Fashion 220: History, Company & Product Review

In today’s post, I will provide an overview of Fashion 220, a former network marketing company, now direct to consumer company. This is one of the “older” direct sales companies, still in business, but most people haven’t heard of before. I’ll cover the company’s history, their product line, and good to know information.

How This Post Came About

I felt inspired to write this post. One of my good friends passed away recently. She was in her late 70s, early 80s. Her name was Jackie. Jackie was a pretty lady. Her makeup and skin care were always on point. I often complimented her on it. She was driven, energetic, and positive. She was just fun to be around.

Through the 10 years of knowing her, we had many great discussions. This lady did just about everything in her life. She was a former pilot, an star basketball player, a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and just genuine amazing person.

Being that I’ve been a network marketer for the past 20 years, one of my conversations with her was about her former direct sales or MLM experience. In addition to her traditional business ventures, she also did quite well in MLM. In her later years, she promoted Visalus for a couple of years, but as a young mother, she worked with a company called Fashion 22o.

She would travel to people’s homes and do “parties”. She would help beautify her guests, make product sales, and book additional parties. She even did some recruiting. Jackie spoke VERY highly of this company. In fact, she spent many years promoting it and earned several big awards from the company. I believe she spent the 1970s and a good portion of the 1980s as a distributor with the company. RIP, Jackie!

fashion 220 review

About Fashion 220

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of this company before. Most people haven’t. Even though it might be a “quiet and under the radar” type of company, Fashion 200 has been around more than SIX decades now. They have a great reputation and great products. Here’s what the company website has to say about the company’s history.

Fashion 220 was formed in 1962 as the pioneer in water-based skin care technology. It is now a division of Natural Essentials, Inc., a dynamic, family-owned, multi-faceted manufacturer and distributor of innovative cosmetics and personal care products. Our humble beginnings included office and warehouse space of 850 square feet increasing four times since 1990 to our current facilities measuring 68,000 square feet.

The company’s driving passion is to deliver a premium product with pricing that remains “user-friendly”, fueled by our relentless pursuit of establishing the “perfect partnership” with each of our customers. Although justifiably proud of the heritage of our products, it’s the relationship we’ve developed with our customers, that will catapult the company to even more prominence within the industry. In short, our continuing goal is to continue developing a company other companies attempt to emulate. ~ Company website

To the best of my knowledge, Fashion 220 is NO LONGER a direct sales or network marketing company. Instead, it sells directly to consumers. I could not find any information on their company website about an income opportunity or a compensation plan.

Fashion 220 History

It was in 1962 that Fashion 220 was formed in the State of Ohio. The format for the Fashion 220 products was water based skin care. Fashion 220 used a direct sales approach starting out, and they had levels of:

  • Directors

  • Assistant Directors

  • Branch Managers

  • and Beauty Consultants

In 1980, Fashion 220 found themselves in deep financial despair and filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. One of the major issues the attorneys brought to the court was the agreement that Distributors who paid $10,000 to maintain a place to sell the Fashion 220 products, and they would purchase $4,000 or more of the products monthly would receive their products at 70% off retail.

While the court process was quite lengthy, the court did finally agree that Fashion 220 made a major error offering this system in 1962 and it was deemed a financial burden and the contracts were dissolved. Fashion 220 did not disappear completely, but major changes were made. Another Ohio based company called Natural Essentials Inc. took over Fashion 220.

Fashion 220 Products

Fashion 220 specializes in cosmetics and skin care products. Here’s a quick breakdown of their product lines.

  1. Eyes: They offer retractable eyeliner, mascara, and pressed powder eyeshadow.
  2. Face: They offer translucent powders, liquid makeup, foundations, cream, concealers, and blush.
  3. Fragrance: Fashion 220 offers body lotion and cologne.
  4. Hair: They offer a protein shampoo and conditioner.
  5. Lips: They sell lipliners and lip stick.
  6. Skin Care: They have creams, cleansers, moisturizers, and scrubs.

I did not count the number of products they offer, but if I had to guess, it’s between 30 and 50 products. The company does offer a 30-day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence. You can visit their website here.


In conclusion, Fashion 220 is a former direct sales company, now a direct to consumer company. They have a great product line at fair prices, a great reputation, and a strong money back guarantee. You can shop from them with confidence and know you are receiving a quality product.

On a side note, if you are a customer of Fashion 220, or a former sales rep, I would love to hear from you. Please share your testimonial or story in the comment section below. Thanks.

