Finding Leaders for Your MLM Business

It’s true; a few key people can make you very wealthy and successful in network marketing. In most cases 90% of your income will come from two to three people on your team; the leaders who went out and built a big team of their own.  

While it’s important to have lots of customers and product users on your team, you will also want a few key leaders who are duplicating what you do. 

While I am personally a product-focused network marketer, I’m always on the lookout for leaders and potential leaders!  I’m always on the lookout for someone with a business mindset, who has already been successful in life, but is looking to accomplish something significant.

By no means do I profile people.  I will talk to anyone.  However, there are traits and characteristics that I look for in people when I am looking for leaders for my MLM Business. Here are some of the “groups of people” that normally become great MLM Leaders:

*** As a quick disclaimer, I am not telling you to profile people.  Also, there are exceptions to every rule.  Just because someone meets one of these categories does not mean they will join your team, nor does it mean they will be a superstar.

# 1 Other Entrepreneurs – Other business owners are awesome prospects and potential leaders in your MLM Business.  Anyone who has forked over $20K or more to start a traditional business will be quite excited to hear they can start their own passive income stream and get started for less than $1k.  They will also be less skeptical about the opportunity.  Many business owners are looking for a way out of their business because they are really a slave to their own business.  The bottom line is to always be on the lookout for traditional business owners and entrepreneurs.  They make great distributors and leaders.

# 2 Sales Professionals – Most sales people will struggle in MLM initially, until they learn the difference between selling and sponsoring.  That being said, sales people who learn the concept of network marketing can become HUGE leaders on your team.  A good salesperson can recruit a lot of people personally.  If you can teach them to duplicate that in their team, they will do very well in our industry.

# 3 Anyone Who Works On Commission – Anyone who works on commission is a hard worker and has the potential to be great in MLM.  I’ve found that realtors and insurance agents (as well as other sales professionals) normally do quite well in our industry.  They are not skeptical of merit based pay and they are open minded to new money making opportunities. Most have great leadership qualities and are willing to work hard, too.

# 4 Anyone Who Has Done Something Significant in Life – I am always looking for ACHIEVERS in every walk of life.  This might include someone who wrote a book, someone who is a great athlete or someone who has accomplished something significant in their lifetime.  These folks know how to get things done and there’s a good chance they could be a leader in your network marketing business if you approach them the right way.

# 5 Anyone in a LEADERSHIP Position at Work – Anyone who supervises others, especially someone in a senior management position has the potential to be a great MLM Leader.  If you know someone who supervises more than 50 people, they might be a great prospect and potential leader in your business.  They obviously have the leadership abilities to lead others and make things happen.  Why not approach them about what you do?

# 6 Teachers – Teachers are some of the BEST network marketers in the world.  They normally do well because our industry is about sponsoring and teaching, not recruiting and selling.  Always keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for teachers who are good at what they do, but are looking for an extra income or looking to change careers.  Many of these folks will become your best leaders.

There you have it folks.  These are certain groups of people with the potential to be a great MLM Leader.

Are there exceptions to this rule?  You bet.  Should you only approach people mentioned above?  No.  You should talk to everyone, but keep your eyes and ears open for sharp, business minded people.

One of my best tips to find more leaders in your MLM Team is to attend events where the types of people mentioned above hang out.

Join some networking groups.  Get to know people.  Introduce yourself and make friends. You never know who you will meet next.

It’s also important to remember that leaders are FOUND, not developed.

What are your thoughts about finding leaders for your MLM Business?  Leave a comment below to tell me what you think.

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Chuck Holmes
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2 thoughts on “Finding Leaders for Your MLM Business”

  1. Every one of the class of people you listed is spot on. What I love most is at the end you said to not just single them out, but to show it to all. I completely agree. That doesn’t stop you from maybe attending a teachers convention and doing a bit of “mingling.” The next salesman anywhere you go should probably be shown your opportunity. So on and so forth. What I mean is: we can find certain places where these type of people will be and use it to our advantage.

  2. This is good advice to anyone who is looking to build their team. It is true that a small percentage of your team will do the largest percent of work (it is that way in just about every occupation). It is easy to approach someone who is looking for an opportunity, perhaps because they have nothing else, but the people who are already doing something, and are already the most successful, are the ones who will probably contribute the most to your team. Simply put: they won’t know how to be any other way.

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