Five is the Magic Number in Network Marketing

Five is the magic number in network marketing.  I’m sure you’ve heard that before.  Today, I want to explain it in greater detail so you really understand what it means.

I’ve learned that five people is the most amount of SERIOUS people you can work with at one time and still be an effective sponsor or upline.

Once you have five serious distributors (I’m not saying to just sponsor five people) you should slow down your personal sponsoring efforts to focus and work with those five serious distributors exclusively.

You might have to sponsor 50 or more people to find these five serious distributors, but once you find them, do everything in your will power to work with them and help them build huge teams of their own.

In many cases, these leaders will show up in depth and will not be personally sponsored.  That is fine.  Work with them no matter where they are in your organization, even if they are out of your pay level.

You want to invest a lot of your time with your really serious people, especially for their first three to six months in the business.  You want to train them, do presentations with them, build a friendship with them, teach them everything you know to be successful, and help them get started right.

If you try to do this with more than five serious people at one time, you won’t be very effective as a leader or sponsor.  You simply won’t have enough time to invest in each person.  Working with five serious people can be a full time job.

Once again, I’m not saying to just sponsor five people and stop.  You must sponsor new people UNTIL you can find serious people to work with.  Typically, about 1 in every 10 people will be somewhat serious.

Once you have five SERIOUS reps, tone down your personal sponsoring until they are all independent of you and know what they are doing.  After you’ve trained your five serious people, by all means KEEP SPONSORING and find another five serious people.

Or even better, find five people underneath them, in depth, and mentor those five people. That’s what I would do.

If there’s one thing I learned in the Army it’s that no one directly supervises more than five people.

Even leaders who are in charge of thousands of Soldiers don’t have more than five direct reports.  Why?  Because these leaders wouldn’t be able to supervise and mentor hundreds of people personally.  Five is about the max anyone can handle.

Another thing you should realize is that five serious distributors can make you VERY rich in network marketing.  There’s a quote that says three will make you free and five will make you rich.  It’s true.

Most top earners make 90% or more of their money from THREE or fewer people, even if they’ve sponsored hundreds.  Chew on that.

Find three people who are really serious about their business and you can potentially earn a comfortable six figure income.  Find five serious people and you can be completely financially independent for life.

If you can find five SERIOUS people who really want to run with the business, and each one of those distributors builds a team with thousands of people in it, you will be financially set for a long time.

Eventually, you could even retire from the business and still have a substantial residual income.

Your number one goal in your business should be to simply find FIVE people who want success as bad as you do, and then spend all of your time helping them build GIGANTIC teams.

That really is the key to success.

Your real job is to find serious people and TEACH them everything you know, so they can do better in the business than you do.

If you could find just ONE person like this each year, for five years, you could build a dynasty in your business.

Sponsor up.  Look for quality people.  And work with the serious people who deserve your time.

What are your thoughts about the five being the magic number in network marketing?  Do you agree or disagree.  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Chuck Holmes
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2 thoughts on “Five is the Magic Number in Network Marketing”

  1. Five does sound like a sensible number Chuck. Anymore than five would surely be overwhelming. You just could not give them the time they need to fully develop. Personally, I always thought it would be the number three, but adding those two more does up the odds in your favor. I am glad you posted about not giving up at five. Some people may think five is all you need. No way! It is just the process of getting them to where they can run on their own, and then you do another five.

    This was a great post that makes a lot of sense. Thank you.

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