Forever Living Products Compensation Plan: Top 10 Facts

It is a MLM company that has gained a huge worldwide following. Forever Living Products must be doing something right because it seems I hear many positives and very few negatives. What negatives I do hear seem to be from people who want to own a business but are not willing to put in the work or time to have success.

Today, I am going through all my research on the Forever Living Products compensation plan. I am going to give you the top 10 facts about it.

About Forever Living Products

forever living products
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Forever Living Products was founded way back in 1978 by Rex Maughan. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company started by making various products using the wonderful Aloe Vera plant. They then moved into bee derived products too.

  • Drinks
  • Cosmetics
  • Dietary supplements
  • and Personal care products

Forever Living Products has distributors all over the world and many people have become financially free as a result of starting a Forever Living Products home based business.

10 Facts About The Forever Living Products Compensation Plan

These facts are in no particular order.

#1: Case Credits

With Forever Living Products, product sales all have Case Credits. Case Credits are like point values and work towards various incentives, bonuses and most importantly, your compensation.

#2: Managing Your Business And Keeping Track Of Your Compensation

Forever Living Products has a great system for home based business owners to keep track of their business. It is called FLP360°. It shows you where every case credit is coming from, tracks how your team is developing, measures success and weak points in your business development and even offers you a tool to help you grow your brand across the web.

Features include:

  • Customer relation manager
  • Report visualizer
  • and Customizable websites

#3: Cost To Start

It seems some people think it should be free to start a MLM business. Let me just ask, what other business can you start for free?

To be an active Forever Living business owner, the cost will run approximately $140 to show you are active. Just by following the proper steps, you can quickly get that back and be in the profits.

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The Levels And Percentages

#4: New FLP Distributor

At the starting level, you will get 43% retail profit.

#5: Assistant Supervisor

This level still gives you 43% retail profit plus a 5% bonus on personal retail sales.

#6: Supervisor

Once you hit supervisor, you can load up your bank account:

  • 43% Retail Profit
  • 8% bonus on Personal Retail Sales
  • 3% bonus on Assistant Supervisor Group Retail Sales

#7: Assistant Manager

  • 43% Retail Profit
  • 13% bonus on Personal Retail Sales
  • 5% bonus on Supervisor Group Retail Sales
  • 8% bonus on Assistant Supervisor Group Retail Sales

#8: Manager

  • 43% Retail Profit
  • 18% bonus on Personal Retail Sales
  • 5% bonus on Assistant Manager Group Retail Sales
  • 10% on Supervisor Group Retail Sales
  • 13% bonus on Assistant Supervisor Group Retail Sales

So the amount of money that can be made is fantastic.

#9: The Global Rally

Each year, FLP business owners can qualify for the Global Rally. It is a trip to a wonderful world destination and you will also receive spending money.

#10: The Chairman’s Bonus

Each year, by qualifying, FLP business owners can receive a percentage of the global revenue. These amount to huge checks that are given on stage in front of a huge audience.

Final Thoughts

While you can find a few naysayers about Forever Living Products, the biggest percentage are extremely happy with their products and pay plan.

After all, FLP has been operating solidly since 1978!

If you are considering a good business to start, you just may want to consider Forever Living Products.

Disclaimer: Neither Online MLM Community nor I are affiliated with Forever Living Products. This information is provided as a service for your education.


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