Finding Leaders in Your MLM Downline

In this post, I want to educate you about finding leaders in your MLM Downline.  I should tell you right upfront that MOST of your leaders will show up in depth, typically 10 to 50 levels deep, and sometimes even deeper than that.

The odds of you personally sponsoring ANYONE who builds a HUGE business are quite slim, even if you sponsor a lot of people.

finding leaders in your mlm downline

Why?  It comes down to numbers.

Think about it for a minute.  Let’s suppose you have personally sponsored 20 people and you have a team of 300 people.  The odds are 15 to 1 (300/20) that your best people will not be someone personally sponsored.  It’s just a numbers thing.

As your team gets even bigger than that, it’s an even smaller likelihood that your best people will be personally sponsored.

People can lead you to people.  And they will.  Everyone knows a stud.  Even a customer knows someone who could be a heavy hitter in your organization.  Even a wholesale distributor, who just signed up to get a discount on the products, might know someone who would really excel in the business.

**** Just to clarify, these people are good human beings, even if they have no interest in building a business.

Your goal is to treat everyone well, to support everyone, and get REFERRALS from everyone. People are either followers, leaders or doorways to other leaders and followers.  That might sound harsh, but it’s the truth.

I always ask people on my team “who is the most successful person you know?” or “who is the most self-motivated person you know?”  I try to get that person’s phone number or contact information and introduce them to the business (and products) myself.

It doesn’t always work out in my favor, but at least I’ve contacted them and started to build a relationship with them.  When they give me permission to stay in touch, I add them to my “follow up” campaign, so I can follow up with them until the timing becomes right for them.

Your primary objective is to work in depth as much as possible and to monitor your monthly distributor report to look for potential leaders who are taking action and getting results.  Look for anyone who is actively sponsoring new customers and distributors, call them up, start building a relationship with them, and see if they would like your help.

Treat EVERY leader on your team as if they were personally sponsored by you.

Work with them, even if they are out of your pay level.

Another good tip is to always work at the bottom most point of each leg, so you can light a fire in the basement.  A benefit of doing this is when you work deep in your team, it automatically motivates everyone above them.

When someone on level 20 gets excited and builds a big business, now people one levels one through nineteen have something to lose.  Some of these folks will get excited and get off their butt and get to work.  Fear of loss is a great motivator.

I’ve met several leaders who personally sponsored 100 or more people and never found ONE solid leader from their personally sponsored folks.  But their organization is filled with leaders in depth.  I think this is a very valuable lesson.

You have to realize that MLM has a way of “weeding out” the non-producers, so your leader in depth could eventually end up on your front-line as people above them quit.

finding leaders in your mlm downline - art of communication

Even if the other folks above them don’t quit, those folks will be anchored into the business because of fear of loss, and there is a small chance this fear of loss might motivate them to do something with the business.

Either way, you benefit.

I’ve also met other distributors who had to drive legs 50 to 100 levels deep before they ever found one solid leader.  If that’s what you have to do to achieve success in your company, it’s still worth it.

At the end of the day, you need to build some width so you can start building depth.  Once you have enough legs to work with (at least five) you want to spend a large majority of your time building depth.  This
is where you will find your best leaders.

Remember, everyone knows an ACE.

Everyone knows a stud.  You never really know WHO your next leader will be or when they will show up.  You never really know WHO your new distributor will lead you to.  Lead by example, taproot everyone, work with the willing and build it deep!

What are your thoughts on this subject?  What do you think about finding leaders in your MLM Downline? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “Finding Leaders in Your MLM Downline”

  1. I like this theory about working in depth and it makes perfect sense to me. You really should be doing constant monitoring of those who are already a part of your business and seeking out those whose actions demonstrate that they are capable and interested in going to another level. Why work so hard at trying to continuously bring a “leader” into the business if you can find someone from within and help them elevate to greater levels? Simple enough.

  2. This post was a great system to show us where we can find leaders. It once was stated that in a group of 30 people, there is one leader. If this is true, there is a lot of weeding out to find leaders, but we also should never neglect the followers. They can also succeed in the business.

    I also believe that leaders can be developed. Some followers can be trained to be leaders. What do you think about that? With the right training materials and mentors, they can learn to lead and be great at it.

    1. I think leaders can be developed if they demonstrate some sort of leadership qualities. I don’t think you can take someone with no motivation or initiative and transform them into a leader with all of this drive and passion. A person has to have something that comes from within that then produces leadership qualities which they exude outwardly.

      Now I do believe you can inspire a person who lacks the inward motivation and drive to become a leader and then develop them into a leader once they get that inward boost of motivation. If you are a transformational leader, people will see things in you that they can look up to and aspire to be. From that point they can be molded into leaders in my opinion.

      1. You hit on the keywords here. Drive and motivation are what make true leaders. I would say that with these 2 properties anyone can be a leader. It doesn’t take years of school or anything like that. Some of the best leaders have had very little schooling, but they did have drive and motivation.

        As you are building your legs and depth, look for those 2 qualities in people. They are the ones you may want to work with closer, because they have what it takes to be leaders.

        Personally, I would share leadership books and training materials to help these people master their leadership skills. It also helps if you put them in positions where they can use those skills.

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