush.

I will tell you the company history, their products and some cool facts you may not have known.

So scroll down and learn more about Fuller Brush.

Fuller Brush History

In 1903 at 18 years old, Alfred Fuller set out from his parents Nova Scotia, Canada farm to try to find fame and fortune.

His stopping place was Boston, Massachusetts where he stayed briefly with his sister.

Alfred found a job selling mops and brushes for the Somerville Brush and Mop Company.

He was a natural seller and did quite well.

Saving his money, in 1906 Alfred took his $75 and started making quality brushes in a basement in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Later that year, he relocated to Hartford, Connecticut and founded Fuller Brush Company.

Using a door-to-door sales technique that Alfred was experienced with, he found success because he made brushes that were guaranteed for life.

Alfred employed many salespeople and one was Stanley Beveridge who became a Vice President of Fuller Brush.

In 1929, Stanley left Fuller Brush to start Stanley Products.

Alfred had learned a valuable lesson from Stanley Beveridge…women are great at the sales of brushes.

So Fuller Brush began hiring more and more women on a commission basis, and the direct sales system was the primary method used at Fuller brush.

In 1943, Alfred turned over the Fuller Brush President position to his son Howard, and immediately after the war, they added a cosmetics line to the product base.

This helped the women who were selling immensely.

By 1949, Fuller Brush was using a MLM business format where the women who sold were considered dealers.

In 1959, Howard Fuller and his wife were killed in an automobile accident and Avard Fuller, the younger son became President.

In 1968, Consolidated Foods purchased Fuller Brush and Avard Fuller retired 1 year after.

The manufacturing was moved to Great Bend, Kansas in 1973.

In 1989, a group of investors in Kansas purchased Fuller Brush and took it private.

They also changed the name to Fuller Industries.

While private, Fuller Industries went heavily in debt.

The name was changed back to Fuller Brush and in 1994, CPAC Inc acquired the company.

In 2012, Fuller Brush filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Victory Park Capital bought the struggling company and moved the headquarters to California.

The manufacturing is still done near Great Bend, Kansas.

Even though they had struggles financially, Fuller Brush is alive and well today, and they have many products to offer.

Fuller Brush Products

In 2012, Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products merged.

This means that representatives have the advantage of offering a wide product line.

  • Brushes including all purpose, personal care, bathroom, laundry, body, kitchen and hair.

  • Vacuums & Sweepers

  • Cleaners including all purpose, wood, bathroom, stone, carpet, metal, floors, leather, glass, laundry and kitchen.

  • Personal Care including lotions and cologne.

  • Dusters and Cloths

  • Air Fresheners

  • Kitchenware

  • Brooms and Mops

And, under the Stanley line many similar types of products.

Fuller Brush Cool Facts

Here are some cool facts you may or may not know about Fuller Brush:

  • During World War 2, Fuller Brush cut back on making household brushes to make brushes to clean guns for the military.

  • Consolidate Foods which had purchased Fuller Brush in 1968 ended up becoming Sara Lee Corporation.

  • In the 1980’s, Fuller Brush added catalog sales. Representatives could still earn commissions when customers ordered through a catalog provided to them from the salesperson.

  • Fuller Brush headquarters are now in Napa, California.

  • When manufacturing was in Connecticut, they also made industrial brushes for printing plants.

  • The company also had a machine that could detect what ingredients were in the perfumes from other companies when they offered women’s perfumes.

  • Original Fuller brushes used boar hair.

  • In 1942, Fuller Brush bought out the Mohawk Brush Company from Albany, New York.

  • 2 movies were inspired by Fuller Brush. In 1948, Red Skelton and Janet Blair starred in The Fuller Brush Man. In 1950, Lucille Ball and Eddie Albert were the stars in The Fuller Brush Girl.

And, these are some people who you may be familiar with who have sold Fuller Brushes:

  • Famous evangelist Billy Graham sold Fuller Brushes when he was a young man.

  • The great writer Clifford Irving spent a short time as a Fuller Brush man.

  • Pee-Wee Herman, otherwise known as Paul Reubens sold Fuller Brushes for a short time also.

  • Actor Dennis Quaid sold Fuller Brushes.

  • The famous Dick Clark sold the brushes too.

  • Kin Shriner of the soap opera General Hospital admitted to selling Fuller Brushes.

  • And maybe not nearly so famous, I did spend a short stint selling Fuller Brushes in Denver, Colorado in 1979.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it… Did you learn much about Fuller Brush?

These high quality brushes have been used by many people. Do you have any Fuller in your home?

We are open to all comments and questions, so feel free to post them below.

If you have ever sold Fuller Brushes or use them, we would love to hear from you.

Thank you.

The Online MLM Community along with myself are in no way affiliated with Fuller Brush in any way. We are providing this review for your education only.

If you would be interested in becoming an independent Fuller Brush representative, or would like to purchase some of their high-quality products, I suggest you visit the Fuller Brush website here.


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