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12 thoughts on “Fashion 220: History, Company & Product Review”

  1. When I was eighteen (in the 70s) I became an associate for Fashion Two Twenty. My clients would gather friends for a Fashion Two Twenty party. It was like a girls night! I would choose a woman to give a makeover to. I would start with only half her face letting everyone see the amazing contrast and what our cosmetics could do. I loved helping women bring out their natural beauty through the great product line. It was a dream job!

  2. I was in my mid twenties, with two young sons. I wanted to help out with working. MLM was something very new. I loved make-up, my Mother loved skin care! To hurry this story along, I sold
    Fashion Two Twenty for several years. It was awesome. I was so busy, trying to raise a family, became pregnant with my third son.
    I was so busy I really could not keep up. It is probably the best product I have ever used to this day. I am still using a bottle of shampoo and conditioner! My hair is squeaky clean and is in the best shape in years. I had these products packed away for years and found them three weeks ago! Wow. Anyway I will be back in business shortly, now that I have found it again. I will be glad to help anyone wishing to become my client. I have sold two other brands since FTT, I only quit when they went bankrupt. I am very knowledgeable in this field and was an Image consultant for several years! I am excited to get women using skin care, I would trust on a five year old. Thank you Chuck for your insight and for putting this company back out there. Hopefully it will grow back where it used to be! Joyce

  3. My mom sold fashion 220 in the late 60’s early 70’s.
    I was 4-7 yrs old and would go with her to pick out products and then set them up in her case.
    I loved watching her put her makeup on. She has amazing skin because she always took care of it. She loved these products

  4. I am so glad I found this article. I used to host a lot of party’s back in the 70’s. Moved away and lost touch with my distributor. The product was indeed great. Was wondering if it was still in business. I was wondering about a certain perfume I thought was sold by Fashion 220.

    It was a small bottle that came with a pink Qz in it that could be taken out of the bottle after the perfume was used to be mounted in a ring or earrings or a pendant. I might be thinking totally of another company. The bottle has an odd shape like a diamond cut. I found online that it has a ZIG ZAG label on it. Anyone know of this? Thanks so much.

  5. Back in 1969 or 1970, I was only 5 years old and turned 6 in September of 1970. The year before, the music for the Pink Panther was very popular, and we attended a party at Mrs. Daling’s house where she had a pool. I remember the fragrance I smelled, and didn’t know the name. In 1976, just after I returned to the U.S. from France, I smelled the fragrance, and when I asked the lady at the clothing store what it was, she said it was “Fashion 220.” It had the most wonderfully clean, crisp scent that I would describe as a floral-spicey scent. Since then, I’ve been trying to find a dealer here in Georgia, but apparently there isn’t one. I so wish I could find this fragrance, not to mention the skincare and makeup sound like something I’d like to try later. I don’t wear makeup, because my skin is so sensitive to so many products, so I’d have to try everything before I could buy it. It would be terrific if I could hear from someone about the cologne, and I’d love to get my hands on the one I smelled. I know it’s a cologne, which is the weakest form of perfume, but I’d especially love to know how it’s made. I suffer with Trigeminal Neuralgia, so it’s important that it doesn’t have any aldehydes, as they can cause a flareup. I have no way to contact Mrs. Daling, (pronounced “dayling.”), and I don’t even know if she’s still with us. I would be so grateful for any information and assistance. Thank you so very much.

    1. Great comment, Heather. I’m not sure if this company is still in business or still offers those products. One of my neighbors used to sell, but she did so like 30 or 40 years ago. Perhaps you could try eBay. I can’t think of anywhere else to get it.

  6. Fashion 220 if I remember correctly was a product that was made for women on the go. Given that it began in the 1960’s, that’s no surprise. I remember a consultant at our home doing a show. Her big selling point was you can put on your make up and using something to “set it”, it was good for hours. I remember her saying that someone who worked an on call ER nursing job used to put her makeup on and go to bed, waking to rush to work she’d still be beautiful, with little to no touch up. In addition the makeup used to be in a carry all that could fit an overnight outfit, similar to those round luggage carriers.

  7. My Mother used it for about 40 years, until her passing in Sept 2017. Her skin was incredible!!!!! Maybe she had great genes but she really believed in taking care of her skin and she and used Fashion 220 faithfully….wish I would have. Anyway, she was almost 85 and her skin looked amazing. She had very few wrinkles…..less than me….lol. My sister returned to using it after trying a bunch of other products that make big promises but didn’t deliver.
    Now, I’m thinking I’d better give it a try!!!!

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